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Chapter 1064 - The Identity of the Man in Black

This insignificant drop of blood was thrown by Wang Lin at the black gas devil dragon that charged out from the collapsed ground.

The devil dragon opened its mouth, releasing large amounts of cold energy, and attempted to devour everyone. However, just at this moment, the drop of Qing Shuang's blood touched a strand of black gas that came from the devil dragon.

In an instant, while everyone was dumbfounded, sizzling sounds came from the black fog. It was like splashing water on hot coal. As the sizzling sound echoed, the black fog unexpectedly dissipated as if it couldn't withstand this drop of celestial blood.

The drop of blood penetrated the black fog and landed on the devil dragon's head. The devil dragon suddenly paused, but that was immediately followed by a painful and angry roar!

As it roared, the devil dragon's body twisted and swept the area, causing a loud rumble. As if a giant pair of hands was stirring up the place, all the buildings collapsed and the entire floor was in ruins.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he squeezed out more of Qing Shuang's blood and mercilessly threw it. Then he waved his hand and the powerful origin energy in his body rushed out. The blood immediately exploded into a blood mist that shot forward.

The blood mist immediately touched the devil dragon. After coming into contact the blood again, the devil dragon struggled even more intensely. Roars continued to echo, and the devil dragon's body rapidly contracted. It was like a whirlwind, and after all the black fog withdrew, the ancient devil appeared before everyone.

The black armor was now stained with several drops of blood. It released strands of red gas that lingered around the ancient devil.

No matter how the ancient devil waved his hands, he couldn't expel it. Even when he tried to wipe it, his hand went through it as if it wasn't even there.

"Qing Lin, is this the plan you came up with to resist me after countless years of scheming? If whoever occupies your body attempts to kill your descendant, all spells become useless. Your spells have no effect and your body is restrained by the blood of your descendant!!!

"This is no longer changing laws, but creating laws! You're so powerful, Qing Lin!" The ancient devil had a hideous expression as he charged at Wang Lin.

"This devil wants to see how the mere blood of a body can make me yield!" the ancient devil yelled as his right hand reached out. The black blade suddenly appeared in his hand and he slashed at Wang Lin.

"I can't kill Qing Lin's descendant, but I can kill you, you puny ancient god!"

Wang Lin's expression turned pale. This blade energy was huge, and not even the old man on the gourd could escape it. Wang Lin's mind was extremely clear as the ancient god furnace appeared around him and he pointed at the man in black who was watching from a distance.

He didn't choose Master Void because it was a moment of danger, and so he absolutely had to to succeed. Although Master Void was seriously injured, he was still at the Nirvana Shatterer stage, so Wang Lin wasn't confident!

The man in black's expression changed greatly when he felt a light surround him. The blade energy came so close that Wang Lin could even feel the oppressive sharpness coming from it.

"Change positions!" Wang Lin yelled, and the light around the furnace reached a peak. The man in black's eyes were filled with terror, and just as he was about to be transferred, he no longer cared about hiding his identity. The fire dragon mark appeared between his eyebrows and directly charged out, turning into a fire dragon covered in flames.

The moment the fire dragon appeared, it let out a roar and surrounded the man in black in an attempt to resist the power of the ancient god furnace.

As a result, there was a force to resist it. With this hindrance, the blade closed in and passed through Qing Shuang. Due to the law Qing Lin created, the blade energy did no harm to Qing Shuang and landed directly on Wang Lin.

If this blade energy landed, even Wang Lin's ancient god body would be split in half. After all, he was only a 5-star ancient god!

The moment the blade energy descended, Wang Lin's right eye shined blue and the azure light shield appeared and collided with the blade energy.

There was a heaven-shaking bang, and a crack appeared in the middle of the azure light shield. Although it didn't break, it was damaged.

Although Wang Lin hadn't had it for long, it had been able to resist all attacks so far. Even someone as powerful as Master Void could only push it back and not cause it to crack.

More and more cracks appeared on the azure light shield. Wang Lin took this moment to retreat with Qing Shuang's body, but no matter how much he ran, he couldn't escape the blade energy.

Cold sweat came from his forehead, but the moment it appeared, it turned into ice crystals due to the chill from the blade energy. At this moment of life and death, Wang Lin no longer cared about hiding his identity, and he let out a roar. The five ancient god stars between his eyebrows shined brightly and rotated until it looked like a vortex had appeared between his eyebrows.

