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Chapter 1093 - You Want Wang Lin?

The red-robed old man was Allheaven's Zhan family's ancestor, Li Yunzi!

Li Yunzi's eyes shined when he opened them. He coldly looked at the beautiful woman and calmly said, "I'm Li Yunzi."

The beautiful woman smiled and took a drink. She then put down the cup and smiled. "Senior Li Yunzi is very famous in Allheaven. Allheaven sending Senior here to congratulate the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor makes it seem like Allheaven intends to form a friendly relationship with the new Divine Emperor."

"You're a core disciple of the Corpse Sect, and you're already at the Nirvana Cleanser stage at such a young age. Rumor has it that you have four corpse puppets, and three of them are no weaker than Nirvana Shatterer cultivators. For the Corpse Sect to send you means they also see great importance in the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor." Li Yunzi's voice was calm, but when it landed in the woman's ears, her eyes shrank an indiscernible amount.

"This fellow cultivator must be from the Alliance. I just don't know your name." The woman changed the subject and looked at the bald man.

The bald man calmly said, "Country of Zhu Yun, Mo Zhi!"

"Mo Zhi?" The beautiful woman frowned. It was obvious she had never heard of this name before.

However, Li Yunzi's eyes suddenly narrowed and he turned to look at the bald man. After taking a closer look, he slowly said, "So you are Mo Zhi!"

The bald man smiled and clasped his hands at Li Yunzi. "Mo Zhi greets Senior." 

The beautiful woman pondered a bit and then inquired, "Fellow Cultivator Mo and Senior Li Yunzi, do you two know who the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor is?"

"I only know that this person is very arrogant and hasn't met any of the other messengers. The Four Divine Sect also won't mention his name and is keeping it a secret." Li Yunzi picked up the cup, took a look, and put it down.

He had come to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect under the order of the Thunder Celestial Temple. In addition to the congratulations, there was a deep purpose that required him to come into direct contact with the new Divine Emperor.

This matter was very important; otherwise, he wouldn't have come personally.

The beautiful woman softly whispered, "This little girl has some news. During the battle at Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's cave three years ago, it was said the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect took someone…" 

Li Yunzi let out a cold snort. He naturally knew about this. The Allheaven side had already thought about this matter, but aside from Master Flamespark, who thought it was very likely to be "him," no one else thought so. Thus, the possibility of "him" being the new Divine Emperor was ruled out because, after all, it was too inconceivable.

"Him? He doesn't have the qualifications to become the Divine Emperor!" There was a hint of disdain in Li Yunzi's eyes. If not for Qing Shui, Li Yunzi would have already caught him and refined him into a puppet to help Li Yunzi to break through the mysteries of the Battle Scroll.

If someone said Wang Lin was the new Divine Emperor, Li Yunzi would never believe it!

Thinking about Qing Shui, Li Yunzi felt at ease. Qing Shui going missing was within his expectations. He even knew that the upheaval at the Alliance headquarters was directly connected to Qing Shui.

In addition to fulfilling the task Allheaven had given him, he also had a personal goal in coming here. He want to use the name of Allheaven to ask for Wang Lin from the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

He thought that the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect had their reasons for taking Wang Lin. Three years of time was enough to get their value out of Wang Lin. Now Wang Lin was probably useless to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, so it shouldn't be difficult to get him.

The beautiful woman looked at Li Yunzi and asked, "Oh? Rumor has it that his spell was able to kill Master Void. He was also able to kill two and seriously injure one of the All-Seer's avatars. Why does senior Li Yunzi think he isn't qualified? Back then, the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect sent out a large force and even had the Vermillion Bird's true spirit lead the way." 

Li Yunzi calmly said, "That person talked to me just before heading off to Qing Lin's cave. I'm very clear of his cultivation level!" He didn't believe that Wang Lin's cultivation level could've changed that much. In his opinion, it was all just baseless rumors.

The beautiful woman frowned. Their Corpse Sect had collected various clues and concluded that the famous Wang Lin from Qing Lin's cave should be the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. However, Li Yunzi's words had put doubt in her mind.

"This Wang Lin was once Allheaven's Thunder Celestial. If even Allheaven doesn't think he is the new Divine Emperor…" The beautiful woman no longer spoke.

"The person you two are talking about is Wang Lin?" Mo Zhi suddenly asked.

Just at this moment, Li Yunzi suddenly raised his head and looked outside with a strange expression. A moment later, Mo Zhi also raised his head and looked outside the hall.

The last to look was the beautiful woman. The moment their gazes gathered outside the hall, a heat wave surge in from outside. This attracted all the fire origin energy in the hall to form an invisible vortex.

At this moment, the fire origin energy seemed to become alive and became cheerful and active. As it rotated, it moved aside as if it were moving out of the way as a sign of respect.

A person slowly walked into the hall under the gazes of the three. This person wore red armor that covered his face, leaving only his white hair out. There was also a white cloak behind him that matched the white Vermillion Bird tattoo, creating a sense of pressure.

