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Chapter 1116

Wang Wei carefully placed Qing Lin's body in the center of the formation as per Hu Juan's instruction before looking at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn't waste time. He opened his storage space. Qing Shuang's body flew out, followed shortly by a yellow crystal.

Hu Juan quickly said, "Place Qing Shuang's body so their heads touch!"

The moment she spoke, Wang Lin placed Qing Shuang's body across from Qing Lin. The father and daughter were placed in a line with their heads toward each other.

Just at this moment, the crystal that flew out with Qing Shuang's body seemed to move by itself and landed between their heads. It released a burst of green light and fused with the green light coming from the formation on the ground. The green light lit up the whole area.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan looked at each other and sat down next to Qing Lin's body. Wang Lin didn't need to wait for them to tell him what to do. With his understanding of restrictions, he was also able to see some clues.

"We're still missing one person. Let Zhou Yi be the one since he is related to Qing Shuai." Wang Wei suppressed the excitement in his heart as he raised his hand and grasped at the air. A crack opened to his storage space and a ray of sword energy flew out and became Zhou Yi.

After Zhou Yi appeared, he looked at Qing Shuang with a gentle gaze. He sat down next to Qing Shuang after listening to Wang Wei's order, but his gaze never left Qing Shuang.

Hu Juan bit her lower lip and softly said, "Let's start!" She was very nervous as they didn't have time to study this formation. She wasn't sure if they could succeed.

Wang Lin nodded and then turned toward Situ Nan and the silver female corpse and said, "Situ, protect us."

Situ Nan's expression also became serious and he nodded. "Rest assured!"

The silver female corpse didn't require Wang Lin's order. He only needed a thought and she would know his command.

Hu Juan formed a seal and pointed at the formation. A ray of light landed on the crystal at the center and then the green light shrouded everyone inside the formation. Wang Lin had taken out the crystal for Wang Wei and Hu Juan to inspect back in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, so they were naturally familiar with it.

At the same time, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at Qing Shuang's arm. A wound appeared on her arm and, under the pressure of origin energy, a squirt of blood shot out onto the crystal.

When Zhou Yi saw this, he was unable to bear it. He looked at Wang Lin but didn't say anything.

At this moment, Rain Celestial Realm Temple, the origin soul crystal, and Qing Shuang's blood were all here!

When the crystal absorbed Qing Shuang's blood, a red light appeared within the green light. A rumbling sound echoed, and the formation showed signs of activating.

At this instant, Wang Lin's eyes lit up, and his right hand formed a seal and a flame appeared in his left eye. He pointed at Qing Lin and shouted, "Holy treasure blood, withdraw!"

Qing Lin's body trembled as the blood between its eyebrows began to move and immediately flew out toward Wang Lin. Without the blood seal there, black gas surrounded Qing Lin's face and devilish energy began to appear like crazy.

However, the formation only rumbled but showed no signs of awakening Qing Lin. As the devilish energy increased, it seemed Ancient Devil Ta Jia was going to reappear!

This scene caused Wang Wei and Hu Juan's expressions to change greatly, and Wang Lin's expression became gloomy. As for Zhou Yi, he completely ignored all of this and just silently looked at Qing Shuang.

Hu Juan quickly said, "Something is wrong. We must be missing something!"

"What are we missing?!" The veins on Wang Wei's face bulged, and the anxiety in his heart couldn't be described by words. He had all these expectations, but it was all about to fail!

Hu Juan's face was pale as she looked the increasing devilish energy around Qing Lin's face and revealed a bitter smile.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. What needed to be done had been done and all three things were here. However, at this moment, Qing Lin simply wouldn't awaken. It would be Ancient Devil Ta Jia who awakened!

Staring at the crystal, ideas quickly flew through Wang Lin's head. However, in the end, he still couldn't think of what they were missing!!

"Qing Lin, you made us come here to save you. Now that we have everything, why is it still like this?" Wang Lin was almost gnashing his teeth. He didn't care about Qing Lin's identity at all. If the ancient devil awakened, they would all die here!

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the Holy Treasure. He was going to attempt to seal the ancient devil once more. However, he didn't have the old Divine Emperor's cultivation level, so he wasn't confident he could seal the ancient devil!

"Master!! What are we missing!?!" Wang Wei stood up. He looked miserable and was about to go crazy.

"Lacking… Could it be… The blood of someone named Wang…" At this moment, a faint voice came from behind Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around. The silver female corpse had unexpectedly spoken for the first time. When she saw Wang Lin look over, she immediately lowered her head.

After she spoke, not only did Wang Lin look over, even Wang Wei and Hu Juan looked over.

Wang Lin said, "Continue speaking!"

