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Chapter 1127 - One Head

It charged directly toward the one of the 18 heads; it was the middle-aged man head that was determined to kill Wang Lin. The slaughter energy was so fast that it closed in in an instant.

It landed on the head with a bang.

Under this powerful impact, the Ji Qiong couldn't help but pause. Wang Lin didn't have time to look at the outcome as he quickly retreated. In the blink of an eye, he closed in on the vortex and stepped inside.

The moment he disappeared, he turned around to look at the Ji Qiong, and his heart skipped a beat.

The middle-aged man head's eyes were shedding black blood, but aside from that, it was unscathed! The Ji Qiong trembled and all 18 heads looked up and let out a roar several times more powerful than before.

This time it was truly angry!

As the roar echoed, even the vortex Wang Lin was in became unable. The Ji Qiong arrived next to the vortex in an instant and charged in the moment Wang Lin disappeared.

The first trial of the Land of the Ancient God was divided into metal, wood, fire, and earth trials. Back then, he entered the earth trial and took a risk to kill Hunchback Meng. This time he entered the metal trial.

The moment he walked out from the vortex, what appeared before him was a graveyard of swords! There were broken swords stabbed into the ground everywhere. At a glance, this  boundless world was completely covered in swords, and it was impossible to count them all.

There was a powerful sense of sadness from the swords that gave off a lonely aura.

Wang Lin didn't have time to observe his surroundings and immediately charged out. At the same time, his right eye lit up and thunder surrounded his body. From afar, Wang Lin looked like a thunder celestial of the past.

He didn't hesitate at all to charge out, then he pointed behind him. The thunder around him seemed to have found a opening, and it shot out behind him.

Just at this moment, the dark sky behind Wang Lin twisted. The angry Ji Qiong stepped out and collided with the thunder Wang Lin had shot out.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the sword graveyard when the thunder landed. The Ji Qiong let out a roar and ignored the thunder. The 17 pairs of red eyes stared at Wang Lin as it gave chase.

However, Wang Lin's power of thunder couldn't be underestimated. When the thunder fell on the Ji Qiong, it made it impossible for the Ji Qiong to speed up. It was as if the Ji Qiong was going through divine retribution and Wang Lin was the heavens' messenger!

As Wang Lin flew, his hands quickly formed seals. Thunder appeared from the void and flashed between his fingers before striking the Ji Qiong.

The Ji Qiong continued to roar, the 18 heads continued to chant, and countless spells shot at Wang Lin. At this moment, a black cloud appeared before Wang Lin. It turned into a black tongue that quickly struck at him.

Wang Lin's face was slightly pale and coldness filled his eyes. His right hand pointed at the void and Call the Wind covered half the sky. It turned into four black dragons and charged at the black tongue.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the impact spread out in a ripple. Wang Lin dodged to the side to avoid the aftershock. Then his right hand formed seals once more and thunder appeared once more. A sea of flames also spread out along with the thunder.

The Ji Qiong let out a roar. The eyes of a head that was a man with blue hair turned cold, and he opened his mouth to spit. A ray of blue light appeared and water vapor appeared before the head. The water vapor immediately began to swell and large amounts of water appeared. It swept across the sky, making it look like an ocean had just appeared.

The moment Wang Lin's thunder and fire pierced through the ocean, a boy-like head spat out a mouthful of cold energy.

This cold energy was a chilly wind that caused the world to tremble and filled the world with cold energy. Crackling sounds came from the ocean and then the entire ocean froze into a glacier!

The endless thunder was frozen within, and even the raging flames were motionless inside the ice.

If that was it, it wouldn't be enough to be shocking, but the cold energy seemed to be able to create ice anywhere. Wang Lin clearly felt the cold energy coming at him from all sides. He noticed that there was hint of ice appearing all around him.

Wang Lin had fought all his life and was very experienced, so he didn't panic at all. His body flashed red and the Vermillion Bird armor appeared around him. After the armor surrounded his body, the white Vermillion Bird let out a cry. Wang Lin charged out and directly smashed into the ice that was appearing.

Popping sounds appeared from thin air. Before the ice touched Wang Lin, it already melted. This allowed Wang Lin to charge through the ice forming around him.

After charging out of the ice, Wang Lin lifted his right hand and endless thunder appeared once more. This time he didn't send it at the Ji Qiong, but at the sword graveyard.

