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Chapter 1092 - Wang Lin's Plan

The two late stage Nirvana Cleanser old men looked at each other before looking at the early stage Nirvana Shatterer old man. They were clearly following his orders.

This old man looked at Wang Lin. Although his expression was calm, his mind was in shock. He could kill Ren Tao with two points as well, but he was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, while Wang Lin was only at the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage.

Taking that into consideration, he had to place importance on the person before him. More importantly...

"Nine Mysterious Transformations!" The old man's mind trembled. The gazes of the other elders among the surrounding people placed an invisible pressure on him. The old man pondered a bit and then calmly said,

"Welcome, Divine Emperor!"

After he spoke, the other two old men relaxed and said at the same time, "Welcome, Divine Emperor."

Following them were the sect members that listened to those three. They were all respectful and welcomed Wang Lin in unison.

"Welcome, Divine Emperor!" At this moment, the voices of all the sect members present echoed. The sound of tens of thousands of people shouting caused an earth-shattering roar.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. Although he was surrounded by people welcoming him, he understood that a lot of the people here weren't willing. After all, his cultivation level wasn't high enough to suppress everyone here, but he didn't care. Wang Lin's heart wasn't inside the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

At this moment, while Wang Lin was surrounded by cheers and people, there were a few people who had every complex emotions, and their minds weren't here.

The first was Ta Shan. He didn't go meet Wang Lin but stayed where he was, silently looking at the sky. Although he couldn't see Wang Lin on the planet he was on, he could vaguely feel Wang Lin in the distance, and he heard the sounds of welcoming around Wang Lin.

His expression was very complex, and after a long time, he let out a sigh before closing his eyes to continue cultivating. However, his mind wasn't able to calm down at all.

In addition to him, there was someone else who was also the same. He was sitting on the wall of a city and was surrounded by wine jugs. He grabbed one and took a big gulp. His face revealed his sadness.

Compared to the liveliness around Wang Lin, this old man looked very bleak. Behind him, Ling Er silently accompanied him.

Aside from Ta Shan and Master Chen Yi, there was another person who felt very complex about this. This person was Xu Liguo. He was surrounded in flames, and he continued to curse as if he would never get tired.

"Murderer Wang Lin, why haven't you let your Grandpa Xu out yet!? Just you wait, just you wait!"

Over the next two days, the remaining the elders of the remaining three Divine Sects came to congratulate Wang Lin on becoming the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. The entire Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was extremely lively right now. Wang Lin was very polite to the elders of the three other divine sects. After all, the Four Divine Sect shared the same room, and a majority of the elders here were at the Demon Spirit Land. They had witnessed Wang Lin's spells, so they naturally wouldn't feel disdain by the fact that Wang Lin was only a Nirvana Scryer cultivator.

After politely talking to each other, the elders of the three sects were arranged places to stay. The elders of the three sects cared a lot about Wang Lin.

In particular, the three head elders of Azure Dragon Divine Sect were very respectful to Wang Lin. Three years ago, when Wang Lin told the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor about the news of the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, they also found out about this matter and were extremely grateful Wang Lin had brought this news.

A large ceremony was needed for the ascension of a new Divine Emperor. This was a tradition of the Four Divine Sect, so Wang Lin couldn't just change it. This ceremony was set on the sixth day.

Wang Lin would normally be very busy and would barely have time to rest right now. There were many things about the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect he had to get familiar with. Also, not all the elders of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect had acknowledged Wang Lin; they had accepted this due to the order of the old Divine Emperor.

However, Wang Lin didn't do any of this. When he agreed to become the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, it was only a deal with the old Divine Emperor.

For the following three years, the old Divine Emperor had helped him a lot. Although it was part of the deal, Wang Lin still had to repay this kindness.

However, Wang Lin knew that due to his current situation, he couldn't stay in one place for too long. During these three years, he would often awaken from cultivation and feel his skin crawl.

If this had only happened one or two times, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but during these past three years, Wang Lin had experienced this no less than 10 times. This feeling was getting more and more clear, and he vaguely felt like it was coming from planet Suzaku.

Wang Lin clearly knew that as his cultivation level increased, so did his foresight on danger. It was obvious that this sense of danger was coming from Tuo Sen!

Tuo Sen's roar from when he left the Land of the Ancient God 1,000 years ago seemed to echo inside Wang Lin's mind.

"There will be a day when I'll come and find you to take back Tu Si's inheritance!!"

