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Chapter 1063 - Qing Lin's Words Before Being Possessed

Master Void stared at Wang Lin. After being forced to suppress his anger for so long, he couldn't hold it in anymore. At this moment, he forgot that he shouldn't be losing his mind so easily with his cultivation level drop and charged at Wang Lin.

"Little bastard, I'm going to skin you alive today!"

Wang Lin quickly retreated and his eyes turned cold.

Just as Master Void chased after Wang Lin, the dark mist filled with spells suddenly expanded once more, and this time the All-Seer was thrown out. Although he looked pale, he wasn't in a bad state. The moment he rushed out, the black fog turned into the black light that injured Wang Wei, and it charged at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer's eyes lit up. He charged out and his right hand touched between his eyebrows. A ray of seven-colored light shot out from between his eyebrows and collided with the black light.

There was a bang when the seven-colored light and the black light collapsed. The All-Seer borrowed this force and retreated without hesitation.

This sudden change shook Master Void's mind. However, it didn't make him give up on killing Wang Lin; he actually moved even faster.

When the old man on the gourd saw that even the All-Seer was defeated, his face filled with horror. He retreated without hesitation, but he was too late.

The churning of the black fog reached a peak, and the earth-shattering rumbles continued. Then a muffled groan could be heard as Bei Lou was mercilessly thrown outside the black fog, and blood sprayed everywhere. The demonic energy around Bei Lou that was scattered quickly gathered. His eyes were filled with dense resentment.

Behind him, the black fog quickly contracted, and in an instant, the fog shrank back into the armored ancient devil.

The ancient devil's right hand held a 30-feet-long black blade and moved forward. He wasn't fast, but he wasn't slow either. By his second step, he was already before the old man on the gourd.

The old man on the gourd revealed fear in his eyes and was about to retreat. However, just as he was about to retreat, the ancient devil stepped past him and the black blade casually swept by the old man.

An unimaginable sharp energy caused the old man's expression to change greatly. Without time to think, the gourd under his feet blocked before him and his right palm hit the gourd.

However, just as a spell came from the gourd, the blade flashed by and the gourd made a crackling sound as it split in half. When the old man looked down, he was startled to find that his 

body was already cut in half.

Even his origin soul didn't have time to escape; it was destroyed by that blade while it was still in his body.

All of this happened in an instant. Ancient Devil Ta Jia didn't pause after he passed by the old man on the gourd. The old man's body suddenly collapsed...

This scene caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. The man in black was filled with even more fear and escaped even faster.

Drops of blood dripped from the blade. The ancient devil revealed a hideous expression and then chased after Bei Lou.

"Bei Lou, back then,  I didn't kill  you because our ancestors were once the same clan but since you came looking for death this devil can only fulfill your wish!"

"Bullshit. Back then we had an agreement that I'd take the body and you'd take the memories. If you hadn't backed out on our deal, that body would've been mine!" Bei Lou roared as he retreated.

The armored ancient devil revealed a smile of mockery as he held the blade and said, "It was just that I was a bit faster. If I acted later, then our positions would have switched!" As he spoke, he held the blade and slashed down at Bei Lou.

"Reveal your demon spirit form for this devil!"

A shockingly large blade appeared in the world; it was like a blade that could split the sky in half. When the ancient devil chopped down, a thunderous rumble could be heard.

A ray of blade energy hundreds of thousands of feet long suddenly appeared and mercilessly swept toward Bei Lou, causing his expression to change greatly. The blade was so fast that he didn't have time to dodge before it landed on him.

The blade's energy penetrated Bei Lou's body and landed on the ground. A loud rumble came from the collapsing ground as a gully of unknown depth appeared.

Bei Lou's body was split in half and collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. However, as his body collapsed, a green demonic light flew out into the air and immediately turned into an ancient demon that was 1,000 feet tall!

This was Ancient Demon Bei Lou's real body. As soon as he appeared, he retreated at a shocking speed. The ancient devil let out a cold snort and chased after with his blade. As for the others, he doesn't consider them threats at all. Aside from the ancient demon, the only other person he had to pay attention to was the disgusting ancient god aura that he had noticed when he appeared.

While he chased Bei Lou, the ancient devil coldly looked at Wang Lin in the distance.

Wang Lin was moving as fast as he could to dodge the mad dog-like Master Void, but his speed was still far too slow compared to Master Void's. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin took out the tattoo clan's Wither Tattoo and placed it on his body, making his speed immediately reach a peak.

