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Chapter 1103 - Cloud Sea

In the center area of the Alliance, there was a starfield filled with rubble. There were three youths in yellow cautiously moving forward. The three of them were in a sorry state. One of them had a large wound on his right leg that revealed the bones. Although it was bandaged, it was a bloody mess, and his face was extremely pale.

The other two were also injured, especially the person in the middle, who was holding the incense. He had a hole to the right of his chest, and blood occasionally bubbled out of it. Although he was holding on, anather person had to support him. 

Behind him was a group of about a dozen mosquito beasts. The mosquito beasts were lightly injured, but it didn't affect their movement. Their red eyes were locked onto the three people before them, but due to the incense, they followed involuntarily.

"Damn it, we let that child giant mosquito beast king get away. If we can bring it back to Cloud Sea, we can exchange it with the Dark Star Sect for an extremely precious Heaven's Blight Liquid!" The young man with the wound on his leg cursed and he was frustrated by the situation.

The young man with the hole in his chest shouted, "Shut up. That mosquito beast king must have been raised by someone. Only a powerful cultivator in the Alliance would be able to tame these giant mosquito beasts that rampages across the Cloud Sea. The three of us must meet with the elder as soon as possible; otherwise, once that cultivator finds us, the consequences will be unimaginable!"

"After everything had gone so smoothly, I didn't think the giant mosquito beast king would suddenly begin to struggle after we left the eastern region. This caused all the mosquito beasts to begin to rebel. If we didn't use up two mosquito soul incenses, I fear the three of us wouldn't have been able to lead these giant mosquitos away and would've been eaten by them… Unfortunately, the giant mosquito king got away.

"However, 19 giant mosquito beasts are enough for the three of us to get great benefits. Even within the Heaven Gate Sect, our status will immediately be different!" The last youth in yellow looked at the mosquito beasts with greedy eyes.

As the three flew, they gradually entered the depths of the starfield filled with rubble. There was an area covered in a green light screen. The three of them each took out a jade and bit their tongues to spit out blood on the jades. 

At that instant, the three jade shined brightly and flew toward the light screen. Ripples appeared on the light screen and then a vortex formed.

The three of them charged into the vortex. The more than a dozen mosquito beasts were also sucked in.

When they reappeared, the three of them and the mosquito beasts were inside the light screen. The three of them visibly relaxed. The youth holding the incense said,

"It is indeed strange for giant mosquito beasts from my Cloud Sea Star System to appear here. Luckily, there weren't many. If it was a group of tens of thousands like what we saw in the Wind Celestial Realm…" The youth trembled and fear filled his eyes.

"Forget get it. It is useless to think more about this. We have already checked on the matter the sect has asked us to check. We should leave as soon as possible. I have a bad feeling."

The three of them looked at each other and continued flying forward. A moment later, a giant formation formed by rubble appeared before them.

Bursts of green light came from the large formation. In addition, almost 100 cultivators were moving rubble here and adding them to the large formation.

There were two old men standing above the large formation. They wore purple and had white hair, but their eyes gave off powerful gazes. The two of them were talking in low voices and pointing at the large formation below.

The arrival of the three of them caught the attention of the people here, but they didn't care too much. However, when their gazes landed on the mosquito beasts behind them, their faces all changed. Some who were more timid and had deep fear of the mosquito beasts exclaimed loudly.

"Giant… Giant mosquito beasts!!!"

An uproar suddenly occurred, and those almost 100 cultivators stopped what they were doing and stared at the mosquito beasts.

The three people in yellow felt very proud of the reaction they got. When the three of them saw these mosquito beasts, they had almost the same expressions.

Two rays of purple closed in. It was the two elders. One of their gazes swept past the more than a dozen mosquito beasts, and he shouted at the cultivators, "What is there to look at? Quickly, build the formation!"

With the shout from the old man, the surrounding cultivators scattered to continue the unfinished work. However, they would occasionally look at the mosquito beasts with greed in their eyes.

After the old man finished shouting, he looked at the mosquito beasts with a strange light in his eyes. Then he looked toward the three youths in yellow and asked, "Su Xin, what is the deal with these giant mosquito beasts?"

The youth with injuries on his chest immediately reported everything respectfully. Finally, he hesitated a bit before he talked about what happened on the way here and how the giant mosquito king escaped.

After the old man heard this, his expression became gloomy. He looked at the other elder, and their eyes lit up and there was a worried look hidden in their eyes.

