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Chapter 1105 - Mountain Crumbles

The divine retribution cloud gathered at a rapid rate, much faster than any of the previous divine retribution clouds Wang Lin had faced before. In the blink of an eye, the clouds covered the starfield.

A thunderous rumble that could shake the entire starfield came from the sky and a bolt of red lighting came out of the center of the clouds. This red lighting bolt was as thick as a bucket, and all the rubble in its path disintegrated.

Large amounts of spatial cracks appeared as if space itself was going to shatter.

This red lightning was too fast. Just as the red lightning bolt was imprinted in the eyes of the two elders in purple, it charged directly at Wang Lin.

"This person… This person actually used some unknown method to attract divine retribution before us?" one of the elders in purple muttered to himself as if he couldn't believe what he just saw.

The red lightning bolt descending with shocking momentum, causing ripples to appear, and landed directly on Wang Lin's head. Wang Lin's expression didn't change at all when the red lightning fell. He raised his right hand and mercilessly squeezed.

In an instant, the shocking lightning collapsed with Wang Lin's squeeze and turned into countless arcs of lightning that scattered around him.

This scene caused the two elders in purple to gasp. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. At this moment, the three youths arrived and saw Wang Lin crush the divine retribution lightning. The their scalps tingled and they were almost scared out of their wits.

One of them began to tremble, and the fear in his eyes reached a peak.

Wang Lin's expression was still cold. This kind of divine retribution lighting was truly insignificant to him. He easily crushed the first bolt of divine retribution lightning, and with a wave of his right hand, the scattered lightning quickly gathered toward his right hand.

In the blink of an eye, a red light appeared around Wang Lin's hand, and a bolt of lightning moved within the light. As Wang Lin's cold gaze looked over, the people inside the green light screen felt like something bad was going to happen. Wang Lin threw the red light in his hand at the green light screen.

The red light turned into red lightning and smashed into the green light screen. The green light screen shook violently, causing the two elders in purple to turn pale.

"He… He isn't an ordinary cultivator!!!"

The strength of this green light screen was beyond Wang Lin's expectations; even a bolt of divine retribution lightning wasn't enough to break it.

"If one isn't enough, then I'll use ten! If ten isn't enough, then I'll use a hundred!" Wang Lin said while killing intent filled his eyes. The divine retribution clouds above rumbled and another bolt of red lightning fell.

It wasn't just one bolt; the red lightning seemed to connect together into a line. A total of nine bolts of divine retribution lightning shot at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral, but there was a trace of madness in his eyes. He smiled as he jumped into the air. Not only did he not dodge, he charged at the divine retribution lightning.

At the same time, a vortex appeared between Wang Lin's eyebrows and his ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out and let out a roar at the divine retribution lightning.

The roar of the ancient thunder dragon would make all thunder and lighting obey! However, Wang Lin was the only one that dared to roar at the heavens' divine retribution lightning.

The nine bolts of descending lightning paused before the roar from Wang Lin's ancient thunder dragon origin soul. He charged into the middle of the nine bolts of lightning and the lightning in his left eye flashed. The nine bolts of divine retribution lightning gathered in his left eye as if a suction force was coming from it.

The rumbling continued as the lightning bolts charged into his left eye until they were all absorbed. At this moment, lightning filled his body and popping sounds echoed. There was even some lightning around his body, making him look like a thunder celestial!

Wang Lin raised his head as he looked at the divine retribution cloud above him and shouted, "Is this all the power you got!?"

At this moment, he didn't even know what kind of shock him devouring the divine retribution lightning had brought to the people below. The three youths were scared out of their minds. They could have never dreamt that they had provoked such a terrifying opponent.

"Devouring… Devouring divine retribution lightning…" The faces of the two elders in purple became pale. At this moment, the pride on their faces was long gone and they looked at Wang Lin with shock and disbelief in their eyes. They thought that this white-haired youth had to be hiding his cultivation level.

When they saw Wang Lin devour the nine bolts of divine retribution lightning, cold sweat appeared on their foreheads. One of them turned around and roared, "Quickly, finish the formation, quickly!"

The nearly 100 cultivators in the distance weren't at the front, but they could still see what had happened, and they were all shocked. After the elder roared, they gasped and quickly sped up forming the formation.

The elders in purple also rushed back. They ignored their statuses as elders and also began helping build the formation.

