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Chapter 1086 - News of Qing Shui

This youth was Wang Lin, who left the Demon Spirit Land two years ago!

Two years ago, Wang Lin was seriously injured at the Demon Spirit Land. His body was seriously damaged and his origin soul was on the verge of collapse. Also, due to Mu Bingmei's words, the pain in his heart had caused his injuries to explode and he passed out.

When he woke up, he was sitting on this white stone. The old man behind him was the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor.

In these two years, Wang Lin's avatar and original body had separated. His original body sank deep into the Vermillion Bird Divine Planet and his avatar was here healing.

In there two years of time, Wang Lin's fire origin energy had increased by leaps and bounds. When he was in the Demon Spirit Land, he had already felt he was close to the Nirvana Cleanser stage, but he still needed a breakthrough in his domain to break through.

This breakthrough couldn't be forced, and the more impatient one was, the more difficult it became. In the last two years, Wang Lin continued to comprehend while he absorbed fire origin energy. His origin energy was almost at a peak.

"The power of the Vermillion Bird Nine Mysterious Transformation increase several fold with each transformation. However, this spell is very difficult to cultivate and very few Vermillion Bird Divine Emperors were able to cultivate it to the peak." Behind Wang Lin, the old man raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin's back.

A surge of origin energy immediately entered Wang Lin's body from the old man.

"With your current cultivation level, along with your two awakenings, the appearance of the white Vermillion Bird, and the Vermillion Bird flame armor, you should be able to cultivate the first transformation!"

All the flames around Wang Lin suddenly spread outwards. Then waves of popping sounds appeared and echoed across the surrounding. It was like roaring thunder that echoed across the starfield.

On one of the Vermillion Bird Divine Planets, there was a sky-piercing mountain. This mountain was covered in flames and was constantly burning. Strangely, there was vegetation on this mountain. Although, they weren't green; purplish red trees covered the mountain.

A gentle breeze containing a heat wave blew by, causing the leaves to rustle. Combined with the roaring thunder, there was a certain charm to it.

There was a person sitting at the top of the mountain. This person's head was very large and his body was rather small. His eyes were closed as he cultivated. When the roaring thunder passed by, he opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. His eyes were very calm.

"Master's cultivation level is still increasing… I must quickly adapt to this new body as soon as possible."

He was Big Head!

Big Head's body had collapsed at the Demon Spirit Land. After coming to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, he got some help from the Nirvana Shatterer elders. Using fire as flesh, using the wood as bone, and origin energy as blood, they helped him reform a body that was exactly the same as before.

Big Head had to continue to refine this body and familiarize himself with it. Then he would be able to use even more powerful spells than before.

Big Head wasn't the only one here. Lei Ji was sitting in a cave in the distance, and hot sweat covered his body. There were some red jade bottles before him, providing him with pills for him to absorb.

The roaring thunder above the sky faded and traveled further away through the burning starfield. Within the starfield, there was an irregularly shaped planet, and a storm was making its way across a red desert on the planet.

This storm rose into the sky, and it picked up a large amount of sand on the way. As the grains of sand collided, countless sparks flew everywhere, and the storm itself contained very high heat.

Even the wind created by this storm was like heat waves.

The moment the roaring thunder passed by, the storm suddenly paused, revealing the vortex within. There was a person cultivating deep within the vortex.

This person's body was very large, as if he was almost a mountain of flesh. Right now he was covered in sweat, but the mountain of flesh didn't seem to be decreasing in size at all.

After wiping off the sweat on his face, the old man looked up at the sky with a bitter smile and shook his head. "Since encountering this Wang Lin, this old man has been plagued with bad luck. I was even seriously injured in the Demon Spirit Land, alas… Fortunately, this Wang Lin isn't a gracless person. Being in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect is a lot safer than outside.

"Wang Lin's seal was released two years ago, but after the battle at the Demon Spirit Land, even without the seal, I won't dare to mess with Wang Lin. His spells are too terrifying!" When Master Hollow Wind thought of the spells Wang Lin had used in the Demon Spirit Land, he felt fear. Just Sundered Night was enough to cause him great fear, so there was no need to talk about Dream of Ancient Times.

Thinking about the giant fist descending from the sky, the fear within Master Hollow Wind became even stronger.

The roaring thunder continued to spread.

There was a small planet around the outer rim of the burning starfield. The flames on the planet formed a formation. The formation created a monstrous fire, like someone had lit a giant bonfire.

A man was sitting in the center of the formation. This man's face gave off a hint of evil and boundless arrogance. While he cultivated, his body emanated an evil aura.

