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Chapter 1118 - Ancient Devil Dao Mark

Ancient devil shattered star!

An powerful devilish energy surged out from Ta Jia's eyes when the stars shattered. In the blink of an eye, devilish energy filled Qing Lin's sea of consciousness. The devilish energy formed a vortex with Ta Jia at the center.

The desert on the ground trembled and was moved by the suction force. Even Wang Lin's clothes were pulled by the suction and flapped in the wind.

However, his white hair didn't move at all. His calm eyes coldly looked at Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

Wang Lin didn't stop Ta Jia from shattering his stars. Qign Lin had gathered Wang Wei, Hu Juan, Qing Shua, and Zhou Yi's power, along with his own cultivation, to give Wang Lin this once in a lifetime chance.

Wang Lin had never thought about obtaining this fortune. He would forever cherish this, and he needed to fight to gain enlightenment. The more he became enlightened, the more benefits he would gain!

This kind of opportunity could be hoped for but not asked for; it was very fleeting. What Wang Lin would gain depended on his understanding of dao and luck.

This was why he wouldn't allow this battle to end quickly!

The stronger Ancient Devil Ta Jia was and the more desperate he felt, the more Wang Lin would gain in the fight.

At this moment, after shattering three stars and devilish energy filling Ta Jia's body, his body unexpectedly shrank. However, as his body shrank, it became more condensed and almost become corporeal.

"I, Ta Jia, had devoured Ancient Demon Bei Lou and also three ancient devils of the same clan. I'm using my devil shadow as a primer to refine my anger, sadness, envy, and greed into a powerful spell of my ancient devil clan!" Ancient Ta Jia's body floated up and was surrounded by devilish energy. The devilish energy was like the howling wind that swept across the world.

"Ancient devil heavenly dao, Four Desire Finger!" Ta Jia's eyes shined and contained a monstrous anger. This anger quickly turned into endless sadness, but it soon turned into mad envy. And then it turned into greed that could devour the world.

These four emotions rapidly flashed through Ancient Devil Ta Jia's eyes and caused his right hand to rise. As his right hand rose, four strands of devilish energy came out of his eyes and entered his hand. He then mercilessly pointed at Wang Lin!

The four strands of devilish energy fused into his finger and formed a shocking black light. It didn't shoot at Wang Lin but gathered at Ta Jia's fingertip! The moment the black light appeared, it was as if it was going to tear the world apart. The earth rumbled and the desert Wang Lin had summoned became twisted, as if it was going to collapse.

Ta Jia's eyes were completely red as he stepped forward and his left hand pointed at the sky. He shouted, "The heavens' wrath! Anyone who dares to rebel against the heavens will suffer the heavens' wrath! My ancient devil clan's Nine Desire Finger absorbs this wrath and uses it to resist the heavens' dao!"

After he spoke, a thunderous rumble appeared and red gas appeared in the sky and started gathering toward the black light.

In the blink of an eye, the red gas fused with the black light and caused it to intensify. In an instant, this black light covered a small portion of the world!

"The heavens have sadness, and this sadness is desire. Absorb this sadness to complete my ancient devil spell!" As this roar echoed, endless blue gas appeared and quickly condensed into the black light.

"The heavens envy the elite. Anyone who can reach the heavens will be envied by heaven!

"The heavens is greedy, greedy for all the changes in the world. It's greedy for everything in the world to be its own! I, Ancient Devil Ta Jia, command the heavens' anger, sadness, envy, and greed to fuse for my clan's Four Desire Finger!" As Ta Jia roared, he took a step forward. The black light at this fingertip covered the world and he pointed at Wang Lin.

In an instant, the power of the heavens appeared above Wang Lin and formed four storms that descended from the sky. They instantly grew as tall as the heavens and came from Wang Lin form four different directions!

"This spell is indeed not ordinary!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he waved his right hand and rain suddenly appeared around him. This rain almost formed a flowing river.

They didn't look large, but every drop of rain was like its own world. Every realm was a world where rain fell like a waterfall.

These raindrops circled Wang Lin and continued to condense while the four storms closed in. The number of raindrops decreased until all of them fused into one drop of rain!

This was a crystal-like raindrop; it was crystal clear and shined brightly. This drop of rain was the limit of Summon the Rain, but not Wang Lin's limit. Just like how Call the Wind had exceeded Bai Fan's ability and summoned 13 black dragons, this drop of rain compressed once more!

