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Chapter 1115

Even when all the people of the Four Divine Sect had left, Wang Lin still silently stood on the platform. The collapse of the Rain Celestial Realm echoed in his ears, but compared to the complex feelings in his heart, the sound was very light.

Saving the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was a way for him to repay the debt he owed the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. It allowed the Four Divine Sect to have a powerful cultivator to exist through the chaotic times to come.

Aside from a few select elders, no one in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect really regarded him as the Divine Emperor; they only saw him as a junior. Maybe the hearts of the juniors of the sect were more sincere.

If Wang Lin had enough time, he would be able to slowly change this phenomenon, but due to the uneasiness Wang Lin felt from Tuo Sen, he didn't have the time. If he delayed it too much, it would only hurt the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, and he would fail the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor.

With the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's release, before the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor even tried to kill the All-Seer, Wang Lin already knew that the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was very cunning. He was not something Wang Lin could try to figure out!

After hearing the matter about the Heavenly Dao, Wang Lin was extremely shocked. 

However, none of this could compare to to the last words left by the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor! What he said meant he had already seen through Wang Lin's thoughts. He didn't care about Wang Lin's identity as the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor at all. If he cared about anything, it was the Holy Treasure!

This Holy Treasure can be temporarily left in your hands, but once you leave the Rain Celestial Realm, you must return it to the Four Divine Sect!

"I fear if it wasn't for the fact that there were too many elders and that he had just escaped, he wouldn't have waited for me to return it. He could have taken it right here!" Wang Lin revealed a bitter expression. In truth, there was no need to talk about it, as this was how it should be. Since Wang Lin wasn't planning to become the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, there was no need to keep the Holy Treasure.

In truth, Wang Lin didn't really care about this, but from beginning to end, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor unexpectedly didn't ask about the other three Divine Emperors. Not only that, he spoke about the deaths of the three Divine Emperors as if it was an ordinary matter.

Wang Lin felt extremely complex about this!

Forget the fact that the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor had suffered countless years of pain to keep the Four Divine Sect alive. The White Tiger Divine Emperor had died fighting the enemy, and to his day, the whereabouts of his body were unknown. To the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, these all seemed to be ordinary matters… There was no need to know about them.

Situ Nan let out a sigh as he walked up and patted Wang Lin's should and said, "What damn Four Divine Sect? Once Qing Lin awakens, the four of us will rule the stars and enjoy ourselves!"

Wang Lin bitterly smiled and nodded.

Wang Wei let out a sigh and slowly said, "Master once said that the Heavenly Dao Blood was an ominous thing. If the person who swallowed it didn't die, their personality would definitely change greatly! I had met the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor once before, and he was a straightforward man. Looking at him today, I presume devouring that blood has made his temperment gloomy." 

Although he was anxious and worried due to the collapse of the Rain Celestial Realm and that they couldn't find the temple, he didn't rush Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a long sigh. He knew that with the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's words, Wang Lin had no more connections with the Four Divine Sect. If there were any, it would be his gratitude toward the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the distance. He knelt down on the ground and kowtowed three times toward the Rain Celestial Realm gate.

"Old Divine Emperor, Junior will remember your kindness and won't dare to forget it. If the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect face difficulties in the future, even if I die, I'll lend a hand!" Wang Lin raised his head, and the image of the old Divine Emperor appeared. His kind and exhausted expression was engraved in Wang Lin's heart.

"If the pressure is too large, if the Four Divine Sect has no hope of returning to its former glory, if the heavens really want to destroy my Four Divine Sect… Well, then there is no need to force yourself." The old Divine Emperor's last words echoed in Wang Lin's ears.

He silently stood up and took a deep breath. He then looked at Wang Wei and Hu Juan and calmly said, "Seniors, let us look for the temple."

Aside from Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and Situ Nan, there was also the silver female corpse. She stood beside Wang Lin and silently followed.

"Wang Lin, you…" Hu Juan was, after all, a woman, and she had taken what just happened to heart. She knew Wang Lin must've been feeling very complicated right now.

"No problem." Wang Lin smiled to hide the melancholy in his heart.

Wang Wei nodded and flew off the platform. Hu Juan looked at Wang Lin before following Wang Wei. Situ Nan walked near Wang Lin and patted his shoulder. The two of them flew off together. As for the silver female corpse, she continued to follow Wang Lin.