Powerful ancient god power filled his body and rushed into the ancient god furnace. This caused the light around the ancient god furnace to become even brighter, and it lit up the entire world.

"Transform, change position!" Wang Lin roared, his voice even became a bit hoarse during the roar. When it landed in people's ears, they felt as if their minds were being torn.

As he let out that heart-wrenching roar, the fire dragon around the man in black seemed unable to withstand the sudden increase in power form the light. The man in black quickly retreated and fled.

However, before he could escape, light filled his body and he disappeared. At the moment the azure light shield seemed like it couldn't withstand the blade energy anymore, Wang Lin also disappeared.

When Wang Lin reappeared, he was where the man in black was, and the man in black appeared before the blade energy.

The moment man in black appeared, his eyes were filled with blade energy and the blade energy swept by. Popping sounds came from his body and then it was split in half.

However, when his body shattered, his origin soul escaped with the help of the fire dragon. His origin soul was bleak and his eyes were filled with fear.

However, the danger wasn't over yet. The blade energy that destroyed his body shot straight after his origin soul. The blade energy was about to penetrate his origin soul.

The man in black quickly spread out a divine sense message filled with anxiety and horror. "Lord Ancient Devil, I'm the Supreme's seventh disciple, Lou Hou!"

The moment the man in black sent out the message, the blade energy suddenly moved to the side and bypassed the man in black before going after Wang Lin once more.

All of this happened in an extremely short period of time. Wang Wei and Hu Juan both moved and used spells at the same time to resist the blade energy chasing Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had survived through luck, but he revealed a ferocious expression as he stared at the ancient devil.

Ancient Devil Ta Jia stepped out, but he didn't go toward Wang Lin and instead arrived next to the origin soul of man in black. After grabbing the origin soul, he stepped out once more and arrived next to Wang Wei and Hu Juan, who were resisting the blade energy.

The moment Ancient Devil Ta Jia closed closed in, he opened his mouth and let out a roar!


The roars of the people of the Ancient Order were all powerful, but, like spells, they contained different abilities. Although the roar of an ancient devil wasn't as strong as an ancient god's roar, it created a devilish sound that would invade the mind.

As he roared, a giant black shadow with a single horn appeared behind Ancient Devil Ta Jia. This giant shadow was like the source of all devils. As Ta Jia roared, his shadow also opened its mouth and let out a roar.

Hu Juan's body trembled and she immediately coughed out blood. Wang Wei also coughed out blood and became dispirited. However, he clenched his teeth, grabbed Hu Juan, and retreated. His hand formed seals and countless pillars of water appeared before him like crazy.

At this moment of crisis, Wang Wei was going all out. The water pillars appeared one after another, and in the blink of an eye, thousands of water pillars appeared.

However, before Ancient Devil Ta Jia, this was all child's play. With a roar, all of the water pillars collapsed. As the water pillars continued to collapse, Wang Wei and Hu Juan coughed out more blood, and they charged toward Wang Lin.

With a pale face, Hu Juan's hands quickly formed seals, creating restrictions that fused with the water pillars. However, the water pillars continued to collapse due to Ancient Devil Ta Jia's roar.

If the two of them were like this, there was no need to talk about Master Void. He immediately coughed out blood and his eyes became bleak. He quickly retreated and his hand formed a seal, causing countless grains of yellow sand to surround him. However, just as the sand appeared and before they could form a shield, it collapsed. All of the sand was blown into Master Void's body, throwing him back and causing blood to spray from his body.

Only Bei Lou was barely able to withstand it. As he was a member of the Ancient Order, he only retreated.

As for Wang Lin, popping sounds came from his body under power of the roar of Ancient Devil Ta Jia. He coughed out blood, but his expression became even more ferocious.


Wang Lin also let our a roar of anger with a ferocious expression. This was the roar of an ancient god. Wang Lin's body grew like crazy, and at this moment, he could no longer be concerned with hiding his status as an ancient god. His body grew to thousands of feet tall, looking as if he could support the world!

Five stars rapidly rotated between his eyebrows and bursts of ancient god energy surrounded him. What was more bizzare was that the Vermillion Bird tattoo seemed to have fused with him, so it grew along with his ancient god body. It was like fresh blood had imprinted on his upper body, and the tail spread across Wang Lin's face. At this moment, Wang Lin looked like an ancient god and a Vermillion Bird!

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