There was a giant piece of ice floating above his head at the center of the formation. The flames from the formation would enter the ice, and after being transformed, the man below would absorb them.

As he absorbed, his injuries gradually healed and he became even more powerful. Most importantly, the poison in his body was completely suppressed by the fire and ice.

When the roaring thunder passed by through the sky, the man opened his eyes and a large amount of sweat flowed down his forehead. Although the ice was there, the heat here made him sweat constantly.

"I can't stand it anymore!!" The man let out a roar as he jumped into the air and hugged the ice. His body trembled and he revealed a comfortable expression. However, before he could be comfortable for long, a cold snort came from the distance.

"If you don't want to die from poison, then come down for this old man!"

"This damn place of your is too hot. If not for my brother, I would be long gone!" The man hugged the ice even tighter, absorbing large amounts of cold energy.

Just at this moment, a ray of red light came from afar. When the light got close, it turned into one of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's Nirvana Shatterer elders. When he arrived, he frowned and his right hand slapped the void.

With a thud, the man was separated from the ice and fell on the ground.

"Little Boy Situ, this old man was ordered by the Divine Emperor to release the toxin in your body, so you need to listen to my order. Otherwise, don't blame this old man for teaching you a lesson!"

This man was Situ Nan. He was seriously injured in the Demon Spirit Land, and his poison erupted as a result. If not for the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, it would've been impossible for him to last two years.

However, these two years were extremely painful for him. One of the roots of his pain was this extremely hateful elder. No matter how much Situ Nan tried to talk to the old man, it was no use. The old man seemed to have steeled his heart and was always within 1,000 feet of Situ Nan. Whenever Situ Nan became distracted, a spell would be shot at him.

"What's so great about Nirvana Shatterer cultivators? Damn it, just you wait. Sooner or later, I'll let you have a taste of what it feels like to be steamed!" Situ Nan got up and unwillingly continued to cultivate.

The old man smiled. In these two years, he had a very good opinion about this Little Boy Situ. Stopping Situ from absorbing the ice was for Situ's own good.

He had always used the right amount of power to never hurt Situ. He smiled and said, "Good, this old man will wait for that day to arrive."

"Just you wait!" Situ Nan rolled his eyes. In truth, he knew in his heart that this old man was doing it for his own good, but the heat was unbearable at times. More importantly, his freedom was limited in these past two years. Whenever he thought about his king-like lifestyle from before, he couldn't help but sign.

"Little wrenches of planet Feng Luan, just wait for this old man to return!"

The roaring thunder pass through the sky and gradually disappeared.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. As he did so, his hand formed a seal, then waved his hand. Even more heat came from the white stone below him and entered his body.

The old man behind Wang Lin became even more pale and the death aura around him became even stronger. He said with a hoarse voice, "I'm afraid I won't be able to last much longer…

"I hope that you are able to successfully cultivate the first transformation before I die. Then I can rest assured when passing the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect to you...

"Only after mastering the first transformation can you control the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's Holy Treasure."

Wang Lin's hand returned to where it was while he sat there. The hot energy moved through the meridians in his body. He then let out a mouthful of hot air and opened his eyes.

It was impossible to describe what kind of eyes they were. They could only be described as the starry sky that contained everything in the world. They were bright enough to make anyone who met his gaze lower their head. These eyes were filled with wisdom.

Wang Lin calmly said, "Divine Emperor can rest assured. I'll do my best."

"You once said that you suspect that the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor is trapped inside the Rain Celestial Realm. This matter is very big… but the opening of the Rain Celestial Realm is controlled by the Cultivation Alliance. Without the Rain Celestial Realm crystal, it is impossible to open...

"With my Four Divine Sect's present strength, we still can't contend with the Cultivation Alliance. I'll find a way to get the Rain Celestial Realm Crystal, but I'll leave it to you to rescue the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor."

The old man's voice was filled with fatigue. Surviving for this long had caused him to be both physically and mentally exhausted. But he couldn't just leave the Four Divine Sect, so he held on for his long. He had to endure the endless pain from his third Heaven's Blight every single day.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, and before he returned to his cultivation, he softly asked, "Is there any news of my senior brother, Qing Shui?"

"This old man has long since heard of Celestial Lord Qing Shui's name. My Four Divine Sect has used all our power to search for him and only found that his last appearance was around the central part of the Alliance Star System. So within the area of the Alliance headquarters."

After pondering for a bit, the old man said, "I suspect the Alliance headquarters being sealed off for two years has a lot to do with Qing Shui!" 

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