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Chapter 1117

Zhou Yi's bitterness landed in Qing Shuang's eyes, and for some reason, she felt pain in her heart. However, she quickly suppressed the inexplicable pain and no longer looked at Zhou Yi.

Wang Wei let out a sigh upon witnessing all of this. He already knew it would be like this, but he didn't have the heart to tell Zhou Yi. After knowing Zhou Yi for all these years, he had already believed everything Zhou Yi said.

Hu Juan's heart was soft and she was about to speak.

However, just at this moment, the black ocean below began to stir and waves ranged. A monsterous devilish energy filled the world.

In an instant, an endless amount of devilish energy gathered before them and formed a giant ancient devil! This ancient devil was so big, it looked like it could support the world. Endless devilish energy surrounded its body and raged like roaring angry dragons.

This ancient devil was Ta Jia. His eyes were scarlet red and there was a scar between his eyebrows. When devilish energy entered that scar, there was a sizzling sound.

"Even inside Qing Lin's sea of consciousness, you'll still all die!!" As Ta Jia roared in anger, his large hand immediately reached toward everyone.

The whistling sound was heaven-shaking and endless devilish energy filled the area. From afar, it looked like a black cloud was descending to devour everyone!

Just at this moment, the sea surged once more and another person flew out. This person was a middle-aged man, and he was quite handsome. He had the air of a celestial and gave off pressure without even being angry.

"Master!!" The moment this person broke through the waves, Wang Wei and Hu Juan immediately became excited.

Qing Shuang's expression softened and she respectfully said, "Father."

This person was Celestial Emperor Qing Lin! He had a serious expression as he nodded at everyone and then waved his hand. A gust of wind suddenly appeared, and it turned into a storm that collided with the ancient devil's right hand.

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed and the ancient devil's right hand immediately collapsed and was pushed back. However, the storm formed by Qing Lin's spell immediately disintegrated.

"Qing Lin!! You have already weakened to such a state; why do you still not yield to this devil? This devil will take your body and surpass your former prestige. What's not good about us fusing?!" the ancient devil roared, and his right hand returned to normal.

Qing Lin didn't even look at the ancient devil and instead looked at Wang Lin. His gaze seemed to contain some kind of law that allowed him to see through all of Wang Lin's secrets. Under this gaze, Wang Lin felt naked and couldn't even think.

Just at this moment, a familiar aura appeared from between Wang Lin's eyebrows, and that feeling of being seen through disappeared. Wang Lin calmly looked at Qing Lin.

"You are qualified to obtain my inheritance and become my last disciple!" Qing Lin's eyes lit up and he turned into a ray of green light. Before Wang Lin could even react, he had charged into Wang Lin's body.

In an instant, popping sounds came from Wang Lin's body, then his arms stretched open and he floated into the air. The pain from his body made Wang Lin roar.

"Your soul isn't weak!" Qing Lin's voice came from Wang Lin's body. Wang Lin could clearly feel that his body was not being controlled by him. He had only experienced this once in his life.

It was when the scattered devil had used his body to battle!

However, this feeling was several times more intense than before; it couldn't even compare. The tearing feeling coming from inside his body made Wang Lin feel as if he was being constantly stretched.

"Just your cultivation is lacking!" Qing Lin's voice echoed once more. Wang Lin's right hand pointed at Wang Wei.

"Wang Wei, Teacher needs your cultivation!"

Wang Wei nodded. He didn't hesitate to turn into a ray of light and charge into Wang Lin's body. The pain increased and Wang Lin couldn't help but roar once more.

"Hu Juan, Qing Shuang, and… you!" Wang Lin's body trembled, but his right hand was very steady as he pointed at Zhou Yi last.

"All of you, fuse in!" As Qing Lin's voiced echoed, Hu Juan, Qing Shuang, and Zhou Yi didn't hesitate to turn into rays of light and charge into Wang Lin's body.

At this moment, the intense pain was enough to almost make Wang Lin go crazy. His roar was earth-shattering!

"I won't take over your body. I'll give you strength, give you my understanding of law, and give you all my celestial spells to let you experience for yourself a battle at the Nirvana Void level! This is the fortune I'm giving you for coming here to save this old man!" Qing Lin's body gradually dissipated, and the moment it completely dissipated, an unimaginable power erupted from Wang Lin's body.

This power was strong enough to make the heavens and earth tremble. It was strong to collapse the universe. What do Nirvana Shatterer cultivators even count as? It felt as if just one thought was enough to erase them and one word aws enough to make them yield at your feet!

