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Chapter 1125 - Ji Qiong

Wang Lin calmly said, "I want to take away the remains of the old Divine Emperor."

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor silently pondered for a bit. The coldness in his eyes lessened a bit but soon returned to normal.

"I think he would prefer to be buried in the Four Divine Sect."

"The old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor spent his life for the Four Divine Sect. Now that he is dead, he deserves freedom. I'll take him away." Wang Lin eyes revealed a persistent gaze as he waved his right hand and the white stone flew toward the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor.

The Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign carefully looked at the stone. He let out a sigh and no longer spoke. He then turned and left, and the seven elders left with him. One of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect elders turned toward Wang Lin. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but the Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign looked at him, causing the old man to sigh and not speak.

Wang Lin left with the old Divine Emperor, whose body had turned to stone. He left the Four Divine Sect and saw Big Head and company waiting for him.

The Four Divine Sect would no longer have any connection with him, but the look of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect elder had made Wang Lin wonder. He faintly felt like there was something he didn't know.

This was because the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor had also given him the Vermillion Bird Cloak and the token formed by the Vermillion Bird Spirit.

The Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign didn't mention them at all. If you said he had forgotten… Wang Lin wouldn't believe it. Also, the secret that only the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor would know, the secret that caused the war between the Four Divine Sect and the Brilliant Void Realm, the Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign hadn't asked him about it at all.

After Wang Lin had taken everyone far away, the Azure Dragon Divine Sovereign sat in the main hall of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect. He looked very tired, and the Four Holy Treasures floated before him.

However, his gaze wasn't on the Holy Treasures, but outside the main hall. After a long time, he let out a sigh and withdrew his gaze. He muttered some words that no one other than him could hear.

After sending Big Head and company to the new Rain Celestial Realm, he no longer had any more worries. He calmly floated among the stars and then his eyes shined like the stars. A powerful aura surrounded Wang Lin. He was completely shrouded in battle intent.

"Tuo Sen, it has been more  than 1,000 years. You and I will have to battle in the end!" Wang Lin aura was monstrous as he flew through the stars. He used Spatial Bending as he quickly moved toward the familiar planet Suzaku!

On planet Suzaku, there weren't many cultivators left around the planet. A majority of them had gone into the Land of the Ancient God. After they entered, they were cut off from the outside. No one knew if those cultivators were still safe.

The Land of the Ancient God was a spatial crack, so nothing that happened inside would cause any change outside.

The space outside planet Suzaku twisted and Wang Lin stepped out. Looking at planet Suzaku and the cultivators around it, Wang Lin took another step.

When he appeared, he was on planet Suzaku's moon.

There were naturally cultivators here, but thanks to Wang Lin's cultivation level, no one noticed him. Wang Lin found a mountain and hid himself inside. He then opened up his own space inside and carved a formation on the ground.

This was the Qing Lin Celestial Formation he had learned when he fused with Qing Lin. It could hide all traces of him and prevent anyone from finding him. After forming the formation, he took out some celestial jades and placed them on the formation.

His hand pointed to between his eyebrows and a portion of his origin soul flew out.

"Soul, take form!" Wang Lin's hands quickly formed several seals. The origin soul turned into green smoke and circled him a few times. Then it condensed into a human form.

"Form body!" Wang Lin bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood. A bit of his remaining celestial origin energy infused into this portion of his origin soul.

The origin soul immediately shined red and some of the rocks on the ground trembled as if they were being pulled. Soon, the rocks flew into the origin soul.

It was as if a vortex had formed in the cave, as countless pieces of rock gathered toward the origin soul, and it gradually solidified. After about seven minutes, a copy of Wang Lin appeared.

"Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's Body Formation celestial spell is very lifelike!" Wang Lin closed his eyes. Even with his cultivation level, he couldn't tell if the origin soul before him was real or fake.

If it was only lifelike, it wouldn't become Qing Lin's celestial spell. Aside from being impossible to distinguish it from the real body, it also had the ability to use almost the same strength as the true body. Only, with Wang Lin's origin soul, it could only last 10 days!