"I fear Tuo Sen is going to come out soon…" Wang Lin was sitting on a stone at the edge of a volcano on one of the main planets. The volcano released smoke along with intense heat.

Tuo Sen was like a knife floating above Wang Lin's head that could drop at any moment. Wang Lin had been plagued with this crisis for over 1,000 years. Because his ancient god original body had reached five stars and he had the knowledge from the memories he inherited, Wang Lin was able to carry out a detailed analysis of the power of an 8-star ancient god.

The result of his analysis shocked him.

With such a powerful enemy that could escape at any time and would hunt him down right away, there was no way for Wang Lin to peacefully stay here.

Otherwise, the only result would be dragging down the Four Divine Sect and having it destroyed by Tuo Sen.

Wang Lin had cultivated for over 1,000 years, and he was no longer the little Core Formation cultivator. Although Tuo Sen was strong, Wang Lin wasn't completely unprepared.

"If Celestial Emperor Qing Lin can revive, I wonder how he will compare to Tuo Sen…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked down the mountain. All of the planets in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect were constantly burning. At a glance, they were completely red.

"I'll rescue the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor as a temporary repayment for the old Divine Emperor's help. If I can avoid Tuo Sen's slaughter and gain the power to beat him, then I'll come back and ensure the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect prospers… If I die to Tuo Sen…" Wang Lin silently looked at the sky and smiled bitterly.

"Tuo Sen… I won't let him escape so easily. This world is filled with greed. I wonder how many people will be lured by an 8-star ancient god…" Wang Lin revealed a grim smile.

Just at this moment, a stream of flames came from the distance. When it got within 100 feet of Wang Lin, the flames dissipated, revealing a red-robed elder. The old man was calm as he looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, "Divine Emperor, the Corpse Sect, Allheaven, and the country of Chu Yun have all sent messengers here and are waiting in the back hall. Do you wish to see them?"

This elder wasn't one of the six elders that went to the Demon Spirit Land. Wang Lin only knew that his name was Xu and that he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer. He had a lot of prestige among the Nirvana Shatterer elders.

Throughout the past few days, many messengers of the Alliance had come to congratulate him. Wang Lin naturally didn't see those people as there were Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members and elders to greet them.

As for Allheaven and the Corpse Sect, it was the first time they had sent anyone. Wang Lin pondered a bit and thought of his plan to deal with Tuo Sen. He then changed his mind about not meeting these messengers.

Wang Lin stood up and calmly said, "I'll meet them."

The old man looked at Wang Lin and calmly said, "I want to ask what the Divine Emperor is planning. It is not just me; many other elders have the same doubt. I hope the Divine Emperor can answer us."

"Save the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!" After Wang Lin spoke, he didn't look at the old man but turned into a ray of light and flew away.

The elder named Xu trembled and suddenly looked at where Wang Lin disappeared. His expression suddenly changed.

"Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!!" He gasped and didn't ask more. His mind was completely shocked by those four words.

Aside from the old Divine Emperor and the three head elders of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect, no one else knew about this matter. Now that elder Xu had heard this, a storm was set off in his mind.

For the first time, he felt that Wang Lin was very profound and mysterious.

The back hall of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect was built entirely from red jade. From a distance, it was very eye-catching. It was surrounded by red trees, and even the ground was paved red.

Waves of intense heat came from this hall and diffused into the surroundings.

At this moment, there were two men and one woman sitting inside the hall.

The woman was very beautiful. She was wearing a blue silk dress that half-revealed her chest. Her eyes were beautiful and there was a hint of flirtatiousness hidden within them. She carefully looked at the other two people. One of them was an old man and the other was a bald, young man.

The old man wore a red robe and gave off a sense of majesty. His eyes were closed, but there were distortions around him, as if he didn't belong in this place. This revealed his shocking cultivation level.

As for the bald man, he looked very ordinary and wore a green robe. He looked calm, but occasionally there would be a look of confusion in his eyes. However, he would soon return to normal.

But the woman was immediately able to tell that the moment the confusion appeared in his eyes, the origin energy around here would pause for a moment.

If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately recognize the old man and the bald man as they were people he knew.

At this moment, a Vermillion Bird Divine Sect junior came in with fruit and tea. After placing them down, this junior immediately left.

The beautiful woman picked up the cup and blew the tea. She looked up at the old man and smiled. "I presume you are Allheaven's Li Yunzi. Junior is the Corpse Sect's Li Yingzhi. Greetings, Senior."

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