A feeling that he could control the world and even the world must yield under his feet rapidly grew in Wang Lin's heart! The intense pain continued to come from his body, but Wang Lin no longer paid any attention to it all.

He clearly felt a power that he couldn't even imagine belonging to him!

"Go battle!" An ancient voice seemed to echo in his mind. Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and stared at the ancient devil in the distance.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia stared dumbfoundedly at all of this, and fear filled his eyes. He had finally seen Qing Lin's ace, and it was unexpectedly to pass down his dao!

The heavens have a dao and everyone cultivates their own dao. One can teach one's own dao to many as if they were teaching the heavens' dao! 

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he pointed at the sky and slowly said, "The Earth!"

After he spoke, the sea of consciousness surged and the power of law tore through everything, including the ocean. In the blink of an eye, this place became a yellow desert!

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's expression changed once more. He suppressed the fear in his eyes and let out a roar as he clawed at Wang Lin with both his hands. A black wind immediately appeared and formed whirlwinds on all sides that condensed toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, Ancient Devil Ta Jia began chanting in the language of the Ancient Order. Then his right hand reached at the void and a 1,000 feet black blade appeared. He immediately threw it at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's expression was still calm as he pointed forward. The black whirlwinds coming at him all stopped. Even the devilish blade also floated motionlessly in the air.

"Call the Wind!" Wang Lin calmly spoke and the world trembled. The black fog disappeared and was replaced by black wind. There were shadows of dragons within the black wind, and there weren't nine, but 13!

13 black dragons rushed out and charged at Ancient Devil Ta Jia. The momentum caused Ta Jia to retreat. The eight stars in his eye rotated and he began chanting in the language of the Ancient Order.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's expression was very serious as he roared, "Ancient devil spell, Boundary!" His right hand formed a seal and waved, causing black lines to appear before him. At this moment, the black lines became a boundary, and the area inside and outside were like two different realms!

No spell from outside the realm could get past this boundary!

"Ancient devil spell, Heaven Devour!" After using the Boundary spell, Ancient Devil Ta Jia roared once more. The devilish energy formed a giant mouth behind Ta Jia, and it charged forward, devouring everything in its path.

This mouth was as big as the world; it was as if it would devour the world in one bite.

However, none of this caused Wang Lin's expression to change at all. The 13 black dragons flying at Ta Jia interlocked and unexpectedly turned into a black spear!

This spear was completely black, and it gave off bursts of celestial spiritual energy and shot at Ta Jia!

"When Teacher Bai Fan's spell is cultivated to the limit, it can be turned into Teacher's treasure. After Teacher created each of his famous spells, he spent a great deal of effort to refine a treasure into the law of the world. From then on, any disciple who could cultivate the spell to its limit could summon the treasure to increase the power of their spell!" Wang Lin had no memories of the words that appeared in his head, but this voice belonged to Qing Shui. Qing Shui had obviously intended for the seal to release once Wang Lin had cultivated a spell to its peak.

The black spear immediately touched the mouth, then a heaven-shaking rumble echoed. The heaven-devouring mouth was pierced through and collapsed into countless strand of devlish energy!

It could devour the world, but it couldn't devour the spell Wang Lin had created with the temporary cultivation he possessed! Forget Ta Jia, even Bai Fan would've been shocked by the 13 dragons. After all, even Bai Fan could only summon 11!

After breaking the heaven-devouring spell, the black spear collided with the boundary, causing the world to tremble. Crackling sounds came from the black line and then it collapsed!

This spell could divide the area into two realms and stop all spells. But if one's cultivation level was high enough, there were no boundaries!

The black spear went into Ta Jia's body but didn't pierce through. Instead, it exploded, creating an unimaginable impact that caused Ancient Devil Ta Jia's body to disintegrate. The endless  devilish energy retreated and reformed Ta Jia's body.

However, the fear in his eyes became even stronger. He turned around to flee.

But how could Wang Lin let him escape? He calmly walked forward and slowly said, "You can't escape. Everything has just begun! Now let me experience some real third step spells…"

As Ta Jia was escaping, he felt like he had run into a wall of steel. He could feel that the surrounding law had fused with the sea to form a perfect cage. He indeed couldn't escape!

He suddenly turned around and madness filled his eyes. Out of the eight ancient devil stars in his eyes, three of them immediately collapsed!

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