"If these giant mosquitos have no owner, it doesn't matter… but that chance is almost zero. Can we provoke someone who can raise these giant mosquito beasts?"

"Giant mosquito beasts are worth a lot in the Cloud Sea Star System. These beasts often live in groups of hundreds of thousands, making them very difficult to catch. Even rank 6 or above cultivators would have to spent a lot of trouble to try to capture them. These more than a dozen giant mosquito beasts are worth a huge amount of wealth for my Heaven Gate Sect…"

The two of them looked at each other's eyes and saw the greed and decisiveness in each other's gazes.

"With the green light screen, it won't be easy for Alliance cultivators to enter. Even if a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator came, it would take several days for them to break this formation that was gifted to us by a rank 8 sect. We just need to buy some time to return to the Cloud Sea Star System. If they chase us to the Cloud Sea Star System… Hmph, we'll make sure they never return!"

"Accelerate the building of the formation!" The two of them came to a consensus.

The three youths who had brought back the mosquito beasts were filled with excitement. Since the elders had agreed to this matter, they were safe. Once they returned to the sect, there would definitely be rewards for the three of them.

The youth with the injured leg laughed with pride. "Hehe, now I want to see the master of the mosquito beasts come. I want to see how he will try to break the light screen and how he has to watch helplessly as we leave with his mosquito beasts."

At this moment, the owner of the mosquito beasts, Wang Lin, raised his hand and his expression became extremely cold. If anyone was familiar with Wang Lin, they would know that he was furious right now.

Wang Lin had his own principles. If others didn't offend him, he wouldn't offend them! If it wasn't for the fact that Tuo Sen would come hunt him down no matter what, he wouldn't scheme against Tuo Sen. His mosquito beasts hadn't provoked the other party, but they were lured away by them. They had also seriously injured the mosquito beasts, and this touched Wang Lin's bottom line.

Wang Lin's right hand mercilessly clenched as he looked at the sky above. When he reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage, he felt a hint of divine retribution.

However, he was within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. If divine retribution were to descend, then it could cause unimaginable damage to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect. Even if others could help him, Wang Lin didn't need help right now. He wanted to test how strong his fire and thunder was within this divine retribution.

If it was in the past, Wang Lin wouldn't be able to change when the divine retribution would descend. However, after learning the Nine Mysterious Transformations, he was able to.

The moment he reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage, he used the Nine Mysterious Transformations to seal his cultivation at the edge of Nirvana Scryer to hold off the divine retribution.

Wang Lin knew that he only needed a thought to truly reach the Nirvana Cleanser stage. At that moment, the divine retribution would quickly arrive.

He originally planned to leave the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to find a remote place in the eastern region to get through the divine retribution. However, the appearance of his mosquito beast quickly changed Wang Lin's mind.

With a wave of his right hand, he put the seriously injured mosquito beast in the crack. Then Wang Lin stepped forward based on the route from the mosquito beast's memories.

With this step, ripples appeared before Wang Lin, and he disappeared without a trace.

Spatial Bending!

Ripples appeared in the eastern edge of the Alliance Star System. The waves of ripples spread as if a pebble had been tossed into a water.

Wang Lin walked out from the center of the ripples filled with cold killing intent.

The surroundings were completely silent as he Wang Lin looked around. This was the place where the mosquito beasts and the three cultivators in yellow battled. Killing intent flashed through his eyes as he stepped forward.

He then turned into a ray of light, charged forward, and instantly disappeared.

Bursts of thunderous roars echoed through the stars as Wang Lin was too fast and created sonic booms. He was wearing a snow white robe. His right hand reached at the void and the seriously injured mosquito beast flew out.

Wang Lin's pills were all celestials pills, so they were all very good. After taking the pills, the mosquito seemed a bit more spirited and its wounds stopped bleeding. The moment it appeared, it revealed the same cold gaze as Wang Lin. It looked ahead and let out harsh cries.

It was obviously very unwilling. If it wasn't for the incense, how could a king of mosquito beasts with more than a dozen mosquitos be seriously injured by those three small cultivators and even have its subordinates captured? It had never felt this kind of humiliation since it started following Wang Lin.

At this moment, with its master nearby, the mosquito beast immediately became energetic. It picked a direction and charged ahead.

Wang Lin's expression became gloomy as he followed the mosquito beast while it tracked its companions. As he moved forward, the anger in his heart turned monstrous. Illusions of miniature volcanoes appeared all around him.

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