After 10 days, this avatar would collapse. Even if it was killed, it would only lightly injure the original body and not cause too much impact.

At the same time, his original body couldn't move in these 10 days and would be in deep sleep. That's why it had to be used with the formation to hide his presence.

Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the crack to his storage space opened. The silver female corpse walked out from the crack. She didn't speak and sat down inside the formation next to Wang Lin.

The formation was here to hide him and the female corpse was here to guard him. Wang Lin pondered a bit before placing down several powerful restrictions, and then did he finally feel at ease. He closed his eyes as if he was dead and even his breathing gradually stopped. Even his heartbeat disappeared and he was like a dead man.

At the same time, the moment Wang Lin's breath and heartbeat stopped, the avatar made of stone slowly opened its eyes.

After moving his body a bit, Wang Lin looked at his body inside the formation and the silver female corpse. Then his body flickered and directly left the mountain. He used Spatial Bending to bypass all the cultivators outside planet Suzaku and reappeared on planet Suzaku.

When Wang Lin passed by the cultivators around planet Suzaku, four people opened their eyes as if they had noticed something, but they didn't stop Wang Lin. After all, in these past several days, a lot of rogue old monsters had been rushing here.

None of the cultivators that entered the Land of the Ancient God were more familiar with it than Wang Lin. After he entered planet Suzaku, he headed directly toward the Sea of Devils.

Along the way, he didn't use teleportation to quickly arrive there, but spent the time adapting to his body. Only after he had fully familiarized himself did he speed up.

Along the way, he passed the former Fighting Evil Sect and the dragon formation formed by the carved mountain. He vaguely saw a woman carefully studying each scale only to produce a protective jade.

He stared at the dragon from 1,000 years ago even though more than half of it was damaged and it only resembled a dragon a little. There was no longer a sect here and it was completely desolate.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and disappeared.

He passed through more than half of the Sea of Devils and arrived at the entrance to the Land of the Ancient God. It was completely quiet and not a single cultivator was here. It was clear they had all entered the Land of the Ancient God.

Wang Lin headed inside the entrance without hesitation and appeared in the void.

The moment he entered, a powerful smell of blood blasted him. There were countless stones floating in the void, and they were all dyed red with blood.

There were many bodies floating in the void. There were cultivators and fierce beasts. There was the body of a 1,000 feet blue spider, a 10,000 feet giant python, and many fierce beasts of different sizes. There was even a dragon, but it had no wings, and there was a group of insects that were the size of an arm.

There were still fluctuations of origin energy remaining here; it was clear that a great battle had occurred in this place! Most of the corpse here were burnt, some were frozen, and other leaked pus. It was obvious they were poisoned.

The further he flew, the more bodies there were, and the number of causes of death increased. There was a giant python that was pierced by countless swords laying on a piece of rock. However, its eyes were still open and contained a fierce gaze.

In the end, it was impossible to see a whole corpse, as it was all just broken limbs and body parts...

Even Wang Lin, who was used to life and death, felt his pupils contract at this. However, he didn't stop and continued flying toward the entrance to the next level. 

While he was flying, a cold aura surrounded him. Wang Lin stopped and looked to his right. There was a large rock 10,000 feet to his right. There were many mutilated bodies on that rock, bodies of cultivators and fierce beasts.

There was a black light surrounding the edge of the rock. Unless you looked carefully, it would be impossible to see the black light in this dark void.

There was a burly man squatting in the black light. Only his upper body was naked and was covered in black hair as if he was a savage. However, if you looked at his head, no cultivator would think it was a person!

There were more than 10 branches sticking out of his neck and there was a head at the end of each branch. They were all on the ground chewing.

Crunch, crunch… This sound was very low and easy to  ignore. However, the moment Wang Lin's gaze fell on this strange thing, the sound suddenly became louder.

Wang Lin was eventually able to get a clear look at the source of the sound. The heads were fighting over a beast. It seem like even the bones were being devoured.

When Wang Lin saw the burly man, the burly man also noticed Wang Lin. The more than 10 heads slowly rose and looked at Wang Lin. Some of the heads had blood coming out of their mouths, while a few were still chewing...

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