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Chapter 1065 - The Three Ancient Order Clans Reunite

After transforming into his true ancient god body, Wang Lin let out a roar. The roar formed a storm that silently collided with the roar of the ancient devil.

At the same time, the escaping Ancient Demon Bei Lou suddenly stopped, and his eyes revealed a trace of crazy demonic light.

"Today, all three Ancient Order clans are in the same place. What a spectacular view. I'm in a sorry state for an ancient demon!" Bei Lou's body flashed and immediately grew. The 7-star ancient demon's body was thousands of feet tall, almost as tall as Wang Lin's ancient god body.

At this instant, the battle no longer belonged to the cultivators, but to the three Ancient Order clans that had existed since ancient times!

After Bei Lou transformed into his ancient demon body, he let out the roar of an ancient demon. It created an intangible force that joined with Wang Lin's roar and swept toward Ancient Devil Ta Jia.

"He is unexpectedly a royal ancient god!!" Ancient Devil Ta Jia stared at Wang Lin. He clearly saw a trace of gold within the five stars between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

This trace of gold meant the royal bloodline!

The angry roars of the three Ancient Order clans created an indescribable storm. It swept across the eighth floor and caused all the surrounding buildings to collapse. Even the sky seemed like it was about to collapse, as fine cracks appeared and bursts of hot gas filled the area.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou took a step and shouted, "Ancient god, do you dare to fight this ancient devil with me!?"

Wang Lin's right hand reached out at the void before him, causing a large rift to appear. Purple lightning came out of the crack, and he dragged out the 1,000-feet-long God Slaying Spear. He grabbed the spear and shouted, "Why would I not dare!?"

Ancient Demon Bei Lou laughed as his right hand also reached at the void. A large flag immediately appeared, and it seemed to cover the world. It flew directly at the ancient devil.

Wang Lin took a step and charged at the ancient devil.

The ancient devil's eyes revealed mockery as he raised the blade in his hand. Monstrous blade energy appeared behind him and he smiled. "A mere 5-star ancient god and a 7-star ancient demon dare to fight me?"

As he laughed, the heaven-shaking blade energy shot forward. There were only two rays of blade energy. One swept through the sky and the other swept just above the earth. This represented the sky and the earth. Once they crossed, they would create a destructive force.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou waved his right hand and endless demonic energy came from the 1,000 foot flag and shot at the blade energy in the sky. Demonic energy erupted from his body, and it was an earth-shaking sight to behold.

Wang Lin threw the God Slaying Spear in his hand, and the purple lightning filled the world. The God Slaying Spear was covered in purple lightning when it collided with the blade energy on the ground.

Rumbling sounds suddenly echoed and a powerful shockwave to sweep the area when the blade energy on the ground and the God Slaying Spear collided. The earth completely collapsed and there was no longer a ninth floor in his cave; just the eighth floor that was connected to the ninth floor!

Wang Lin's ancient god boy felt an unimaginable impact during this collision, and popping sounds came from his body. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and the ancient god stars between his eyebrows dimmed.

In the sky, the ancient demon's flag collided with the blade energy and a shocking impact spread. Even more cracks appeared in the sky due to this impact, and a blood red light came through the cracks. At this moment, it felt as if the sky could collapse with a single touch.

"Wang Lin, we need to go all out with him; otherwise, none of us will escape this Celestial Emperor Cave!" As Ancient Demon Bei Lou roared, he took a step and charged at the ancient devil. However, his body suddenly began to retreat. It was so fast that he left an afterimage, and he rushed at the cracked sky.

However, although Ancient Demon Bei Lou was fast, Wang Lin was even faster. The moment Ancient Demon Bei Lou roared, Wang Lin also grabbed Wang Wei and Hu Juan before charging at the sky. He was a bit faster than Bei Lou as he punched the sky.

The sky was already extremely fragile, and now it was smashed open by Wang Lin's punch. It completely cracked and the sky disintegrated!

The moment the sky collapsed, endless magma fell like rain. Wang Lin's body rushed into the magma and charged straight up.

The ancient devil cursed, but he didn't slow down and charged straight up.

Master Void had cultivated for many years. Although his mind was affected due to the early arrival of the first Heaven's Blight, it was unprecedentedly clear at this moment. The moment the sky collapsed, he coughed out blood and used the blood escape to charge into the magma. He disregarded the high temperature of the magma and the newly inflicted injuries caused by the battle between the three members of the Ancient Order clan. As he rushed into the magma, he also didn't have time to think about finding trouble for Wang Lin, as he was focused on escaping this place.

