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Chapter 1126 - Battling Ji Qiong

At his instant, Wang Lin felt a chill fill his body. This chill pierced his bones and a powerful sense of crisis surrounded him. However, with years of life and death experiences, Wang Lin had a powerful mind and he remained calm. He didn't subconsciously retreat or escape, but just stood there as if he had taken root.

His pupils shrank until they became a black points as he stared at the fierce beast that looked like a burly man.

"Ji Qiong!" The memories of Ancient God Tu Si flashed through Wang Lin's mind before fixing on the memory of this fierce beast.

After recognizing this beast, cold sweat appeared on Wang Lin's forehead. As his cultivation level, understanding of law, and experience increased, Wang Lin understood that cultivators weren't the strongest. There were some incredibly powerful fierce beasts.

There were even some fierce beasts not even an 8-star ancient god would want to provoke! Like the mosquito beast herd or the other memory Wang Lin had just recalled.

It was a dark void; not even the stars could light up this area. There was a purple planet far away.

A figure hundreds of feet tall slowly flew out. This figure wasn't large, but there were 36 branches with 36 large heads attached to them. If one took a closer look, they would find that each branch was 10,000 feet long!

As a result, the body of this strange beast could be ignored. After it flew away from the purple planet, it let out an roar!

This was the collected roar of 36 heads, and it was heaven-shaking. Even space itself began to collapse and divide. It was an spectacular scene.

The beast wasn't roaring at space, but at a giant ancient god not far away!

There weren't many beasts among the stars that dared to roar at an ancient god, and even less that dared to attack an ancient god. The 36-headed Ji Qiong rushed at the ancient god while roaring.

The scene ended here. Wang Lin looked at the Ji Qiong looking toward him and gently took a step back.

One of the Ji Qiong's heads revealed hesitation. It looked at Wang Lin and then at the remaining corpse as if it was weighing the trade-off.

Wang Lin slowly retreated another step and was on guard. From Tu Si's memories, this beast was extremely powerful. Wang Lin had to admit that with his current cultivation level, he'd find it difficult to kill or capture this beast, so he could only retreat.

However, he had to be careful while retreating, and he had to do it slowly. If it was too fast, this fierce beast would immediately chase him.

"If this beast can become my original body's ancient god beast, it would make my original body's strength increase greatly. Unfortunately…"

As Wang Lin slowly retreated, the Ji Qiong's 18 heads gradually lowered and continued to chew on the bodies, making loud crunching noises.

This sound echoed in this silent void and sounded particularly harsh.

However, there was still a head that hadn't lowered to devour the corpse. It coldly stared at Wang Lin. As Wang Lin slowly retreated, the head seemed to wave like a snake and licked its lips.

This was the head of a middle-aged man. His hair was a mess and blood was coming out from the corner of his mouth. It stared at Wang Lin while tasting the flesh in its mouth.

After Wang Lin retreated 10 steps, the remaining 17 heads had all lowered, but the eyes of the middle-aged man lit up and he spat out a chunk of rotten meat.

Wang Lin took a big step back without hesitation and turned into a ray of light as he escaped. The moment he moved, the middle-aged man head let out a sharp cry!

This cry had the power to even pierce through rock and metal as it echoed across this void. Some of the floating rocks immediately collapsed.

At the same time, the remaining 17 heads suddenly rose up and stared at Wang Lin. Then they turned into a ray of black light and moved at an unimaginable speed, chasing Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. It was impossible to understand this beast by thinking like a cultivator. He originally didn't want to bother with it, but right now it was getting closer and closer.

He couldn't use Spatial Bending inside the body of the ancient god, but he could teleport. Wang Lin's body flickered and he disappeared.

However, as soon as he disappeared, the Ji Qiong chasing him also disappeared.

When Wang Lin stepped out from the void, his expression changed and he quickly stepped to the side. There was a bang and a 100-feet-long sword energy passed by him.

A gust of wind blew in his face and Wang Lin immediately looked back. The Ji Qiong had also teleported while chasing Wang Lin, and the sword energy had come from one of its mouth.