The collapse of the Rain Celestial Realm continued, and along the way, they could see fragments collapsing. Some of the fragments had already completely collapsed and formed vortexes that pulled in the debris.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, but it didn't affect their speed. Since the Rain Celestial Realm was already collapsing, there was no need to hold back. They moved at full speed and were like bolts of lightning moving across the sky.

While Wang Wei flew, his eyes lit up and he looked for the place in his memories as he flew between the collapsing fragments. After 15 minutes, his eyes narrowed.

"This should be the place!" Wang Wei pointed down.

Wang Lin looked down, but he was surprised. Although this place was collapsing, he could still vaguely see a landmass down there!

If that was it, it wouldn't surprise Wang Lin, but this was where Zhou Yi had burned his soul to battle Sun Tai.

"The Rain Celestial Realm collapsed into countless fragments and some of them overlapped. The temple should be in this overlapping fragment!" Wang Wei explained as his right hand pressed down!

A green mist suddenly appeared and charged down. It immediately swept away the debris below, creating a slight rumble.

The overlapping fragments below were revealed.

The group didn't pause and landed on the fragment. This fragment was also collapsing and they could feel it trembling. If they spread out their divine senses, they could see the edges of the fragment falling apart. The amount of cracks on the ground increased and deepened as the trembling continued.

"There isn't much time. If the entire Rain Celestial Realm collapses, a huge vortex will form and suck everything in." Wang Wei stomped with his right food and all the earth around him shattered. Large amounts of rocks scattered in all directions.

Everyone began to descend through the shattered fragment, and what appeared before them was another fragment that was overlapping with the previous one.

This place wasn't big and the collapse hadn't affected this place yet, so the trembling lessened. However, after scanning this place with his divine sense, Wang Wei didn't find the temple.

"There are obviously more fragments below!" His stomped his right food once more and fragment rumbled and began to collapse like the previous one. However, just at this moment, Wang Wei's expression changed greatly, and he waved his sleeves to take everyone and retreat.

The moment they retreated, the ground where Wang Wei had stomped cracked but didn't shatter. Soon, the crack caved in and a huge vortex appeared below.

The vortex was completely black, but everyone could see through the vortex and see that the fragment below had completely shattered. However, there was a completely green temple that wasn't damaged at all and was floating in the void.

This green temple was very eye-catching in the void.

"The Rain Celestial Realm Temple!" Wang Wei's eyes narrowed and he immediately flew out toward the vortex. Everyone else followed. Wang Lin stared intently at the green temple inside the vortex.

In almost an instant, they charged into the vortex. Wang Lin immediately felt a powerful suction coming from it. If it was before, he would have been in a bad state and would need Wang Wei's help. However, a flame appeared in his left eye and fire surrounded his body, allowing him to break free from the vortex, and he flew toward the green temple.

The remaining people all got out of the vortex and headed for the green temple. There was excitement in Wang Wei's eyes. He had waited far too long for this day.

The floating speed of the green temple naturally couldn't compare to their flying speed, so everyone soon caught up. As Wang Lin floated beside the green temple, his mind couldn't help but tremble.

Although this temple wasn't very big, the green light gave off a powerful pressure. The fancy "Qing" above the door gave off an oppressive feeling.

Wang Wei took a step and arrived before the temple. He pushed with his right hand and the door slowly opened. A green light came out from the door and lit up the void. The entire void was dyed green by this light.

When the door of the temple opened, Wang Lin immediately walked in .

The entire temple was empty aside from a formation on the ground that was flashing green.

Wang Wei's expression became very excited as he looked around before looking at the formation on the ground. The moment Hu Juan came in, she stood next to the formation and began studying it. After looking at it for a while, her expression changed.

"I have never see this kind of formation. This formation has the effect to reverse the soul and allow your soul to leave your body!"

Wang Lin also looked at the formation and slowly said, "Take out Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's body!"

Wang Wei's right hand reached out at the void and a crack appeared before him. Qing Lin's body slowly flew out!

He was still covered in that black armor, but there was a blood red dot between his eyebrows. Qing Lin's eyes were closed and he didn't make a sound.

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