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Chapter 1091 - Rise Three Realm Flame Origin

Wang Lin's mood was a bit heavy. The old Divine Emperor's gaze reminded him of Dun Tian, and he let out a sigh.

As Wang Lin moved forward, almost all the cultivators on the cultivation planets he passed by flew out. The shouts of "Divine Emperor" were heaven-shaking.

These shouts conveyed the excitement and expectations all the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members had been holding in for countless years. 

More and more cultivators followed Wang Lin. In particular, the juniors looked at Wang Lin with reverence in their eyes. As Wang Lin moved forward, more and more Vermillion Bird Sect members followed.

"Master!!" An excited shout was mixed among the Vermillion Bird members, causing Wang Lin to pause for a moment. Lei Ji and Big Head quickly flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin revealed a smile and nodded at the two.

As he moved forward, a joyous laugh echoed and then Situ Nan appeared. He hugged Wang Lin and smiled. "Good, brat, you finally came out!"

Wang Lin's smile widened. Situ Nan's injuries had recovered and his cultivation was even stronger. Even his poison was suppressed.

The woman in silver and Master Hollow Wind came after Situ Nan. The woman in silver silently followed behind Wang Lin. As for Master Hollow Wind, although he had a respectful expression, the joy in his eyes came from his heart.

Finally, when Wang Lin arrived before the final Vermillion Bird Divine Sect planet, the amount of sect members was enough to cover the sky.

"Divine Emperor!

"Divine Emperor!

The shocking roars that echoed replaced all other sounds in the starry sky.

The final Vermillion Bird Divine Sect primary planet was also the planet Ren Tao was on. At this moment, he listened to the sect members cheering next to him, making his expression even more gloomy. He stared at Wang Lin with a vicious gaze.

Next to him, Liao Yun looked at Ren Tao with a look of disdain. He flew into the air toward Wang Lin, who was surrounded by countless people, and respectfully said, "Liao Yun welcomes the Divine Emperor!" He was filled with reverence. No one knew more about Wang Lin than the people who had gone to the Demon Spirit Land, and he was one of them.

Wang Lin's spell had made the people who were at the Demon Spirit Land admire him completely!

Feng Shan hesitated for a bit before also flying into the air and greeting Wang Lin with Liao Yun.

A majority of the sect members on the planet excitedly welcomed Wang Lin.

The gloomy expressions of Ren Tao, the few elders, and the other people loyal to him formed a stark contrast with everyone else.

Ren Tao jerked his head up as he stared at Wang Lin, who was smiling with everyone, and shouted, "Wang Lin, I want to challenge you!" He had to do this. If Wang Lin continued, he would have no chance at becoming the Divine Emperor anymore.

In the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, the Divine Emperor was god! Anyone who dared to go against the Divine Emperor would become an enemy of the entire sect. However, there was one law within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect that made Ren Tao dare to challenge Wang Lin!

This roar echoed across the stars and immediately caused everyone to quiet down. The gazes of the surrounding people all gathered on Ren Tao.

There were some Vermillion Bird Divine Sect elders present. Their task was to help Wang Lin smoothly transition into the role of Divine Emperor. They wouldn't allow any voice of rebelling.

This was a death order sent by the old Divine Emperor!

Ren Tao's forehead was covered in sweat, and everyone's gazes were locked on to him. This caused his mind to tremble. However, he didn't have time time to worry about it. He stared at Wang Lin and roared, "Wang Lin, do you dare to accept my challenge!? If you don't, then you're not qualified to become the Divine Emperor!"

The three old men behind Ren Tao stepped forward and surrounded him. Then they stared at the various elders among the sect members.

"Ren Tao, you dare?! Are the three of you going to openly oppose the command of the old emperor?" A tall old man walked out from the crowd. He was one of the Nirvana Shatterer elders that was at the Demon Spirit Land.

"Elder Zhou, my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's laws say that when a Divine Emperor passes the title to the next, all sect members have the right to challenge the emperor for the position. Isn't that right?"

"Reckless idiot!" There was a flash of coldness in Elder Zhou's eyes. He sneered but didn't act, and he retreated a few step.

Not only this old man, but at this moment, among the countless people here, the ones that had gone to the Demon Spirit Land looked at Ren Tao with mockery in their eyes. Some even looked at him with pity.

Under these gazes, Ren Tao's mind couldn't help but tremble. He had heard a lot about Wang Lin's achievements in the Demon Spirit Land three years ago, but he didn't believe it.

