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Chapter 1104 - Divine Retribution

The moment these illusory volcanoes appeared, large amounts of origin energy began to gather within them. As Wang Lin moved, it looked like there was a group of volcanoes following him.

If someone saw this scene, they would gasp and be completely shocked.

It was just the fact that these volcanoes looked too real. At a glance, you could tell they were false, but if you took a second look, you would feel like you were right next to the volcanoes. They felt too real, and this would affect your mind.

The difference between true and false was enough to shake any cultivator below the Nirvana Shatterer stage. Even Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would be affected by this. After all, this was the first of Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's latter three spells.

Mountain Crumbles!

The anger in Wang Lin's heart manifested in the form those volcanoes as he followed the mosquito beast. There was a unique scent that mosquito beasts gave off that only their own clan can detect. At this moment, the mosquito beast had a ferocious expression. The scent of his clan members was so strong that there wasn't even a need to carefully search for it to find it.

Just like this, the person and beast quickly moved through the star system. After 15 minutes, Wang Lin frowned. After all, the mosquito beast was injured and was slow. If they kept moving at this speed, who knew how long it would take to find the people that stole the mosquito beasts?

Moreover, Wang Lin gradually felt the divine retribution getting closer. The seal he had placed using the Nine Mysterious Transformations had loosened.

After all, this was outer space. Unlike the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect starfield, where there was only fire origin energy due to countless years of burning, the origin energy here was extremely mixed. And although his cultivation was sealed, origin energy still entered his body. This origin energy slowly transformed the meridians in his body.

Nirvana Cleanser cultivators have their bodies transformed by origin energy so that they are more suitable to comprehend law.

While pondering, Wang Lin waved his right hand and a crack about five feet long appeared. This crack didn't remain in one place, but moved at the same speed as Wang Lin.

It was like a small boat quickly gliding across the vast ocean, and it looked very strange.

Wang Lin's right hand reached into the crack and took out a yellow talisman. With a thought, this 5 foot crack immediately disappeared.

He threw the yellow talisman onto the mosquito beast. The mosquito beast trembled and then a whirlwind surrounded its body and charged up in the space above.

This whirlwind turned earth yellow, and as it rotated, the sound of howling wind appeared. At the same time, a giant bird appeared above the whirlwind and opened its wings. The mosquito beast suddenly let out an earth-shaking cry and moved forward like a bolt of lightning. It was several times faster than before.

As a result, the mosquito beast's speed reached a limit, and Wang Lin landed on the mosquito beast. The mosquito beast was very fast now; so fast that Wang Lin could only see the stars in the distance all blur into long lines as he passed by them.

This was the speed of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

The mosquito beast never had this kind of speed. Now that it obtained it, it immediately let out loud cries. However, the speed caused it no discomfort as it flew through the stars.

There was a group of Alliance cultivators who were given the order to withdraw from the battlefield. They were flying through the star system when they suddenly felt a gust of wind and heard the whistling sound of wind. The wind was so fierce that it immediately swept them apart. They were all aghast at the situation as they stabilized themselves.

"This…. What is this!?!"

It wasn't until now that they heard the sound of the mosquito beast's cry. The sound of the cry was far slower than the speed of the mosquito.

The expressions of these cultivators changed greatly. They were too frightened to move. After looking at each other, they immediately left the area.

With the mosquito's speed, it didn't take long for it to follow the scent of its kind to the starfield filled with rubble. Even though it was part of the central area, it was very remote. There were very few cultivation planets here, and even those were all abandoned.

As a result, almost no cultivators would come here.

Seeing the area filled with rubble, the mosquito beast let out a sharp screech and boundless anger filled its eyes. It charged out at the field of rubble, creating a series of popping sounds. All of the rubble that blocked the mosquito beast was smashed into pieces.

The mosquito beast charged straight into the field of rubble as if it had gone crazy. As it charged into the depths of the rubble field, it created a series of popping sounds.

Inside the green light screen deep within the rubble, the formation being built by almost 100 cultivators was nearing completion. The two elders in purple became even more excited. Once the formation was complete, they would be able to take these giant mosquito beasts back into the Cloud Sea Star System.