"Go to where the palace was. My wife is there… She was awake before Master was possessed, so she must have gotten a message."  Wang Wei's voice came from behind Wang Lin. His injuries had completely healed. After speaking, he left Wang Lin and charged at Master Void.

Wang Lin immediately changed directions without pausing. He arrived before the collapsed palace in a flash, and with a sweep of his divine sense, he found the unconscious Hu Juan.

When he got near Hu Juan, Wang Lin gathered some fire origin energy in his hand and pointed to between her eyebrows without hesitation. The fire origin energy swept through her body and awakened her.

"Senior, please quickly open the passage to leave this place!" Wang Lin didn't have time to explain and quickly sent a message to Hu Juan when she awakened.

After Hu Juan awakened, there was a trace of confusion in her eyes, but she quickly recovered. She got up and both of her hands formed a seal, then she pointed at the sky. A rumble echoed across the sky and then six pillars of light came crashing down within 100 feet of Hu Juan.

In the distance, Wang Wei's right hand formed a seal, creating a curtain of water that trapped Master Void. Killing intent appeared in his eyes, but this was obviously not the time to fight. He let out a cold snort and then the water trapping Master Void suddenly turned into countless swords and rapidly shrank. Without waiting for the result, Wang Wei immediately appeared next to Hu Juan and Wang Lin. The pillar of light flashed and the three of them immediately disappeared.

At the same time, the man in black also arrived in a panic. He charged into the pillars of light and disappeared.

Master Void's body was surrounded by water swords. As they stabbed at him, he let out a roar and a storm of yellow soil appeared. There were sounds of collisions as he managed to block the attacks, but he coughed out blood. This made him shiver coldy, and it awakened him from his crazed state.

Everything that happened before would have looked incredible to other people. How could he have lost control of his killing intent and attacked at this moment of crisis? If he had been a bit careless, he would have died here.

Master Void's eyes were filled with fear and bitterness. His body flickered and he charged directly at the pillars of light. As for the All-Seer, he unexpectedly disappeared, and no one knew where he had gone.

"Earlier, I noticed that I was losing control of myself, but now I'm certain… I didn't think the first Heaven's Blight would arrive so quickly…" Master Void rushed into the pillar of light and disappeared.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou, who was being chased by the ancient devil, let out angry roars. When he saw that the transfer array to exit this place had opened, he immediately rushed toward it without hesitation. However, just as he got close, the ancient devil chasing him revealed a bloodthirsty gaze. He let go of the blade in his hand and suddenly opened his arms.

"Devil Devours All Spirits!" As he shouted, the armor around the ancient devil released boundless black fog, and black fog suddenly filled the world once more. The black fog turned into a giant mount that attempted to ruthlessly devour the escaping Bei Lou.

Bei Lou let out a miserable groan before his body collapsed with a bang. Half of his body was devoured, and the remaining half turned into the size of an ordinary person. He then disappeared into the transfer array.

The black fog quickly absorbed half of Bei Lou's spirit body. Then the fog wrapped around Ta Jia and turned into a dragon. It rushed at the transfer array and smashed toward the sky.

The sky was smashed open as he charged upwards.

"None of you can escape!!"

As for Wang Lin and the Celestial Cloud Couple, the three of them immediately appeared in the palace on the eighth floor. Hu Juan quickly said, "When Master talked to me earlier, he only said one sentence!

"Rain Celestial Realm Temple, Origin Soul Crystal, Qing Shuang's blood!"

Wang Wei's eyes narrowed. Before he could speak, the man in black and Master Void came from the transfer array. At the same time, Ancient Demon Bei Lou's miserable spirit body also appeared.

Also, at this moment, the ground everyone was standing on collapsed. While the ground collapsed, strands of devilish energy came out from the cracks. When the ground completely collapsed, the dragon formed by devilish energy rushed out. It opened its mouth that could devour the world and attempted to devour everyone.

At this instant, Wang Lin was replaying the words Hu Juan just said in his mind. Qing Shuang's blood… Qing Shuang's blood!

The moment the devil dragon arrived, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial pagoda appeared. With no time to care about how precious the celestial tower was, Wang hit it with his palm, causing it to collapse, and Qing Shuang's body appeared before him.

"I'm sorry!" He secretly apologized to Zhou Yi. Wang Lin seized all the time he had as he stabbed Qing Shuang's index finger and squeezed out a drop of blood. Then he immediately threw that drop of blood at the devil dragon before them!

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