Right now he clearly saw that Wang Lin was only at the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage, which made him believe those rumor even less. He was about to speak.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's cold gaze locked onto Ren Tao.

The moment his gaze fell on Ren Tao, Ren Tao's body trembled and a chill appeared in his heart. Even the eyes of the three elders behind him narrowed.

"If you challenge me, there is no chance for survival. Are you still willing?" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it was filled with cold intent. Everyone that was at the Demon Spirit Land felt a chill appear in their hearts.

They could never forgot the power that tore the darkness of night and that fist that could shatter the sky during Dream of Ancient Times.

Ren Tao's mind trembled even more intensely and he had a hint of foreboding. However, he couldn't back down now. After carefully checking once more, he determined that Wang Lin was indeed only at the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage. His expression was gloomy as he clenched his teeth and said, "Challenge!"

Wang Lin nodded. His original body was currently separated, but even without the powerful ancient god body, Wang Lin still had his spells. He could slaughter all Nirvana Cleanser cultivators just with Magic Arsenal, and he would even dare to battle Nirvana Shatterer cultivators! In truth, whether his original body was there or not made no difference right now.

If there was really a difference, it was that the powerful body would allow Wang Lin's endurance to exceed everyone's expectations!

There is no need to even talk about Sundered Night, which he could only use during special occasions. Wang Lin didn't know that his Sundered Night had spread far and wide during these three years. It had set off a huge storm within the Alliance.

Not only had Sundered Night killed Master Void, two of the All-Seer's avatars were killed and one was seriously injured. Such a battle record allowed Wang Lin to become a top cultivator overnight!

"No matter what, you're a member of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, so I can let you die with a fire burial!" Wang Lin waved his right hand, and at this moment, a phantom spirit body appeared behind him.

"Nine Mysterious Transformations!" The moment this spirit appeared, it caused an uproar among the surrounding sect members. Even more excited gazes fell on Wang Lin!

Nine Mysterious Transformations was a spell that only the Divine Emperor could learn.

Even Ren Tao's face immediately became pale, but his eyes were immediately filled with resentment and unwillingness. He let out a roar as his hand formed a seal and fire erupted from his body. The heat wave formed a blurred armor around him.

Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he waved his hand and the spirit behind him entered his arm. As he moved his arm, he pointed at Ren Tao's body.

"Fire Burn!"

The cold voice echoed, but it contained the might that controlled all of the flames in the world. At this moment, as long as it was fire, it had to obey Wang Lin.

Just these two words caused the flames around Ren Tao to tremble and unexpectedly pounce at Ren Tao. At this moment of crisis, Ren Tao's blurred armor rushed out like a flying sword at Wang Lin.

Ren Tao's mind trembled. He didn't think Wang Lin could control his own flames. He knew that this was his last chance. If this strike couldn't seriously injure or kill Wang Lin, once the flames behind him arrived, he would be in great danger.

"One strike is enough to take his life!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm as his right hand formed a seal and pointed at Ren Tao. The first transformation of the Nine Mysterious Transformations was displaying its full power. At this moment, Wang Lin felt intense heat from his right hand.

"Rise Three Realm Flame Origin!"

As Wang Lin's calm voice echoed, he pointed at Ren Tao, and Ren Tao suddenly coughed out blood and popping sounds came from within his body.

He was immediately pushed back, and fear and horror filled his eyes, but what he really felt was confusion.

However, just as he was pushed back, even more sounds came from inside his body. Blood mist erupted from his body and he turned into a bloody mess. At this moment, his body shattered into pieces, and the explosions continued!

Fresh blood erupted and Ren Tao let out a miserable scream as his origin soul rushed out in panic. He was still confused. He didn't know how just one finger was enough to cause his body to collapse!

However, just as his origin soul escaped, a thunderous roar that made him terrified came from his origin soul. This roar contained the destructive force of fire and thunder. Ren Tao's origin soul immediately collapsed...

It was over in an instant. Everyone else only saw Wang Lin point twice and Ren Tao dying!

From beginning to end, Wang Lin remained calm. He wasn't disappointed by the Nine Mysterious Transformations. A spell that could only be cultivated by each generation of Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor should absolutely be powerful!

"Maybe it was more powerful than I expected because it's fused with thunder…"

Wang Lin's gaze swept by everyone and landed on the three old men behind Ren Tao. One of them was at the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer and the other two were at the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser.

"Do the three of your want to challenge me as well?" A white flame appeared within Wang Lin's right eye as he stared at the three old men.

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