At that time, their Heaven Gate Sect would be able to exchange these giant mosquito beasts for great benefits.

The two of them were in a very good mood as they chatted with each other. All the worries they had were gone as the formation was about to be complete. However, just at this time, the giant mosquito beasts that were sealed by the incense suddenly began to screech even though they had been really calm due to the incense.

It wasn't just one of them that was crying; all of the mosquito beasts' eyes turn red, and they began to struggle.

This sudden change caught the attention of the two elders in purple, and everyone that was building the formation also looked over. These mosquito beasts seemed to have gone crazy, and they attempted to rush out from the encirclement the incense created.

One of the elders in purple said, "Something is wrong!"

The elder beside him was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed and he turned around. He heard some muffled earth-shattering rumbles coming from the light screen that was protecting them.

In an instant, the green light screen flashed non-stop, causing the area to alternate between light and dark.

The two elders' expressions immediately became gloomy and they flew  ahead. Before they got close, they heard a harsh screech coming from outside the green light screen.

The moment this sound entered, the three youths a who brought the mosquito beasts back trembled. They immediately recognized that cry as the mosquito king beast!

"That person actually came. With the elders here, we might have a chance to capture the mosquito king!" The three of them looked at each other and flew toward the green light screen.

Outside the green light screen, the mosquito beast flew at an unimaginable speed and smashed into the light screen with anger. A thunderous rumble echoed through the light screen when he did so.

However, the green light screen was very strong, so it didn't budge at all, while the mosquito beast suffered the rebound and was pushed back almost 1,000 feet. If it wasn't for Wang Lin reducing the rebound force, the mosquito beast would've been seriously injured once more.

The mosquito beast was filled with unwillingness and its eyes were filled with killing intent as it began to screech.

Wang Lin stood at the side and stared at the green light screen. His expression was very calm as he took a step forward and arrived next to the green light screen. His hand slam down and the fire origin energy inside his body rushed out. A sea of flames immediately surrounded the green light screen.

The sound of something burning could be heard, but the green light screen didn't dissipate at all.

"You're overestimating yourself!" A sneer came from inside the green light screen. The two elders in purple had arrived. They looked at Wang Lin with disdain from inside the light screen.

Their originally tense minds relaxed when they saw Wang Lin's cultivation level. These two elders weren't Nirvana Shatterer cultivators or even peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivators. They were merely at the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser. After all, they weren't real messengers of the Cloud Sea Star System; they had come here through a secret method.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the sea of flames retreated from the green light screen. His gloomy gaze penetrated the green light screen and landed on the two elders inside.

Wang Lin's voice was gloomy as he slowly said, "Hand over the mosquito beasts and those three bold juniors and I can spare the rest of you!"

The two elders immediately began to laugh. One of them revealed a look of ridicule and said, "I didn't think the Alliance could have an arrogant person like this. To threaten us two with your cultivation level is simply absurd."

Although those two looked down upon Wang Lin, they were extremely cautious and didn't leave the green light screen. In their eyes, this person wasn't be the master of the mosquito beasts, but a disciple of some sort who was here to lure them out.

The real powerful cultivator had to be hiding outside the green light shield. Although their divine senses found nothing, this just made them more suspicious.

Wang Lin didn't waste any more time. He lifted his right hand and pointed at this sky. He then took a deep breath and released the Nine Mysterious Transformations seal, causing his cultivation to erupt. At this moment, the aura of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator appeared from Wang Lin's body and a large amount of origin energy surged into his body.

As the dense origin energy entered Wang Lin's body, popping sounds echoed from within him. At the same time, a powerful force began to gather among the stars.

Divine retribution clouds began to gather above this starfield filled with rubble. In an instant, these clouds covered the entire starfield.

At the same time, the might of the heavens descended from the clouds onto this starfield of ruble. It separated this space out from the rest of the star system.

"This… This is…"

"Divine retribution!!!" The two purple-robed elders' eyes widened and flooded with disbelief. Fear immediately flashed through their eyes. Although these two elders were Nirvana Cleanser cultivators, they didn't know much about divine retribution. The reason they were able to recognize it was because they had just witness a divine retribution back in Cloud Sea Star System before coming here.

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