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Chapter 1114

The self-destruction of the three avatars caused an unimaginable impact. The earth trembled even more violently, and the fragment everyone was on began to collapse on a larger scale! The collapse of the fragment caused large amounts of cracks to appear on the ground!

"Wang Lin, this old man will help you save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!" The All-Seer laughed as he used the self-destruction of his three avatars to push Wang Wei and Hu Juan back, making it so Wang Lin couldn't get close. He charged directly into the 35 Nirvana Shatterer elders and, using the moment where they couldn't be distracted, unexpectedly charged into the mountain!

At the same time, a rumbling sound came from the mountain. Even with the pressure of the golden lock, it didn't continue to sink but was pushed up 30 feet more!!

As a result, this mountain had been raised more than 70 feet, reaching 100 feet!

The old man that struggled out from the green light looked at the All-Seer with a strange light in his eyes, but he didn't speak. He immediately charged out from the bottom of the mountain. As soon as he came out, he shouted, "All members of the Four Divine Sect, use all your spells to destroy this mountain!!"

With that, he raised his right hand and mercilessly slammed down. An Azure Dragon more than 100,000 feet large appeared and gave off an ancient aura. The dragon opened its mouth and spewed out green gas at the mountain.

The surrounding Four Divine Sect elders didn't hesitate to use their spells and bombard the mountain!

At this moment, even more cracks appeared on the fragment and it began to collapse even more intensely. More spatial cracks appeared as if they were going to devour the world.

The rumbling was heaven-shaking. Under the attack of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor and the elders' bombardment, large amounts of rocks fell off. Even the golden lock became unstable.

As this went on, the expression of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor became uglier.

Just at this moment, a laugh came from the mountain and a crack appeared from its center. The All-Seer charged out from the mountain and revealed a rare look of excitement. He held a fist-sized blob of black blood as he charged into the sky laughing.

The golden lock suddenly turned into a ray of light and followed the All-Seer. It landed on the black blood in his hand as if it was sealing it.

However, the All-Seer didn't care about it at all. As he charged out, he mercilessly slammed down on the ground below him! The rumbling became even louder and the collapsing fragment collapsed even faster. A giant vortex appeared on the bottom and annihilated everything that was sucked in.

Thanks to that slam, it wasn't just this fragment collapsing; the entire unstable Rain Celestial Realm began its final collapse!

Muffled rumbles came from the heavens and earth. The Rain Celestial Realm was beginning to collapse just like the Thunder Celestial Realm.

"Wang Lin, I have to thank you for everything you've done! Someday, if we are fated, we will meet again! At that time, this old man will have become the heavenly dao!!" The All-Seer laughed like crazy and was about to escape when the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, who had just escaped, revealed a cold gaze. His right hand formed a seal and pointed up. The Azure Dragon behind him opened its mouth and let out a roar. Then the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor lowered his hand and the Azure Dragon charged out in an attempt to devour the All-Seer.

The moment the Azure Dragon charged out, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor hit his own chest with his right hand and coughed out blood. The blood turned into a sword that entered the Azure Dragon. The Azure Dragon was immediately covered in a blood light. It caught up to the All-Seer in an instant and devoured him.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the heavens and earth. The dragon dissipated, and the All-Seer's body was thrown out and two of his seals had been opened. Blood was coming from the corner of his mouth as he stared at the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor with smiled and said in a horse voice, "You are worthy of being the Four Divine Sect's strongest Divine Emperor! I'm happy to experience it!" Then the All-Seer's body flickered and he quickly fled.

The surrounding Nirvana Shatterer elders were about to pursue when the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor shook his head and shouted, "Let him go! That person's cultivation level is hidden too well. If we force him into a corner, the death count will be too high. It's not worth it! Besides, I have been trapped for too long and I'm all spent."

After he spoke, all the elders of Four Divine Sect nodded in agreement.

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's gaze fell on Wang Lin, and he slowly asked, "You're the new Vermillion Bird?"

Wang Lin nodded and clasped his hands. "Greetings, Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!"

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor carefully looked at Wang Lin and nodded after a long time. "The Four Divine Sect is connected by blood, so I won't be saying my thanks."

Wang Lin frowned and calmly said, "What was that thing the All-Seer took from under the mountain?"

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's gaze fell on Wang Wei and Hu Juan. His pupils shrank and he slowly said, "Heavenly Dao Blood!"

"Heavenly Dao… Blood?" Wang Lin gasped.

