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Chapter 1119 - Silently

When the five stars shattered, the devilish energy inside Ancient Devil Ta Jia exploded. Combined with the previous three stars, the amount of devilish energy Ta Jia had grew infinitely close to what a 9-star ancient devil would have!

At this moment, Ta Jia had already lost to Qing Lin. He no longer had any power to obtain Qing Lin's body, and the only thing awaiting him was death!

However, Ta Jia's unwillingness made it so that even if he died, he would take Wang Lin with him! Even if he died, he wouldn't tarnish the ancient devil clan and would use his strongest spell!

At this moment, Wang Lin could disrupt Ta Jia and kill him, but he didn't do that. Whether it was for confirming his own dao or to respect Ta Jia as a member of the Ancient Order, even he felt excited in anticipation for the spell!

Ta Jia's angry roar echoed and his body condensed once more. In the blink of an eye, his body was the size of a normal person. However, the body that was now almost completely corporeal seemed to be filled with endless strength.

His body was completely black with a horn and red eyes, allowing Ancient Devil Ta Jia to give off a heaven-shaking aura.

"Purple Cloud!" Ta Jia roared, and all the devilish energy behind him suddenly changed colors. In the blink of an eye, half of it turned purple and surrounded his body. Ta Jia raised his hands and his fingers connected to form a diamond. All the purple gas around his body charged into that diamond-shaped seal his hands formed.

In the blink of an eye, a purple, diamond-shaped object appeared in his hands!

"Devil Calamity!!" Ta Jia roared, and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. His devil soul flew out into the diamond-shaped object, causing it to shine even more brightly!

"Go to hell!!" Ta Jia charged out and pressed his hands at Wang Lin. The purple, diamond-shape object flew out toward Wang Lin!

At the start, the diamond-shaped object was only the size of a palm, but as it flew, it grew larger and larger. In the end, it covered the entire sky and descended on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes and felt the power inside the diamond-shaped object. He clearly felt this diamond-shaped object envelope him and completely separate him from his surroundings.

At the same time, the diamond-shaped object rapidly shrank and all the space in its path collapsed. It came closer and closer toward Wang Lin!

"Unfortunately… The purple cloud isn't strong…"

Wang Lin shook his head, and when he opened his eyes, the diamond-shape object was no less than three inches from him. From a distance, it was impossible to see Wang Lin; only the giant, purple, diamond-shaped object was visible. It was as if it only needed an instant for Wang Lin to collapse like everything else!

"Mountain Crumbles!" Wang Lin softly said, and an mountain immediately appeared. There was a loud rumble and this mountain immediately charged into the sky. It wasn't just one; a second and third mountain appeared...

In an instant, nine towering mountains appeared around Wang Lin, and the purple, diamond-shaped object immediately stop shrinking. Under the might of the mountains, it seemed to be forced back.

However, Purple Cloud Calamity was far more powerful than any of Ta Jia's previous spells. When it collided with the nine mountains, the mountains began to crack.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he softly said, "Crumble!"

In an instant, the nine mountains began to crumble and erupted like volcanoes. The eruption collided with the purple, diamond-shaped object, causing a heaven-shaking impact in the air.

While the mountain crumbled, Wang Lin slowly walked out. He stared at the ancient devil, who was filled with despair and unwillingness.

"None of this is your own strength. It is just Qing Lin's mind cooperating with you and him giving you an inheritance that allows you to have this temporary cultivation level!! If we were outside and not in this sea of consciousness, this devil could kill you as easily as crushing an ant!

"I refuse to yield!! I'm unwilling to give up!! Ah!!" Ta Jia let out a roar, and he felt a chill in his heart. He never would've thought that Qing Lin's plan wasn't to find a powerful person to save him, but to absorb the rescuer into his sea of consciousness!

Although most of Qing Lin's sea of consciousness had been occupied by the ancient devil, it still belonged to Qing Lin. He could cause any change he wished, but due to the ancient devil's invasion, none of those changes could attack the ancient devil.

However, he had used someone else's soul and didn't hesitate to pass down his dao. He had given control of the sea of consciousness to Wang Lin, which was equal to handing over his his life and death to someone else. As a result, Qing Lin's sea of consciousness could transform as Wang Lin willed and simulate all laws of the world. These circumstances allowed Wang Lin to have the power of the third step!

Although, Ancient Devil Ta Jia knew that this was all temporary. After all, souls were different, and one couldn't forcibly control another's sea of consciousness for long. It wouldn't take long for Wang Lin to weaken.

