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Chapter 1085 - Two Years

The entire Alliance Star System calmed down with the matter that occured at the Celestial Emperor Cave. Although the Celestial Emperor Cave was small, so many things were related to it.

The Cultivation Alliance suffered heavy loses in this battle. Master Void was dead and the former Celestial Lord had gone crazy and disappeared. They had also lost a large amount of celestials.

There weren't many that returned back to the Alliance headquarters.

These news spread out like snowflakes. In two months, almost the entire Alliance Star System knew about it. Some didn't believe it, some were shocked, and some had other ideas. There were all kinds of different thoughts about this matter.

Most didn't believe the powerful and mighty Cultivation Alliance would suffer a blow like this. However, as time passed even more rumors arose. After three more months, people had to accept this.

What shocked these cultivators even more was the return of the Four Divine Sect! The rumor was that the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor had appeared and used the Four Holy Treasures to heavily injure Alliance Elder All-Seer and seal the awakened Celestial Emperor Qing Lin.

This was heaven-shaking news. Many people were shocked with disbelief and a very deep hidden sense of fear.

The figure of the Four Divine Sect gradually appeared within everyone's hearts as the rumors spread.

The former overlord of this star system was like a fierce beast that had been asleep for countless years and had regained consciousness...

At the same time, the Allheaven cultivators also stopped their attack as if they were pondering the reality of the news.

Almost all the cultivators outside the Alliance headquarters became silent when this unbelievable news reached them. They were waiting for the Alliance's retaliation.

Since the inception of the Alliance, anyone who offended them would die without a corpse. They would have withstand the Alliance's monstrous anger and revenge.

However, as everyone was waiting for the Alliance's action, the Alliance continued to remain silent. They didn't do anything at all.

Time slowly passed, and now it was three months later.

More and more cultivators gradually felt ill at ease as the Cultivation Alliance remained silent. There were only two meanings when they remained silent.

Either they were preparing for a heaven-shattering attack… or they had taken an unimaginable blow...

Just at this moment, the monstrous formation outside the Alliance headquarters activated and cut off all external communications. This set off a huge uproar.

Allheaven immediately launched a massive attack. They advanced on all Alliance resistance like an advancing flood.

One month after Allheaven launched a full offensive, the mysterious Corpse Sect immediately announced that they would remain out of the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance. They took the southern domain for themselves and completely sealed it, preventing all non-Corpse Sect cultivators from entering.

Once one entered the southern domain, they would face the Corpse Sect's devastating attacks.

The Corpse Sect's independence set off off a huge uproar in the Alliance, shocking everyone.

However, at this moment, the Cultivation Alliance headquarters remained silent. Without commands from headquarters, the Alliance powers across the star system had to unite to deal with Allheaven's attack.

However, as a result, it was difficult to form any real resistance. They were constantly pushed back by Allheaven's crazed attacks. After another year of fighting, Allheaven completely occupied the northern domain! Allheaven had successfully taken the western and northern domains, connecting them into one!

It has been almost two years since the rumors from the Celestial Emperor Cave appeared. In the past two years, the Alliance headquarters hadn't sent out any information. The formation completely prevented anyone from entering.

From a distance, the Alliance headquarters was no longer lively and was like a dead realm. Rumors that the Alliance headquarters had been uprooted with no survivors remaining had spread in the last two years.

The cultivators of the former Alliance gradually went from high expectations, to massive disappointment, to eventual despair. They formed various forces, big and small, and divided the system. They formed many new sects like bamboo sprouts spreading from the bamboo.

These forces occupied three to five planets by combining all their cultivators. Some forces occupied more than 10 planets and formed their own sects.

Even more were those that were originally rank 7 cultivation countries and now, without the Alliance to manage them, they became independent like the Corpse Sect.

Among those powers, there were four that were most powerful, and two among them stood on top. They were the only two rank 8 cultivation countries in the Alliance. The country of Rising Cloud and country of Reed Flute.

These two rank 8 cultivation countries' strength remained mostly intact. One and half years after the Cultivation Alliance disappeared, they both announced their independence!

The other two forces were once the backbone of the former Cultivation Alliance. They competed with and devoured each other until they eventually become new forces. They were the Temple of Heaven and the Evil Earth Sect.

Outside these four powers were scattered forces. All of these powers existed within the central area of the Alliance.