"I came with Master Xuan Zhong and them as the first wave right when the Rain Celestial Realm collapsed. I originally came for the inheritances of treasure and spells, but I found a lot of strange things. The Celestial Realm was destroyed due to these mysterious things!" As the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor spoke, the area began to collapse even more intensely. Everyone quickly flew upward.

"This lock mountain was was placed here by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin, and a crack appeared on it when the Rain Celestial Realm collapsed. I was brought here by Master Xuan Zong to enter together. An accident happened and I was trapped inside, unable to escape.

"Due to the existence of this seal, only a special kind of person could hear my cry for help!" When the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor said this, he looked at Wang Lin.

"Although I was trapped, I found that blob of blood at the bottom of the mountain. It was what Qing Lin had sealed. After studying for a long time, I still don't know its origin; however, my fourth Heaven's Blight descended. In that moment of crisis, I devoured the blood…" There was a trace of fear in the Azure Divine Emperor's eyes.

"Just one mouthful made me unconscious, and when I awakened, the fourth Heaven's Blight had passed. However, there was no origin energy under that seal, so my fourth Heaven's Blight cultivation was empty and I still wasn't able to escape! I could only slowly waste away under the seal."

As Wang Lin flew, he asked, "What is Heavenly Dao Blood?" He felt that its aura was somewhat familiar; it vaguely felt like the blood rust on the iron sword. It also contained an aura similar to the crystals he found in the skull of that 8-star ancient god.

"You have to ask people of the Celestial Emperor about this!" The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's gaze fell on Wang Wei and Hu Juan.

"So it was like this…" Wang Wei muttered, and he revealed a bitter expression. He had always guessed the reason why the Celestial Realm had collapsed. Now that he had heard the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's words, he was a bit more certain about his speculation.

On the side, Hu Juan softly said, "About 100 years before the calamity, a blood-like red rain that contained a strange force fell from the sky in the Rain Celestial Realm. Master called it 'Heavenly Dao Blood!'"

Wang Wei said, "No one knew what heavenly dao was, but Master guessed that the heavenly dao was a living creature! Since the time of the Ancient Celestial Realm, rumor has it that the heavenly dao was already dead!"

"If it wasn't dead, it was seriously injured. What fell into the Rain Celestial Realm was Heavenly Dao Blood! Master collected all the blood and refined it until it was only the size of a fist! During that period of time, Master found people who devoured it, but all those who devoured it immediately turned into a pool of blood and died. Afterward, no one else dared to devour it!" After that, Wang Wei looked at the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor with a strange gaze.

Wang Lin's heart was shocked as he listened to these things he had never heard of before and gasped.

"Master believed that if the Heavenly Dao Blood fell into my Rain Celestial Realm, then what fell in the other Celestial Realms were the other parts of the Heavenly Dao…" Wang Wei looked at Wang Lin and explained, "It is indeed too shocking, but if you think of the Heavenly Dao as a person who was seriously injured and had his body torn part to the point that even his origin soul was shattered into countless pieces and it all fell, then you understand… Although I don't agree with this point of view, it was mere a guess from Master after studying the blood."

While talking, everyone continued to fly into the air until they arrived at the platform where the gate of the Rain Celestial Realm was. After they landed, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor said, "That cultivator that stole the Heavenly Dao Blood seemed to understand it every well. However, he doesn't know that I have already devoured half of it. The reason it is still the same size is because half of it is my own blood! I want to see how he will cultivate with it!"

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor revealed a dark expression and a strange smile. When everyone saw this smile, their hearts turned cold.

"New Vermillion Bird, follow me back to the Four Divine Sect and tell me what happened to the Four Divine Sect! Since only you came today, that means the rest of the Four Divine Emperors have already died!" The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's voice was calm and there was no fluctuation in his mood.

Wang Lin calmly took a step back as he got closer to Wang Wei and Hu Juan. He respectfully said, "Senior Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, Junior still has an important matter to deal with and can't return to the Four Divine Sect any time soon."

"Oh?" The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor looked at Wang Lin, and Wang Lin calmly looked back. After a moment, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor nodded and said, "That's fine!"

With that, he turned around and directly headed toward the giant Rain Celestial Realm gate. The elders of the Four Divine Sect all followed. Only a few individuals looked back, but they all left without any hesitation! Even the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect elders were the same!

"New Vermillion Bird, remember to return the Holy Treasure when you come back!" From far away came the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's voice that contained no emotion.

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