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Chapter 1082

Everyone present felt their scalps tingle and quickly scattered. As for the ancient devil, he looked at the approaching ancient devil clan with excitement in his eyes.

The All-Seer struggled to stand up in the distance and coughed out a mouthful of blood. The calmness in his eyes collapsed and his left hand ruthlessly ripped off the what remained of the second seal.

At this instant, the All-Seer's roar echoed the across the world. He released an aura several times more powerful than before!

This aura was so strong that even the primordial battlefield seemed like it was going to collapse!

"Wang Lin!! Come out for me!" The All-Seer let out a roar. His appearance changed greatly after the second seal was removed. He went from a 50-year-old middle-aged man to a man in his prime around the age of 30!

His hair was completely black and he emitted an extremely powerful aura. Tearing off the second seal had released his second Heaven's Blight cultivation level. This was already his limit. He didn't dare to casually release his third Heaven's Blight...

Wang Lin was only a small cultivator who had shocked him again and again. That law of origin was already extremely powerful. The All-Seer thought that that was Wang Lin's ace, so he didn't think Wang Lin would still have this kind of spell when pushed into a corner.

"Wang Lin, come out!!" The All-Seer roared angrily at the sky.

However, just as his voice echoed, a buzzing sound came from the world.

"I'm right in front of you!"

That sound was several times more violent than thunder, and it replaced all other sounds on the battlefield. This sound echoed in everyone's ears.

Some of the cultivators whose cultivation levels were lacking bled from their ears and their miserable screams echoed.

Even the All-Seer was startled. He raised his head to follow the voice, but as soon as he did so, his face turned pale and he sucked in a breath of cold air!

The figure that was far larger than any 8-star ancient god appeared before the All-Seer and everyone else. This figure was also so large, it was impossible to describe. The All-Seer couldn't even see the face of this figure; he could only see up to their waist!

The moment the All-Seer raised his head, he heard a strange whistling sound. It was as if something from above was coming down, but it was going so fast that there was friction with the air.

In an instant, a powerful gust of wind descended from the sky. This gust was very strong, and the moment it landed on the ground, it caused the ground to crack!

The cultivators of the Alliance collapsed under this powerful gust of wind.

Even those celestials were filled with fear. In particular, the Celestial Lord from the Alliance revealed unspeakable terror and his body trembled when he saw this figure.

Even with his cultivation level and mental strength, his body trembled and cold sweat soaked his body. His eyes were locked onto the sky, and he seemed like he wanted to say something.

However, he began to laugh like crazy, but his laughter contained a hint of madness. It was like he had just experienced some kind of unimaginable stimulation that caused him to go crazy.

He coughed out a mouthful of blood, but this former Celestial Lord was still going crazy. He constantly retreated until he disappeared to somewhere in the world.

This sudden scene startled everyone.

However, they didn't have time to think, as the gust of wind from the sky became even stronger. Someone looked up at the sky and saw a black dot in the distance.

This black dot became larger and larger. In an instant, as the wind became even more intense, the black dot turn out to be an unimaginably large fist. It was like a piece of land that was going to come crashing down, and the shadow it casted replaced the sky.

The All-Seer's expression became very serious. His aura reached a peak and he threw the trident into the air. Then his hands formed seals and his robe moved as if there was some gas moving within his clothes. He opened his arms and then his body erupted with his peak second Heaven's Blight cultivation as he charged into the sky.

The giant fist descended like crazy, creating sonic booms as it closed in on the trident.

There was a loud bang and crackling sounds came from the trident. Just as it was about to collapse, the giant hand grabbed it, and the fist continued to descend with the trident in hand. The fist collided with the All-Seer!

Rumble, rumble, rumble rumble!

The heaven-shaking sound and unimaginable impact spread out like crazy. It was as if a curtain was removed and the entire primordial battleground disappeared under this impact.

The world returned to normal and the vortex outside the Demon Spirit Land disappeared. Those planets also returned to their positions. Even the Demon Spirit Land was the same as before; there was no change.

