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Chapter 1061

The monstrous ocean suddenly smashed down as if it wanted destroy everything in the world. The All-Seer's finger also descended from the sky. Ancient Demon Bei Lou opened his arms and the ancient demon shadow behind him detached from his body. There was a flash of light and 24 small illusionary flags surrounded the ancient demon shadow.

As the ancient demon pointed forward, the 24 small flags released an unimaginable pressure. Various illusions of ancient gods and ancient devils appeared; there were even some fierce beasts from ancient times.

They filled the sky!

Various spells descended from the sky outside the palace at this moment. Master Void clenched his teeth and was going to attack, but when he realized that Wang Lin was here, he immediately stopped.

The man in black also didn't move, but a trace of greed appeared in his eyes. Inside the palace was a seriously injured Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. Even if the ancient devil was here, they still had more people, and they weren't lacking in powerful cultivators, so even the ancient devil would be afraid.

"As long as I can obtain three drops of Qing Lin's blood, my mission will be complete. Then the Lord will help me increase my cultivation level greatly!"

Even the old man on the gourd's eyes lit up. He stopped attacking and took a few steps back, then greed appeared in his eyes. He came here with the All-Seer, so he hadn't encountered too much trouble. He wasn't here to obtain the secret of the third step from Qing Lin; he wanted his celestial spells.

When the All-Seer, Bei Lou, and Wang Wei's spells landed, there was a violent rumble and countless cracks appeared on the earth, making it seem as if it was going to collapse.

When the All-Seer's finger landed, the entire earth collapsed and even the entire Celestial Emperor Cave began to shake. All nine floors were affected.

Then, adding the numerous illusions summoned by Bei Lou's flags, what shook wasn't merely the Celestial Emperor Cave, but the entire Demon Spirit Land!

The collapse of the ground caused the entire ninth floor to turn into ruin. When the three powerful spells descended, Bei Lou's hoarse voice roared like crazy. And then all the black fog around the palace charged at the three powerhouses.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

Waves of heaven-shaking rumbles echoed. Wang Lin and Ling Tianhou quickly flew forward. Before they got close, they felt the unimaginable impact from ahead.

However, just as the spells and the black fog collided, causing the world to change colors, the last candle in the palace on the eighth floor struggled for a moment and then extinguished...

The moment the candle extinguished, the light between the eyebrows of the middle-aged man on the throne disappeared. Then large amounts of devilish energy rushed in and occupied the entire area.

At this instant, the man suddenly raised his head, and the confusion in his eyes disappeared, replaced with a terrifying devilish flame. There were now eight stars rapidly rotating in his left eye. He revealed a gloomy smile as he slowly stood up.

He had been sitting here for countless years, and during these countless years, his body wasn't able to move an inch. However, at this moment, he moved!

The moment the middle-aged man stood up, monstrous devilish energy surged out and countless cracks appeared on the palace he was in. Then the palace shattered into countless pieces and scattered everywhere.

Even the black fog outside quickly entered the collapsed palace and went toward the middle-aged man. A suit of black armor suddenly appeared on his body.

At this moment, Wang Wei saw the palace collapse, and he saw the figure inside the collapsed palace. His eyes were filled with shock and pain.


There was a trace of madness in the All-Seer's eyes. He had waited a very long time for this day!

On the other side, Bei Lou sucked in a breath of cold air and intense killing intent appeared in his eyes.

"He has just finished the possession and it hasn't stabilized yet. I can't let him consolidate his power!"

The moment the middle-aged man stood up, all the restrictions in the first fight floors flickered intensely as if they were cheering, and then they all collapsed.

What was even more terrifying was that the Demon Spirit Land changed greatly when he stood up. All the demonic energy was swept away from the Demon Spirit Land, reverting it to the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm. However, at this moment, endless devilish energy surged out and covered the entire sky above the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm.

The celestial beasts that had just recovered were swept by the devilish energy. Once the devilish energy passed, they became extremely bloodthirsty ferocious beasts.