As this person walked into the hall, his armor made clinking sounds, and he completely ignored everyone. The cloak moved with the white hair and an unimaginable heat wave filled the hall.

All the fire origin energy here seemed to become excited and circled the person in armor, forming a vortex around him. At this moment, a powerful pressure appeared within the hall.

It wasn't just the fire origin energy in the hall that changed, but all the fire origin energy around the planet and starfield seemed be rapidly gathering toward this person.

As a result, the sudden change in origin energy caused a powerful pressure to spread out.

There were some cultivators following this person. There were four in total, and they were all old and at the Nirvana Shatterer stage. They wore red robes, but they were very different from what Li Yunzi wore.

The four of them entered with the armored person. They stood behind him and calmly looked at the three of them.

The armored person walked before everyone and lifted his cloak as he sat down. His flame-like eyes pierced through the helmet and landed on the three of them.

At this moment, he was filled with majesty. Also, the origin energy surrounding him prevented any divine sense from spying on him. Even if someone's divine sense were able to pierce through the origin energy in the cloak, very few people would be able to identify Wang Lin.

The hall was completely silent. The appearance of the armored man was too shocking, and it unexpectedly stirred up the fire origin energy here. The beautiful woman's forehead was now sweating like she was sitting in an oven. Normally, with her cultivation level, she wouldn't be bothered by the heat, but the moment the armor person appeared, all the fire origin energy began to gather here. Even with her cultivation level, she found it a bit unbearable.

"Junior Li Yingzhi from the Corpse Sect greets the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor." The woman withdrew all the contempt in her heart. She withstood the pressure, stood up, and respectfully greeted this person as if he was an elder of her sect.

"What cultivation level is this Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor at to be able to produce such pressure!?" The beautiful woman was shocked.

As Mo Zhi looked at the armored person, his eyes revealed a strange light, but he wasn't sure. At this moment, he also withstood the pressure to stand up and respectfully said, "Country of Chu Yun's Mo Zi greets Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor."

The armored person's gaze swept by. His eyes paused on Mo zhi for a moment before landing on Li Yunzi.

Li Yunzi took a deep breath as he stood up and calmly said, "This old man is Allheaven's Zhan family's Li Yunzi. I came here on behalf of the Thunder Celestial Temple to congratulate you on becoming the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!"

The armored person's gaze lingered on Li Yunzi the most, and there was even a smile hidden under that armor. However, no one knew whether that smile was filled with ill intent or goodwill...

Li Yunzi's heart skipped a beat. He felt a hint of unease from the gaze of the new Divine Emperor. This was especially true when the other four Nirvana Shatterer elders also looked at him.

"Li Yunzi…" the person in the armor slowly said. His voice was changed slightly by the armor, and when it pierced through the flames, it sounded ethereal.

The unease in Li Yunzi's heart became even stronger. He took a step back as he looked at the new Divine Emperor and asked, "Does the Divine Emperor know me?"

The armored person looked at Li Yunzi for a moment before withdrawing his gaze and looking at Mo Zhi.

Mo Zhi suppressed the suspicion in his heart and said, "Divine Emperor, I came as the representative of the country of Chu Yun to congratulate the new Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. I was ordered by my teacher to bring gifts!" As he spoke, his right hand reached at the void and a crack appeared. This crack was not stable; it was clearly being affected by the origin energy here.

Seeing that the crack was about to collapse the moment it appeared, the armored man raised his right hand. The origin energy around the crack dispersed and the crack immediately stabilized.

This scene caused the beautiful woman's pupils to shrink. Even Li Yunzi's eyes narrowed.

Mo Zhi's expression didn't change as he took out the prepared gifts from the crack. Pills, treasures, and various other things were taken out. The Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members came in to pick them up and stood to the side.

The last thing Mo Zhi took out was a blue and green small flag. The moment it appeared, it released a powerful surge of cold energy. Even the fire origin energy in the hall paused for a moment.

The armored person's eyes narrowed as he stared at the small flag and revealed a strange light in his eyes.

"This is something Teacher specially ordered me to gift to the Divine Emperor. It is a spirit that Teacher sealed hundreds of years ago!" 

Wang Lin's right hand reached out at the void and held the small flag in his hand. After carefully looking at it, he looked at Mo Zhi and said, "Many thanks!"

After Mo Zhi heard "many thanks," his eyes shined as he looked profoundly at Wang Lin, but he didn't speak.

Li Yunzi, who came on the behalf of Allheaven's Thunder Celestial Temple, had also brought gifts. Although they had their value, none of them caught Wang Lin's eyes. After the gifts were received, Li Yunzi's eyes lit up and he said, "Divine Emperor, aside from the few matters the Thunder Celestial Temple sent me here for, I also have a personal request."

Seeing the new Divine Emperor's gaze fall on him, Li Yunzi pondered a bit and said, "Three years ago, the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect took away a person named 'Wang Lin.' If the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect no longer has use for him, could you let this old man take him?"

After he spoke, the four elders around the man in armor were startled and all looked at Li Yunzi.

The man in armor looked at Li Yunzi and slowly asked, "You want Wang Lin?"

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