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Chapter 1083 - The Four Holy Treasures

The moment the red drop of blood appeared, a flame that didn't seem to belong to this world swept across the sky. This world was now enveloped in a red light.

In the end, this flame that shouldn't exist in this world gathered in the southern part of the sky and formed a Vermillion Bird. It let out a cry and looked down upon everyone with an aura of nobility.

At the same time, the several elders of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect beside the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor looked at each other. The elder in front with nine Azure Dragons embroidered on his robe took a deep breath and formed a seal before his chest. He then let out a roar and a powerful aura spread out.

At the same time, he revealed a painful expression as the clothes around his chest melted, revealing his skin. Green light flashed from his chest and something floated out!

It was a piece of green wood!

The moment the green wood appeared, roars of dragons echoed across the world. Countless Azure Dragons hundreds of thousands of feet long appeared in the endless starry sky. The roars of the Azure Dragons echoed across the sky.

It set off an incredible ripple that that scattered in all directions. A violent wind that wanted to disrupted the norm was set off.

In the end, these Azure Dragons gathered in the east and formed a very large Azure Dragon. It was coiled together as it looked at everyone with a ruthless gaze.

Similarly, seven elders from the White Tiger Divine Sect sat down in a formation and formed seals. Golden light flashed from between their eyebrows and seven pieces of broken metal flew out from their heads.

After the seven pieces of broken metal appeared, they fused together to form a piece of metal with an irregular shape. However, another change occured in the sky after the metals fused.

The roar of a tiger suddenly appeared and shocked the world. An intense killing intent swept the area, and the cultivators with weak minds were almost scared out of their wits.

What followed the roar of the tiger was an incredibly large White Tiger!

This White Tiger looked extremely ferocious, as if it would attack any living creature. As it floated in the air, its red eyes swept past everyone and arrived on the west side of the sky.

The last sect to take out their Holy Treasure was the Black Tortoise Divine Sect. After the betrayal of the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor, the set was split in half, and due to the attack of the Alliance, there were every few people left in their sect. Although they had grown, there were still very few left.

Only three elders had come. The moment they closed their eyes, a wave of water appeared and swept the area. As the monstrous wave swept across the sky, a giant Black Tortoise appeared.

This Black Tortoise looked a little bleak. It let out a long hiss and the water under it pushed it to the north end.

However, compared to the other three divine beasts, this Black Tortoise was obviously lacking.

The Four Divine Beasts were in position. The Azure Dragon to the east, the White Tiger to the west, the Vermillion Bird to the south, and the Black Tortoise to the north!

Although all of this sounds long, but the Four Divine Beasts appeared in a very short period of time and surrounded the sky.

The All-Seer's expression became gloomy. Ancient Devil Ta Jia also stared at the Four Divine Beasts and revealed a cold gaze.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor had come prepared. He waved his right hand, causing the drop of blood in his hand to fly out toward the Vermillion Bird in the south and fuse with it.

The Vermillion Bird immediately let out a hiss, and the flames around it became even stronger. It charged straight at the All-Seer and Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

At the same time, the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise Divine Sects all did the same. The three divine beasts let out roars and charged down, causing an unimaginable impact to spread.

The All-Seer's expression turned gloomy and his right hand formed a seal. He then pointed forward and shouted, "Heavenly Fate Seven-Colored Tiger Spirit!"

After he spoke, there was a flash of seven-colored light, and from inside this light, a seven-colored tiger appeared. This tiger was as big as the White Tiger, and pounced at the White Tiger.

"Heavenly Fate Seven-Colored Dragon Spirit!

"Heavenly Fate Seven-Colored Tortoise Spirit!"

After the All-Seer shouted, a seven-colored dragon and seven-colored tortoise appeared. They let out a roar and rushed out.

Then the All-Seer himself formed a seal and charged at the sky.

As Ancient Devil Ta Jia stared at the Four Divine Beasts, there was a hint of fear in his eyes. These four Holy Treasures felt somewhat familiar to him. Deep within his memories, he seemed to have seen them before. This wasn't Qing Lin's memories, but his ancient devil memories. Ancient Devil Ta Jia pointed at the sky and shouted, "Sun, Moon, Star Triple Burial!" At this moment, the sky occupied by the Four Divine Beasts was covered in starlight. This starlight appeared very suddenly and shot at the Four Divine Beasts.