Not only the Demon Spirit Land, but even the endless starry sky the Demon Spirit Land was in was filled with devilish energy. It turned into a huge illusory devil shadow, and it let out a arrogant laugh!

This laugh was silent, but it enveloped the entire Alliance. This was an unimaginable kind of power. The war in the Alliance that had lasted for half a year still continued. Countless cultivators had died, but the ruthless battle had made both sides' eyes red from slaughter.

Large amounts of Allheaven cultivators came from Allheaven, and the Alliance moved out almost all the cultivators in the northern region. The entire northern region was covered in the thick smell of blood.

Even Master Flamespark had almost gone crazy from killing. However, just as the two sides were immersed in endless slaughter, that silent laugh passed by. Master Flamespark was startled, and even the Alliance elder fighting him was aghast at the situation.

They weren't the only ones; all the surrounding ordinary cultivators began to tremble, but they didn't know the reason.

In the distant Alliance headquarters, there were still some surviving celestials like Wang Wei and Hu Juan. They were the backbone of the Alliance, and they were about to head out to join the battle in the northern region.

However, the silent laugh passed by their ears. The expressions of these former celestials changed greatly and terror filled their eyes.

"This… This sound is…"

"Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!!!"

Even the middle-aged man in the secret room on the planet above the vortex deep within the Alliance headquarters suddenly opened his eyes. The moment his eyes opened, the bell on the ceiling suddenly collapsed with a bang.

"Celestial Emperor!!"

At the same time, the old man that noticed Wang Lin in the Brilliant Void Realm suddenly looked up. It was as if his gaze could penetrate into the distance and look at the Demon Spirit Land. His expression had never been so serious before. Beside him, the cold Brilliant Void Saintess, Mu Bingmei, was also startled.

"He has awakened… No, it's not him!" The old man's expression changed. There was a hint of melancholy, a hint of relief, but also a hint of disappointment.

In the burning starfield that was a forbidden land for the Alliance that belonged to the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect of the Four Divine Sect, there was a 100-feet-wide white rock that was within the deepest part of the starfield. This was where the source of the flames was. This rock had an irregular shape, and it wasn't red, but snow-white.

However, the temperature from this rock was unimaginable. Even the current Wang Lin would melt if he came within 1,000 feet ot it, and even his Vermillion Bird would instantly die.

Even a 5-star ancient god wouldn't be able to last if they went within this 1,000 feet of this rock.

This seemingly ordinary stone was the source of this burning starfield. It was because of this that the starfield had continued to burn over the countless years.

At this moment, there was an old man sitting on top of this rock. This old man looked far too old with his loose skin, and a dense death aura filled him. From a distance, he didn't look like a person, but a pile of dead flesh.

However, no one dared to underestimate this old man. He was the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor! Even back then, his fame shook the stars. Due to some special reason, he didn't enter the Celestial Realm, but there would have been a place for him there!

At this moment, the old man opened his eyes. He looked a head and revealed a hint of melancholy.

"Could it be that my Vermillion Bird Divine Sect really can't rise once more…"

There was a planet among the stars that most people didn't pay attention to or directly ignored. It was a rank 6 cultivation planet, and it was called planet Suzaku!

On planet Suzaku, in the place where it was once a sea of fog, there lied the Land of the Ancient God. Within the blood sea of the Land of the Ancient God, a red-haired man slowly raised his head and revealed a hint of contempt in his eyes.

"This 8-star ancient devil… is just a waste! In another hundred years, I, Tuo Sen, will be able to leave this place. At that time, will anyone who can hinder me appear?"

As Tuo Sen's voice echoed, the sea of blood churned and raged like a monstrous wave! The Land of the Ancient God was a separate space in the void that Tu Si had opened up. His body was stored in this space.

It was impossible to describe how large his body was; even a cultivation planet was like a children's toy next to it. His rough skin and huge fist gave off an earth-shattering pressure that filled the void.

However, as the blood sea raged with Tuo Sen's words, Tu Si's right index finger suddenly moved a bit...

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