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Chapter 1084 - Ill Fate

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's body released endless devilish energy and formed a giant devil shadow above him. This devil shadow was about to charge into the sky.

However, as the red longsword pressed down, the devil shadow let out a groan, and its whole body was pressed down. Just as the red longsword slashed down, the devil shadow raised its arms in an attempt to resist.

However, with a bang, the devil shadow's arms collapsed and weren't able to stop the red longsword at all.

Fear filled Ancient Devil Ta Jia's eyes. Others may not know the origin of the Four Holy Treasures, but as he observed them, he became even more sure about his speculation!

"This… This is the primordial heavenly dao treasure!!" Ancient devil gasped. The devil shadow above him rumbled and wasn't able to stop the sword at all. The sword split the devil shadow in half and charged at Ta Jia.

Just at this moment, the All-Seer revealed a decisive look. He waved his sleeve and his body was surrounded in seven-colored light. He then took a deep breath before pointing up and shouting, "Heavenly fate's seven colors, will of the heavens… red!"

After he spoke, his body trembled the red light separated from the seven-colored light around him and shot at the longsword descending on Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

"Orange!" The orange light separated from the remaining six colors.

The All-Seer shouted the name of each color, and all seven colors split off one by one. They fused together and shot forward as a ray of rainbow light.

"Seven lights, fuse into one and form the diagram of the heavens!" The All-Seer's black hair moved without any wind. With that last roar, the seven-colored light immediately rotated, forming a seven-colored vortex.

Three pieces of wood shell appeared from within the vortex. The All-Seer grabbed them and threw them forward. The three wooden shells collided with each and fell to form a diagram. The All-Seer stared at the diagram as his hands formed a seal, then he pointed.

"Borrowing fate to form dao!" After he spoke, an indescribable aura came out from the three wooden shells. The moment this aura appeared, even the red longsword paused for a moment.

It was as if a power was about to awaken from the three wooden shells and was about to charge out. The moment this power spread out, everyone was shocked!

The Brilliant Void old man's eyes narrowed as he looked at the All-Seer with a mysterious light in his eyes.

"This All-Seer's dao… So it turns out to not the heavenly fate; it's borrowing the heavenly fate to form his own dao sea. This person was actually able to cultivate dao with this kind of idea and was able to build such a domain. He has almost caught a glimpse of dao…"

Even Ancient Devil Ta Jia seemed to see through some clue and gasped. There was shock in his eyes as he looked at the All-Seer.

Wang Lin stared at the aura coming out from the three pieces of wooden shell. He remembered this aura very well. Inside his bag, there were some crystals he had taken from the skull of the 8-star ancient god. The aura from those crystals was exactly the same as the aura from the wooden shells!

Seeing the aura from the wooden shells become stronger, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's eyes narrowed. Without hesitation, his right hand pointed forward and he activated the third style of the Vermillion Bird Holy Treasure on his own. He shouted, "Fire Heaven!"

The red longsword let out a loud sword hymn and flames spread out. The flames filled the sky and even spread out through the hole in the sky. In an instant, half of the starfield was covered in flames.

An aura similar to that of the wooden shells appeared from within the sword, but it was even stronger!

When the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's finger pointed down, the sword sliced down. It collided with the three pieces of wooden shell.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

A deafening sound was followed by a powerful shockwave. The three pieces of wood directly collapsed, and even the seven-colored vortex behind it was torn apart.

The All-Seer cough out a mouthful of blood and retreated like crazy.

That longsword pressed down, broke through all obstacles, and landed on Ta Jia's forehead. At this moment, dense, black mist gathered between Ta Jia's eyebrows and his true ancient devil body appeared. He charged out form between his eyebrows with the intent to reverse even the heavens.

He was an ancient devil, a member of one of the three Ancient Orders, a heaven-defying clan. As the sword pressed down, the ancient devil's angry roar echoed across the world.

However, the moment his true spirit appeared, the longsword flashed red. It was the drop of blood that had fused with the Holy Treasure. It unexpectedly flew out from the sword and landed directly between the ancient devil's eyebrows.

"This… This blood isn't primordial heavens dao…" Ancient Devil Ta Jia let out a scream. The area between his eyebrows seemed to melt and the drop of blood penetrated through. His true spirit was forced back into Qing Lin's body. Just as he was about to retreat, the blood landed between Qing Lin's eyebrows and formed a scarlet seal!

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's body trembled and immediately fell on the ground.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's origin soul became blurred. He was only here with his origin soul, and activating the Holy Treasure had consumed a lot of origin energy. If it was only opening the first and second styles, it wouldn't have been much, but he was the only one who could open the third style. However, the price was difficult to bear, even for him.

His body became even more blurred, but he waved his hand. The red longsword flew out after the retreating All-Seer.

In an instant, the longsword closed in and slashed at the All-Seer's head!

After this slash, the Azure Dragon Spear, White Tiger Blade, and Black Tortoise Axe all appeared!