"Earlier… Flower Imperial Concubine… said Master could enter the cave because your surname is Wang…" The woman in silver's speech was rough, as if she had just learned to speak.

As if lightning had struck him, Wang Lin turned around and bit his tongue to spray blood on the crystal. At the same time, the devilish energy around Qing Lin's face reached a peak. The devilish energy began forming a shadow, and Ancient Devil Ta Jia was about to awaken.

However, as soon as Wang Lin's blood landed on the crystal, the red and green light shined brightly and the crystal began to rotate. Then a powerful suction force suddenly appeared. Wang Wei and Hu Juan felt their celestial origin energy being drained. In just a few moments, they became extreme pale and weak.

Wang Lin didn't have much celestial origin energy left, and it was all sucked away.

The crystal shined even more brightly and directly destroyed the devilish shadow that was forming. As the celestial origin energy entered the crystal, the suction force suddenly increased!

Wang Lin only felt his vision blur and immediately lost consciousness. Not only himm but Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and Zhou Yi were all the same!

When Wang Lin regained his senses, everything before him caused his pupils to shrink. He was in a black sea with surging waves. There was even an ocean breeze.

"You've awakened!" A cold voice came from behind Wang Lin.


Wang Lin suddenly looked around, and what he saw made him gasp. Behind him floated a woman in clothes as white as snow. She was beautiful enough to shake one's soul and gave off a cold aura. Just standing beside her would make you feel chills.

If that was it, it wouldn't have shocked Wang Lin this much, but he was far too familiar with this woman. She was Qing Lin's daughter, the Rain Celestial Realm's Celestial Lord Qing Shuang!!

Wang Lin subconsciously asked, "You have revived?"

The woman in white coldly said, "Temporarily!"

Wang Lin took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He looked around and said, "This place is…"

The woman in white was calm as she looked down at the black sea below and calmly said, "My father's sea of consciousness."

Just at this moment, two rays of green light appeared not far away from them. Wang Wei and Hu Juan appeared from those two rays of green light. When Hu Juan saw Qing Shuang, there was a hint of excitement in her face.

"Little Sister Qing Shuang!!"

Afterward, Wang Wei looked at Qing Shuang and was also startled. There was a hint of relief in his eyes and he said, "So your soul didn't dissipate. Then, with Master's spell, you should be able to awaken once more."

Qing Shuang didn't even look at Wang Wei, but she looked at Hu Juan and a smile appeared on her cold face. She softly said, "We haven't met in many years. I'm happy that Big Sister was able to survive the collapse of the Celestial Realm."

As she spoke, even more green light came from the distance, and soon Zhou Yi appeared. When he appeared, his body trembled as he looked at Qing Shuang. His gaze was filled with excitement and he muttered, "Ting Er… Ting Er…"

Qing Shuang frowned toward Zhou Yi's gaze. Her face became cold and she coldly said, "Who are you calling Ting Er?"

Zhou Yi was startled and his expression dimmed. He then bitterly shook his head. "Ting Er is already gone...."

Qing Shuang frowned and calmly said, "I don't know how you became the new Rain Celestial Realm Sword Spirit, but since you are the sword spirit, I won't erase you. However, if you continue to speak nonsense, I won't let you continue to be the sword spirit!"

Zhou Yi's body trembled as if a heavy blow had landed on his chest. His face became pale and the bitterness on his face became even stronger. However, he only softly said, "Yes."

He knew that his Ting Er had already forgotten everything. Back then, it was merely a trace of soul formed from his obsession, and it had already dissipated. Right now, the person before him was Qing Shuang, not his Ting Er...

However, looking at the face he accompanied for 1,000 years, he felt an unimaginable pain appeared, as if his heart was being torn apart. His body trembled uncontrollably.

This kind of pain took root inside his body and sapped away all his strength. This gradually weakened him and gradually made him unable to bear the pain...

1,000 years together and then 1,000 years of waiting for the day she would awaken. He was less than 30 feet from Qing Shuang, but he felt as if he was very far away, even farther than the distance between life and death...

There was a type of distance that wasn't life and death, and it was to be forgotten...

Wang Lin frowned and was about to speak, but Zhou Yi looked at Wang Lin and shook his head. He wouldn't blame Ting Er, as he had done everything willingly. 2,000 years ago, he abandoned his sect for a corpse, which caused his teacher to become ill from anger....

1,000 years ago, he was the same and he burned his own soul. He'd rather die than let someone else steal his Ting Er...

At this moment, he was still the same. Although the Ting Er behind him was unfamiliar, although there was no chance of them being together, although there was a huge gap in their status, he was still the same Zhou Yi as 1,000 years and 2,000 years ago!

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