In an instant, the thunder landed on the ground and created a thunderous rumble. The thunder spread out and affected all the brokens words. The swords conduct thunder, so it quickly spread, and soon, all the swords within 10,000 feet were covered in thunder.

With a roar, Wang Lin mercilessly raised his hand. When the Ji Qiong was within 1,000 feet of him, all the swords on the ground were affected by the thunder and pulled up from the ground!

These swords fell down like a rain of swords at the Ji Qiong while carrying the might of thunder.

Coldness appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. The Ji Qiong had killing intent toward him, and at the same time, Wang Lin also had killing intent toward this Ji Qiong that wouldn't give up!

However, with his current cultivation level, it would be too difficult to kill the Ji Qiong! If it wasn't for his speed, the Ji Qiong would have caught up and devoured him.

Although he was only here with his avatar and it wouldn't affect his original body much if he died, he had come here to see Tuo Sen's strength, so he was unwilling to accept death here.

At this moment, all the swords on the ground charged up at the Ji Qiong. Wang Lin quickly retreated. As he did so, his hand moved and shot thunder at the ground. Every flash of thunder caused a thunderous rumble and made countless swords fly into the air.

As Wang Lin moved faster and faster, almost all the swords within 5,000 kilometers rose into the air. Thunder surrounded the swords, and the dense group of swords formed a tight net. The whistling sounds of the swords was so loud that it even replaced the sound of thunder and suppressed the Ji Qiong's roars.

Rain of swords!!

"Rain of swords" is the only appropriate term to describe this scene!

The countless swords were covered in rust, but all the rust had fallen off due to the thunder. There were countless shiny swords before Wang Lin that shot toward the Ji Qiong.

These swords moved faster and faster. Sword energy and thunder spread out and charged at the Ji Qiong from all directions. The Ji Qiong roared angrily, and the 18 heads chanted and its hands formed seals like a cultivator would. As the 18 heads chanted, black runes appeared before each head.

More and more runes appeared, and they appeared even faster. The runes formed a light shield that covered its body. At this moment, the rain of swords arrived.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The swords collided with the light shield like crazy, and the thunder gave them an amazing power. Also, the swords carried an aura of no turning back as they smashed into the light shield. If the light screen didn't shatter, the swords would shatter!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The swords collapsed one by one into dust that was pushed away. However, other swords penetrated the dust and collided with the shield as well. This process lasted for dozens of breaths!!

The light screen gradually trembled and emitted flashes of black light. The light screen was showing signs of collapse, but the amount of swords was decreasing rapidly. How could Wang Lin let it end like this? His hand moved, sending out thunder to even further areas.

Just as the first wave of flying swords collapsed, the second wave of swords covered the sky and came crashing down.

However, just at this moment, a roar came from inside the light screen and the light screen turned transparent, revealing fire. The middle-aged man head among the 18 heads was spitting out large amounts of fire. However, this fire wasn't red, but golden!

This golden fire charged out from the light shield and swept across the sky. The heat the fire contained was enough to melt all the flying swords.

Seeing the fire, not only was Wang Lin not shocked, he was shappy. After a flash of hesitation, Wang Lin's eyes became determined!

"It's a heavenly opportunity!" Fire appeared in Wang Lin's left eye and surrounded his whole body. He shouted, "Nine Mysterious spell, fire escape!"

There was no limit for him where there were flames! Wang Lin turned into flames and disappeared. However, when he reappeared, he was within 30 feet of the Ji Qiong, within the golden fire.

The moment his body reappeared and he felt the heat, even he felt like the heat was a bit unbearable. However, he clenched his teeth and charged ahead once more!

This time, he appeared 10 feet above that middle-aged man head!

Killing intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. He raised his right hand and an iron sword appeared! This iron sword had a large amount of rust on it, and the moment it appeared, all the flying swords in this trial trembled!

The origin energy inside Wang Lin charged into the iron sword and flashed. The origin energy turned into an heaven-shaking and stunning sword strike!

The sword landed and blood sprayed out everywhere. There was a bang, then a line of blood appeared on one of the 18 necks. The middle-aged man head's eyes revealed a look of disbelief… And he fell down. 

Without hesitation, Wang Lin withdrew his swords and rushed out. He used fire escape to grab the head and then appeared 10,000 feet away. He quickly left and didn't turn back.

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