Popping sounds as loud as thunderous roars echoed and the raindrop condensed once more. With a bang, it unexpectedly turned into invisible water vapor!

Although this water vapor was invisible, one could clearly feel its existence. Wang Lin waved his right hand and the water vapor spread out with Wang Lin as the center. It seemed to form four identical, sharp swords that charged at the storms.

In the blink of an eye, the swords collided with the four storms. Then a thunderous rumble echoed and the four storms shattered. At this moment, the world trembled and the desert became twisted until it collapsed. The black sea returned once more!

As Wang Lin floated above the sea, his right hand formed a seal and drew an arc. The remaining water vapor gathered and formed four blue, sharp swords!

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as his right hand grasped, causing a rumble, and the four swords collapsed and turned into eight. Then they collapsed once more, and this continued until there were 128 swords. With a wave of his hand, the swords flew at Ancient Devil Ta Jia!

All of this happened very smoothly, and Wang Lin looked very casual while doing it, but all of this caused Ancient Devil Ta Jia's fear to reach its limit! He didn't think his Four Desire Finger could be broken just like this!

Seeing the 128 blue swords charging at him, Ta Jia quickly retreated. Borrowing the remaining devilish energy from his three shattered stars, he let out a roar and his hands quickly formed seals. There was hint of madness in his eyes.

"I use my ancient devil soul to call the ancient devil dao pattern!!" Ta Jia's hand moved in a trembling fashion. Every time he trembled, a black ripple would appear around him. In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of black ripples appeared before him and charged at the 128 blue swords.

Popping sounds echoed, and when the endless ripples spread out, the blue swords began to tremble. In the end, when the ripples penetrated the swords, they turned around and shot toward Wang Lin.

Ta Jia continued to retreat, and his hands trembled even more violently. The madness in his eyes became even more intense. This ancient devil dao pattern consumed his ancient devil soul! He wouldn't use it unless it was his last resort.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he moved forward and stepped into the ripples. If one looked from above, they would see the black ripples spread above the entire ocean. It was a shocking scene.

Inside the ripples, Wang Lin clearly felt that the ripples specialized in attacking the origin soul. They could cause a great deal of damage to the origin soul, and if you were a bit weak, your origin soul would just collapse.

"If you had reached nine stars, this ripple might've had an effect on me, but right now…" Wang Lin shook his head and stepped forward, landing on where two ripples overlapped. Just like this, he walked through without encountering any ripples. It was as if his body was transparent, and even if a ripple got close, it would just go through him.

"Body of law… Qing Lin passed down the body of law inheritance for you to comprehend!!" Ta Jia quickly retreated, but before he got far, Wang Lin took a step and casually pointed with his right hand.


With this point of his finger, the law of the heavens descended. Ths law was invisible, but it caused Ta Jia's body to pause as if he was imprisoned mid-air!

Wang Lin approached and his right hand gently hit Ta Jia's forehead. There was a loud bang and a large amount of devilish energy was pushed out from Ta Jia's back. This monstrous black gas was constantly being forced back.

A miserable scream echoed and Ta Jia's body was pushed back. However, the law around him had dissipated, so he couldn't move at all. He couldn't even use any of his devilish energy.

"Shattered star!" Wang Lin followed closely after the ancient devil, and his right hand continued to point to all over the ancient devil's body. Endless amounts of devilish energy was pushed out from the ancient devil's body.

"Still not shattering your star?" In the blink of an eye, he pointed at Ta Jia seven times. Each time, Ta Jia was thrown far away, but Wang Lin would immediately follow with another finger.

After doing this seven times, a majority of Ta Jia's devilish energy had dissipated and his eyes were filled with fear and unwillingness. At this moment, the last remaining five stars all collapsed!

Wang Lin revealed a smile and then withdrew his right finger and floated back like a cloud. The reason he was so casual before was to force the ancient devil to shatter all his remaining stars. Only then could the ancient devil use its most powerful attack to help Wang Lin confirm his dao!

The stars in Ta Jia's eye all collapsed and an aura several times stronger than before erupted. He let out howl as his body moved and easily broke the stop spell.

"You forced me to do this. If this devil dies, you will die with me!! 9-star ancient devil spell, Purple Cloud Devil Calamity!"

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