After the starlight came moonlight. It broke through all the chaos in the world and arrived here. The moonlight was invisible and seemed to appear from nowhere, like an illusion.

The moonlight was followed by the first of the three burial spells and also the strongest, Sun Burial!

The moment Ancient Devil Ta Jia used this spell, light from the void outside the Demon Spirit Land began to gather at one point.

As more and more light gathered, the point of light became larger and larger. The harsh light filled the sky and illuminated everything.

After the point of light absorbed all this light, it grew until it was almost 10,000 feet wide. The light from it was very powerful. If a mortal looked at it, their eyes would burst open. If a cultivator's cultivation level was too, then their eyes would be pierced too.

At this moment, this ball of light was like a sun. It whistled directly toward the dust particle the Demon Spirit Land was in!

The All-Seer waved his sleeves and charged at the Four Divine Beasts in the air.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor shook his head and calmly said, "Watch. My Four Divine Sect's Four Holy Treasures only have three styles, but just these three styles are enough to allow my Four Divine Sect to exist forever!"

His words were naturally directed toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin's body was extremely weak, but he still raised his head to look up.

"The eastern Azure Dragon Jiayi Wood, western White Tiger Gengxin Metal, southern Vermillion Bird Bingding Fire, and northern Black Tortoise Renkui Water!"

At the same time, the same words came from the remaining three divine sects.

"Jia Spirit!" "Geng Spirit!" "Ren Spirit!"

After this was said, the Four Divine Beasts in the sky let out roars and then turned into weapons! The Azure Dragon turned into a blue spear, the White Tiger turned into a golden blade, the Vermillion Bird turned into a red longsword, and the Black Tortoise turned into a black axe!

The four weapons formed by the Four Divine Beasts charged downward. The dragon spirit the All-Seer had summoned was pierced through by the blue spear without any resistance and collapsed.

The remaining two spirits were the same; they weren't able to stop the first style of the Four Holy Treasures. They collapsed and were blow away by the attacks of the holy treasures.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's starlight arrived, but the starlight was penetrated by the Four Holy Treasures and disintegrated. As for the moonlight, it only resisted for a little before dissipating.

The Four Holy Treasures charged at the All-Seer and Ancient Devil Ta Jia. At this moment, the sky brightened. It was the ancient devil's Sun Burial that was closing in.

This giant ball of light came in through the broken sky of the Demon Spirit Land, and its light enveloped the land. Sun Burial was one of Qing Lin's most powerful spells. Although Ancient Devil Ta Jia hadn't used it correctly, it was not weak.

As this light filled the sky, the Four Divine Treasures gathered and a powerful aura appeared to collide with the light.

A thunderous rumble echoed, and at this moment, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's eyes became cold. His hand formed a seal and then he pointed forward and shouted, "By my will as the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, I command the Holy Treasures to fuse into one, Ding Earth!"

At the same time, the people controlling the other three treasures shouted!

"Yi Earth!" "Xin Earth!" "Kui Earth!"

As their voices echoed, the Four Holy Treasures shined and gathered on the Vermillion Bird's red longsword. In an instant, the red longsword grew like crazy until it looked like it could split the heavens and earth. At the same time, the weapons formed by the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise appeared behind it.

This red longsword pressed down on the ancient devil. The pressure from just descending few dozen feet immediately caused the entire Demon Spirit Land to tremble. The earth sank in, forming a basin.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's eyes shined red, but he couldn't hide the fear in his eyes.

This scene caused all the Alliance cultivators to suck in breaths of cold air, and their eyes filled with horror. They had only heard that the Four Divine Sect's Four Holy Treasures were so powerful that even the Brilliant Void Realm was extremely afraid of them.

At this moment, they saw them with their own eyes for the first time and were shaken deeply. They were unable to forget the almost forgotten Four Divine Sect.

Mu Bingmei looked at the Four Divine Beasts and gradually frowned. However, after glancing at Wang Lin, her mood became extremely complex and she no longer paid any attention to the Four Holy Treasures.

The Brilliant Void old man stared at the sky, and there was a hint of fear in his eyes. He knew that these Four Holy Treasures were not perfect and that there was a flaw. The flaw was the Black Tortoise Holy Treasure.

"The real Black Tortoise Holy Treasure should be in the hand of the Cultivation Alliance… In the hands of the former Black Tortoise Divine Emperor…" The Brilliant Void old man's eyes lit up.

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