Along the way, his injuries became worse, and at this moment, his cultivation level fell from Nirvana Shatterer to peak Nirvana Cleanser. A dense feeling of unease enveloped his mind, making the once powerful Master Void look like a stray god.

When Wang Lin charged into the seventh floor, endless lava rushed toward his face. His body quickly shrank back into his ordinary body. His face was pale as he coughed out a mouthful of blood and bursts of pain came from his body. He couldn't help but slow down a bit due to this. Even though he had transformed into his ancient god body, he was still seriously injured by that blade energy despite the fact that he had the God Slaying Spear.

However, if he hadn't done it, then it would've been impossible for Wang Wei or Hu Juan to escape. Even he himself wouldn't have had the chance to escape to the seventh floor. After all, Wang Lin was only at the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage.

Just at this moment, Hu Juan grabbed Wang Lin and Wang Wei and flew straight up. She also devoured the only green pill she had. Now that she had recovered, she quickly moved through the magma with Wang Lin and Wang Wei.

The magma continued to moved into Wang Lin's body and shook his spirit a bit. He quickly sent out a message, saying, "Seniors, go first. I found a fire spirit here before and may be able to use it to stop the ancient devil a bit!"

Hu Juan revealed a hint of hesitation. If it was before, no matter how much she and Wang Wei admired Wang Lin, she wouldn't have hesitated. However, Wang Lin had just saved her and her husband, and this was very important to her. She didn't even know that Wang Lin had saved Wang Wei from Master Void's sneak attack. This kind of kindness needed to be repaid.

"You.." Hu Juan looked at Wang Wei, who had helped her block the blade energy and then was seriously injured by the ancient devil's roar. There was struggle in her eyes. Right now, Wang Wei needed urgent care, and Hu Juan didn't have time to wait.

"Senior can rest assured!" Wang Lin left Hu Juan and charged into the depths of the magma in the seventh floor. Hu Juan clenched her teeth as she took Wang Wei and disappeared.

After Hu Juan left, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He was so desperate to make Wang Wei and Hu Juan owe him. As long as the two of them were grateful, then even if Qing Lin doesn't awaken, they would help with Situ Nan's matter. Also, their treatment of Zhou Yi would be vastly different due to his kindness.

Inside the magma, Wang Lin mercilessly absorbed without hesitation. The magma seemed to flow in reverse as the fire origin energy entered Wang Lin's body like crazy. The energy flowed through his meridians, causing his seriously injured body to recover a bit.

Wang Lin wasn't being careful like he was when he absorbing before; right now he was extremely reckless. The Vermillion Bird on his body appeared around him, and as a result, the fire origin energy inside the magma surged at them. As the fire origin energy surged toward Wang Lin, large amounts of magma fell from the seventh floor to the eighth floor. Ancient Demon Bei Lou and Master Void charged into the magma with Ancient Devil Ta Jia chasing behind. At this moment, all of this, along with Wang Lin frantically stirring up the fire origin energy in the magma, caused all the magma inside the volcano to begin collapsing.

Just at this moment, a heaven-shaking roar that shook the magma came from the depths of the volcano. A giant dragon head arose in the magma. At this moment, all of the magma Wang Lin hadn't absorbed or had fallen into the eighth floor began to move as if it had intelligence. It all charged at the dragon.

In the blink of an eye, all the magma in the seventh floor disappeared, leaving behind an indescribably large fire dragon that stared at all the creatures below it.

At the same time, in the boundless space where the speck of dust where the Demon Spirit Land was, there was fire burning in the horizon. A giant Vermillion Bird letting out Vermillion Bird cries slowly closed in.

This Vermillion Bird had intelligence. It unexpectedly didn't go to the entrance at the East Demon Spirit Sea, but to the true location of the Demon Spirit Land!

There were large amount of cultivators behind this Vermillion Bird, and among them were six elders. These six elders all wore red robes, and each one of them gave off a powerful aura. They were all Nirvana Shatterer cultivators!

"According to the search with the true spirit, this is where the person who has awaken is, and this is also the location of that mysterious sense of danger. This trip might be extremely dangerous, but even if I risk it all, I must protect the person who awakened!" The six elders looked at each other and saw the determination in each other's eyes. All the other members of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect revealed determined gazes!

At the same time, a majestic voice came from the planet above the vortex in the Cultivation Alliance headquarters.

"Suspend the battle with Allheaven. Send all forces to where Qing Lin's cave is!"

The moment this voice echoed, Qing Shui's body appeared outside the Alliance Headquarters. He stared at the Alliance Headquarters and the red Ji Realm shined in his eye.

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