The only thing that changed was that now there was a crazy person, many Alliance cultivators had disappeared, and everyone was shocked.

Popping sounds came from inside the All-Seer's body and he fell to the ground. He then coughed out a mouthful of blood  with pieces of internal organs mixed in. Behind him was Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

"Thank you…" The All-Seer's voice was hoarse and he coughed out another mouthful of blood.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia's face was also pale. At that moment, he resisted with the All-Seer. This was the only way to save his life from that unbelievable spell.

Wang Lin's body fell from the sky before the All-Seer. The moment he landed, he coughed out blood and there was a trace of blue light in his right eye. However, that blue light immediately collapsed, and along with it went the azure light shield.

The shield shattered completely...

There was one more thing in Wang Lin's hand, the All-Seer's trident! At this moment, Wang Lin didn't have any power left to fight, and even his legs were trembling. If not for his determination honed from over 1,000 years of cultivation, he would have already fallen.

Mu Bingmei was startled by all of this, and she was still shocked by what she saw. Even the Brilliant Void old man looked at Wang Lin with a very different gaze.

Mu Bingmei's words gradually echoed in his ears.

"He is not an ordinary cultivator..."

The surrounding Alliance cultivators all looked at Wang Lin with dread and fear. That scene just now was something they could never forget.

That realistic primordial battleground, the miserable scene, and that incomparable figure left an unerasable mark in their minds.

Even though Wang Lin had no more fighting power, none of them dared to take a step forward!

At this moment, their hearts were still pounding violently from what just happened and hadn't calmed down… Wang Lin's figure seemed to overlap with that incomparably large figure in their minds.

As he stood there, he gave off an invisible sense of majesty.

The Brilliant Void old man looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh. The person before him made him think of the Four Divine Sect's White Tiger. The White Tiger back then was able to block countless powerful cultivators from the Alliance and the Brilliant Void Realm by himself.  Even after he died, he made his enemies not dare to get close for a very long time...

Wang Lin had completely become famous in this battle at the Demon Spirit Land. Although his cultivation level wasn't the highest, no one dared to casually offend him!

"Wang Lin, you must die!" The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin and raised his right hand. However, before he could use a spell, the sky above changed once more and a person stepped out.

This person was middle-aged, but he was only here with his origin soul, yet he gave off a dignified aura. Behind him were dozens of people. There were people from the Azure Dragon Divine Sect, the Black Tortoise Divine Sect, and the White Tiger Divine Sect!

Behind these dozens of people, there were numerous members of the Four Divine Sect. Their arrival seemed to make the world change colors and thunder rumble across the sky. This caused everyone to raise their heads.

"Who dares to kill our future Divine Emperor before me?" The middle-aged man was the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. His voice was calm, but the moment the his voice came out, it caused the Demon Spirit Land to tremble. Many people on the ground retreated as if they couldn't withstand this voice.

"A lot of old friends have come…" The middle-aged man looked around.

"Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor…" The All-Seer's expression became gloomy. Compared to the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, the All-Seer was a junior. In the Alliance, aside from a few people, not many could match the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor in seniority.

The middle-aged man appeared before Wang Lin with one step. He carefully looked at Wang Lin before he revealed a smile of admiration and nodded. "Good! Good!"

Although it was only two words, they were enough to reveal his satisfaction with Wang Lin. In truth, he had already arrived, but the reason he didn't appear was because he had taken this chance to test Wang Lin.

The truth was that Wang Lin made him very satisfied!

"Now this battle will end!" The Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's eyes lit up and revealed a fierce gaze. He raised his right hand a piece of white stone appeared.

The moment this stone appeared, an extremely hot energy appeared in the world. The space around it began to distort as if it shouldn't exist and was being rejected.

The moment the stone appeared, it melted into a drop of burning blood… and it floated above the middle-aged man's hand. Anyone who looked at this drop of blood would feel as if they had just swallowed a mouthful of fire and heat appeared in their hearts.

The Brilliant Void old man stared at the thing in the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor's hand and said, "The Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's treasure from primordial times!"

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