Once they leave Qing Lin's sea of consciousness, Wang Lin would be forced back to his original cultivation level. However, what was the point of knowing all of this? Ancient Devil Ta Jia wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"Qing Lin, you win!" Ta Jia revealed a bitter smile, but it was soon replaced by a ferocious expression.

"However, this devil has one last spell. I'll use the last moment of my life as an ancient devil to display the most powerful ancient devil spell. Even though I'll die, I will have no regrets!" As Ancient Devil Ta Jia laughed, he flew into the air. He opened his arms and devilish energy surrounded his body. Then his body exploded before Wang Lin's eyes.

"The beginning, Origin Devil Dao!" Ta Jia's voice descended from the sky and then his body collapsed. Dense devilish energy covered the sky, and in the blink of an eye, the world was dark!

A pair of grim eyes appeared in the dark sky.  In the blink of an eye, the darkness churned and countless pairs of grim eyes appeared.

Their gazes all gathered on Wang Lin. This scene was very strange, and it was impossible to describe. Wang Lin's expression changed for the first time when he meet the gaze of those eyes!

"Your name is Wang Lin!" An ancient voice echoed across the world. The moment the voice spoke, the pairs of eyes became filled with confusion.

Wang Lin's eyes were crystal clear.

"You began cultivating at the age of 15 and have now cultivated for over 1,000 years… However, you were an evil spirit, and stepping on the path of dao meant destroying your relatives. Your father and mother died and your family almost was annihilated. Although a few survived, they are under constant calamity!" As the sound echoed across the sky, the eyes were no longer filled with confusion but heart-wrenching pain.

Wang Lin's body trembled lightly, but his eyes were still crystal clear.

"Your parents died because of you!! Your family died because of you!" As the voice echoed, all the eyes turned blood red as if they were dripping blood! Some of the eyes exploded and blood fell.

Wang Lin's eyes also became red and his body trembled.

"Your wife returned to heaven because of you and your son became a soul fragment because of you. None of your close relatives remained!" As the sound rumbled, the pairs of eyes in the sky collapsed into blood.

Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot and his face was extremely pale. His body trembled as he retreated a few steps and his right hand touched his chest. Although this was only his soul, he could clearly feel the pain in his heart!

This pain was like a poison that invaded his mind and destroyed everything!

"Dun Tian helped you, but he died. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor also helped you, but he also died. Even Zhou Yi stopped protecting the corpse he loved after meeting you. Even the Celestial Cloud Couple was finally able to save Qing Lin after meeting you." The ancient void slowly arrived, and every word contained the power of law. As the words landed in Wang Lin's ears, it made his face even more pale.

"Have you said enough…" Wang Lin muttered as he retreated. At normal times, if someone had said this, it wouldn't affect him. But at this moment, for some unknown reason, Wang Lin felt like every word intensified his pain, and it felt like his heart was being torn apart.

"You…" Just as the voice appeared, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head. His expression was calm and revealed a terrifying coldness.

"I asked if you have said enough." The calm words contained no emotion. Wang Lin rushed out and his right hand clawed at the sky. The countless eyes immediately collapsed and large amounts of blood fell on Wang Lin's body.

"I, Wang Lin, have lived as an indomitable spirit. Although I've made mistakes, as long as I follow my dao heart, it is enough!" Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and pointed at the sky while his voice echoed.

"Celestial spell, Falling Star!" As he spoke, a ray of starlight fell from the sky, penetrating the black fog, and landed in the black sea. Then rays of starlight appeared from an unknown origin and pierced through the black fog. Starlight even shot out from the black sea and straight up into the black fog.

In the blink of an eye, starlight filled the world. As Wang Lin's arms moved, the starlight moved toward the black fog in the sky and a thunderous rumble echoed. The starlight gathered to form an indescribable impact that quickly spread across the world.

At this moment, Wang Lin's body collapsed. Wang Wei, Hu Juan, Zhou Yi, and Qing Shuang all appeared one by one. Finally, a melancholy Qing Lin in green appeared!

As the sea of consciousness collapsed, they all fell into the collapsing void and disappeared...

In the green temple floating in the void in the Rain Celestial Realm, Situ Nan cautiously guarded the door. He occasionally looked at everyone inside the formation, and anxiety filled his heart.

The silver female corpse was the same, but her gaze was locked on to Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's body trembled and he slowly opened his eyes. He silently stood up, walked next to the door, and silently looked out at the void...

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