The 18 heads' eyes revealed varying degrees of bloodlust and greed. They all stared at Wang Lin as they rushed over. They seemed to want to devour him and get the taste of his living flesh.

Wang Lin's expression was extremely gloomy as he teleported without a word. The Ji Qiong let out a roar and quickly chased. The person and beast just constantly teleported within the void.

The Ji Qiong was very fast. If he couldn't use teleportation, Wang Lin wouldn't have been able to compare. However, Wang Lin was cautious and often teleported right after appearing, so he was able to maintain the distance between them.

The Ji Qiong's roars became even more angry. One of the heads, one that was an old woman, bit the tip of her tongue and spat out fishy-smelling blood.

The blood moved and turned into two blood red runes. One flew into the air and one flew into the earth. At this moment, a wave of blood light appeared and sealed the heavens and earth!

All teleportation would be like smashing into a metal plate inside this sealed area!

Wang Lin was just about to teleport, so his expression became even more gloomy. His hand reached out and opened his storage space. As the Ji Qiong closed in, Wang Lin took out a yellow talisman.

He placed it on his chest without hesitation and wind surrounded him, then Wang Lin rushed away. His speed increased greatly as he disappeared in a flash of ghostly light.

The Ji Qiong's 18 heads looked startled, but they let out a unified roar immediately after. One of the heads, that of a girl, revealed a ferocious scream, and black wind appeared around the Ji Qiong. This wind created a storm, and it charged out with the Ji Qiong. It rumbled loudly as the Ji Qiong chased Wang Lin once more.

At the same time, chants came out from four other heads and countless black runes appeared. They shined and then imprinted on the storm.

As a result, the storm's speed increased by several times. The distance Wang Lin had gained was instantly closed.

At this moment, Wang Lin was already very close to the entrance to the next area. He could vaguely see a giant vortex before him.

Wang Lin knew that once he entered the vortex, he could leave the void and get away from the terrifying beast. However, he didn't have the time. Although the the storm sounded far away, it was already within 1,000 feet of him!

If this continued, the Ji Qiong would catch up before Wang Lin could enter the vortex!

At this moment of crisis, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. His left hand formed a seal and he waved his hand. A sea of flames immediately appeared, forming a barrier. He immediately turned around, and as did so, thunder flashed in his right eye and he pointed.

In an instant, thunderous rumbles echoed in the void and endless thunder came out of Wang Lin's hand. The thunder formed a net and fell toward the flames.

Just at this instant, the black storm around the Ji Qiong collided with the sea of flames. There was a heaven-shattering rumble and the flames immediately dissipated and scattered.

The black storm also paused for a moment due to the sea of flames, but the 18-headed Ji Qiong rushed out of the black wind and flew toward Wang Lin. The various 18 heads all revealed ferocious expressions, especially the middle-aged man, who was filled with excitement to eat living flesh.

However, Wang Lin had already guarded against it. The thunder net immediately surrounded the Ji Qiong. The thunder net popped and the Ji Qiong roared endlessly, but it did slow down.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. His fire and thunder spells were powerful, but they weren't enough to injure the Ji Qiong, only hinder it. With how long these spells could block the Ji Qiong, he could still have a chance of entering that vortex and avoiding the Ji Qiong's pursuit.

However, Wang Lin was unwilling to leave just like this!

"If you dare to chase me, then you must pay the price!" Coldness appeared in his eyes as his hands formed a seal. Then his origin energy surged and a coolness appeared in his body.

A slaughter aura suddenly erupted from his body and formed a net of slaughter energy. He let out a roar and pointed forward!

In an instant, this slaughter energy gathered like crazy until it was only one dark red strand. It charged at Ji Qiong, creating a thunderous rumble on its way.

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the dark red slaughter energy shot out, the Ji Qiong trembled and the thunder net around its body collapsed.

The moment the thunder net collapsed, the slaughter energy whistled through the air like a meteor and appeared in the 18 pairs of eyes of the 18 heads.

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