"Quick, we must be quick and leave this damned Alliance Star System. How can the Alliance Star System have someone that can… that can devour divine retribution lightning?!"

The divine retribution cloud gathered once more and a powerful pressure appeared. At this moment, a 10-feet-thick purple lightning bolt descended. It was so powerful that the moment it charged out, it broke through space and entered the void. However, it rushed out from the void three inches from Wang Lin and smashed into the spot between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

Wang Lin let out a roar and didn't retreat a single step. Instead, he opened his arms and grabbed hold of the 10-feet-wide purple lightning.

No matter how much the thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin's body didn't move. Large amounts of residual lightning surrounded Wang Lin and constantly popped.

This didn't end here. The divine retribution seemed to become angry, and large amounts of purple lightning bolts bombarded Wang Lin. Soon, the lightning formed a ball almost 1,000 feet wide before Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's body was being gradually pushed back by this lightning, but there was a hint of madness on his face.

Wang Lin let out a roar. "A bit more!"

The divine retribution lightning above the starfield let out a human-like roar, and at this moment, a bolt of seven-colored lightning descended!

The moment the seven-colored lightning appeared, it split into seven different bolts of lightning. They descended on Wang Lin while carrying unimaginable might.

The rumbling echoed as Wang Lin continued to retreat. The ball of lightning before him had become over 1,000 feet wide, and the power inside it was unimaginable. Even though Wang Lin had command over all thunder and lightning, he was finding it difficult to bear.

Seeing the endless divine retribution begin to churn once more and flashes of seven-colored light appear, Wang Lin moved. He mercilessly threw this ball of lightning down at the green light screen, and the people inside all cried in shock!

This ball of lightning that contained immeasurable amounts of divine retribution lightning contained heaven-shattering power, and under Wang Lin's control, it smashed into the green light screen. The faces of the two elders in purple went completely pale and their pupils shrank.

"Open the formation!!" one of the elders immediately roared. He didn't care if the formation wasn't complete.

However, no one objected. The nearly 100 cultivators all got into their own positions and formed their own seals. As for the two elders in purple, they looked at the descending ball of lightning and sat down. Their origin souls merged with the green light screen in an attempt to strengthen it.

Almost at the moment their origin souls entered the green light screen, the ball of lightning smashed into the green light screen. A heaven-shaking rumble echoed and a shock wave was set off across the entire green light screen.

Endless lightning vented on the green light screen and immediately caused the green light to dim. The two elders in purple immediately coughed out blood, and their eyes were filled with fear. One of the elders' bodies exploded. His origin soul charged out toward the formation that was activating while screaming.

Countless lightning bolts penetrated the light screen and moved like dragons inside. More than a dozen of the cultivators sitting there were touched by those moving dragons. Their bodies were instantly charred, and not even their origin souls escaped instant death. 

Under the attack of the ball of lightning, the green light screen couldn't withstand it and shattered into countless fragments. An unimaginable impact caused a shockwave that spread out.

The mosquito beast realized that something was wrong and quickly escaped. It was very fast, so there was no need to worry. However, all the rubble in this starfield turned to dust under this shockwave.

In the blink of an eye, the rubble in the starfield disappeared without a trace. Aside from the central area, there wasn't a single piece of rubble remaining!

Wang Lin charged out filled with powerful killing intent and anger from the mosquito beast being injured. At this moment, the divine retribution cloud also made its move. Hundreds of bolts of seven-colored lightning came out from the cloud and shot at Wang Lin.

Following the seven-colored lightning, there was a sea of flames. This was the first time this flame-like divine retribution had descended to burn everything in its path.

Just at this moment, the formation created by the rubble finally opened. It shined brightly like the stars and a powerful aura slowly spread out.

The seriously injured elder in purple struggled to follow his companion's origin soul. As long as the two of them could enter the formation, they could live! As for Wang Lin, they already feared him from the depths of their hearts.

Seeing that the formation had opened, some of the closer cultivators rushed in to be teleported away. But Wang Lin would never allow these people to escape.

His eyes lit up and a monstrous wave was set off in space. A power that could collapse space itself appeared around Wang Lin.

At this moment, countless illusions of volcanoes appeared out of thin air. A heat wave spread and the muffled roars of volcanoes could be heard.

Killing intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes as he softly said, "Mountain Crumbles!"

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