Allheaven wasn't satisfied with just occupying the west and north regions. Before them were three options: the Corpse Sect to the south, the Alliance remnants in the center, and the mysterious eastern region.

Allheaven wasn't willing to provoke the Corpse Sect unless it was absolutely necessary. As for the eastern region, according to Allheaven's analysis, that area should now belong to the Four Divine Sect, but they hadn't gotten any proof.

Allheaven dreaded the Four Divine Sect even more than the Corpse Sect.

As a result, the Alliance remnants and headquarters were naturally first on the list. Allheaven's army was just about to launch an attack.

But the formation outside the Alliance headquarters suddenly activated and gradually opened.

The opening of the Alliance headquarters caused a storm to sweep across the Alliance Star System and caused Allheaven to immediately stop!

Even the Corpse Sect began to observe closely.

There was no need to talk about the former Alliance cultivators who had made their own sects. Just as everyone was observing the Alliance headquarters, the Alliance headquarters didn't do anything to the newly formed sects and allowed them to continue to exist. What they did was send out a kill order!

"Kill Wang Lin! This person was once a member of Allheaven with the alias 'Xu Mu,' daoist name 'Master Demon.' The Allheaven Thunder Celestial! Now he is a member of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect of the Four Divine Sect.

"Anyone who takes this person's origin soul can obtain the Celestial Realm inheritance the Cultivation Alliance obtained!"

In addition to this kill order, the Cultivation Alliance also sent out sealed order.

"All the sects formed by former Alliance cultivators that resist the Allheaven cultivators for 60 years to protect the Alliance headquarters will be allowed into the Elder group and enjoy all the power of the Celestial Realm inheritance."

"Those that escape without battling will find their life souls destroyed when the Alliance collapses!"

In addition, when the Alliance headquarters opened, a large amount of treasures and jades were sent out to the former Alliance cultivators.

All these treasures and celestial spells were accumulated by the Alliance for countless years. Sending them out in such large numbers showed the danger the Alliance headquarters was facing.

After releasing these two orders and a large amount of treasures and jades, the formation outside the Alliance headquarters activated once more, sealing it completely.

However, that brief opening caused the hearts of the former Alliance cultivators to turn cold. Most of the cultivators didn't have their life souls with them. The stronger the cultivator, the more forceful the Alliance was in taking their life soul. Resistance meant death.

As a result, this allowed the Cultivation Alliance to rule over the star system for countless years.

The moment the Alliance headquarters sent out the orders, the Four Divine Sect arose in the eastern region!

The Four Divine Sect really did do as Allheaven had suspected and destroyed all other forces in the eastern region aside from the Brilliant Void Realm!

At this moment, the entire Alliance Star System was divided into pieces and became the battleground for several powers. Although Allheaven was the strongest on the surface, with the mysterious Corpse Sect, the famous Four Divine Sect, and the Alliance remnants that had obtained treasure and celestials spells that were fighting with their life souls on the line caused these powers to reach a delicate balance.

However, the feud between Allheaven's Master Flamespark and the Cultivation Alliance wouldn't end because of this balance. Allheaven once more launched their attack at the Alliance remnants at the center!

The flames of war spread. As the battle continued, the casualties increased.

At this moment, within the Four Divine Sect in the eastern region, there was a burning star field. There was a large, white stone within this burning star field, and a young man sat on top of it.

He wore a white robe, and although he looked ordinary, he had a strange temperament that gave him the aura of a celestial. His eyes were closed, and as his chest rose up and down, two gas dragon came of from his nose. The two dragons circled him several times before he inhaled them back in through his nose and mouth.

During this process, large amounts of white flames came out from the white stone and were inhaled into the youth's body along with the two gas dragons.

He had been sitting here for two years. During these two years, he had never left this place. He calmly cultivated here, absorbing the fire and healing his origin soul injuries.

There was an old man behind him. This old man was very old and looked as if he had lost most of his vitality. During these two years, he would occasionally raise his right hand and point at the youth's back.

Every time his fingertip landed, the old man trembled. Large amounts of origin energy came out of his body and entered the youth through his fingertips.

The youth would also tremble, and his white hair would move without any wind. The intense temperature inside his body became even stronger.

"In the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, every generation of Divine Emperor must learn the Vermillion Bird Nine Mysterious Transformation. This spell was inherited from primordial times and is one of the most powerful spells in existence today."

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