It was obvious that the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor had the intent to kill!

The All-Seer's expression was ferocious and his head jerked up. At this moment of crisis, his right hand reached between his eyebrows and ripped the third seal halfway off!

Even though only it was half-torn off, an unimaginable aura 10 times stronger exploded to resist the blow from the Four Holy Treasures.

Thunder rumbles echoed and a shockwave spread. The All-Seer cough out blood as he continued to retreat. In the blink of an eye, he opened space and disappeared.

The red longsword floated motionlessly in the air.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor silently pondered as his body became more transparent. Looking at where the All-Seer escaped, he shook his head. "I'm getting old… If it was me in my prime, this All-Seer wouldn't escape the Four Holy Treasures' second style…"

He let out a sigh as he looked at everyone. When his gaze finally fell on the Brilliant Void old man, he slowly said, "Old friend, are you going to be the enemy of my Four Divine Sect again..."

The Brilliant Void old man silently pondered for a moment. He looked at Ancient Devil Ta Jia, who had been sealed, and then at the Holy Treasures that were still floating there.

With his power, if he wanted to act, the only thing he had to fear was the Holy Treasures...

"This old man only can repay Qing Lin a favor. Since the ancient devil has been sealed by you with the Holy Treasures, this matter is over. Farewell!" After weighing his options, he gave up on attacking. He had a deep fear of the Four Holy Treasures. Although they were far weaker than before, if he forced the Four Divine Sect into a corner and they began using blood sacrifices...

The old man let out a sigh as he charged at the sky. In the sky, he turned around and looked at Mu Bingmei.

Mu Bingmei pondered a bit. She bit her lower lip and softly said, "Let me… look at him once. Is that alright… Just once!"

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor was startled. His gaze swept over Wang Lin, but he didn't speak.

Wang Lin's face was deathly pale and his injuries had reached the limit of what he could withstand. His origin soul was showing signs of dissipating, and Mu Bingmei's words made him tremble in pain. This pain was revealed through his eyes.

Wang Lin didn't turn around and didn't respond to Mu Bingmei. Instead, he looked at the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor and asked "Are you taking me back to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect?"

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor nodded.

"Take my friends that were injured because of me and let them recover… Then I can agree to any condition your Vermillion Bird Divine Sect has."

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor smiled and nodded. "OK!"

After he spoke, the surrounding Four Divine Sect disciples dispersed and assisted the injured. As for the Alliance cultivators, they all retreated with fear in their eyes.

"A lot of my friends have lost their bodies…"

"The Four Divine Sect will help them reform their bodies!"

"My brother, Situ, is affected by a poison of the Corpse Sect…"

"I'll take charge!"

"My benefactor, Zhou Yi, requires Qing Lin to be resurrected!"

"I'll give you Qing Lin's body! If you need the Four Divine Sect to help, we will give you all our support!"

"In the Demon Spirit Land, I have a direct disciple…"

"I'll send someone to take them to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect!"

"These celestials of the Alliance want to kill me. I want these celestials' origin souls!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. He had never shown mercy to people who intended to harm him; he had always acted like a demon toward them!

The surrounding celestials didn't hesitate to start running around like scattered birds. The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's eyes lit up and he nodded. "This matter is easy!" He waved his sleeves and the Holy Treasures split in four and scattered to sweep the area.

Miserable screams immediately echoed.

More blood came out of Mu Bingmei's lower lip due to Wang Lin's indifference. Pain filled her eyes and she shouted, "Wang Lin!!! I want to see him. I'm begging you to let me see him!!"

Wang Lin couldn't see the pain in her eyes, but he knew that his own pain was something that would never disappear. Wang Lin closed his eyes and calmly said, "I owe this woman a life-saving pill and a life-saving favor."

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor smiled. "I'll find a way to help you repay the debt and make sure the Brilliant Void Realm is satisfied! Any other problems?"

Wang Lin silently pondered before he shook his head and softly said, "Let's go…"

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor waved his sleeve and Wang Lin's body floated into the air. When Wang Lin was surrounded by his origin energy, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor charged at the opening in the sky.

"Wang Lin!! He is my child! I want to see him!" Mu Bingmei's expression was pale. Her body trembled as she stared at Wang Lin, and both her fist were clenched.

"You're unworthy!" Wang Lin suddenly turned around and let out a roar. He had been restraining his emotions, restraining his feelings, but at this moment, he couldn't restrain them any longer. That roar vented the hundreds of years of pain in his heart.

He was already seriously injured, and this roar that was filled with hundreds of years of suppressed pain affected his mind. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and his vision went dark...

The Four Divine Sect… left. They took everyone...

Two streams of tears came from Mu Bingmei's eyes and intense pain filled her heart. She coughed out a mouthful of blood and also fell down.

The old man from the Brilliant Void Realm let out a sigh. He waved his hand and took Mu Bingmei far away.

In the void, only his ancient voice echoed.

"Ill fate…"

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