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Chapter 1060

"Let's go!" Wang Lin's words were concise, and he followed the road the handprint had opened. He was not as calm as he looked at this moment. He had a feeling that he was only able to display a very small portion of the true power of that handprint. If he could use it at full power…. All nine floors of this Celestial Emperor Cave could be smashed with one handprint!

Ling Tianhou quickly followed behind Wang Lin, and his dread toward Wang Lin increased as he understood Wang Lin less and less. Although he knew that his cultivation level was higher, if they were really to fight, he had a feeling that he would without a doubt lose!

Wang Lin moved forward like lightning and soon arrived next to the half-destroyed palace. He coldly looked at Ling Tianhou as he took out a large amount of pills and threw them into his mouth. Then he slapped his bag of holding and a ray of silver light flew it. The silver female corpse appeared around Wang Lin and coldly looked at Ling Tianhou.

Ling Tianhou's pupils shrank. He felt like Wang Lin had become even more mysterious and powerful.

"I can't figure this person out all. Whether it's his cultivation, spells, or anything else, I can only use the two words 'profound mystery' to describe him!" In Ling Tianhou's life, he had only described the All-Seer as a "profound mystery," and now there was one more.

He didn't use the green pill Wang Wei had given him but instead devoured a lot of other pills to make up for the terrifying amount of origin energy that handprint had used up. The amount of origin energy he had used wasn't any less than what he used with the iron sword.

However, Wang Lin just had left the magma, aside from the fire origin energy inside his body, there were still large amounts of origin energy he hadn't absorbed yet. Also, during his months of cultivating, the Vermillion Bird tattoo had absorbed a lot as well.

During those months of cultivation, Wang Lin noticed that the fire origin energy absorbed by his Vermillion Bird tattoo could be transferred to his body. It was this discovery that made Wang Lin remain so long inside the magma.

After devouring the pills, Wang Lin didn't use the fire origin energy inside the Vermillion Bird tattoo and instead absorbed some of the unabsorbed fire origin energy in his body. Adding on the pills he had just devoured, Wang Lin recovered a bit.

He soon arrived at the half-destroyed palace with the candlesticks, and only one remained struggled to remain burning. There was no one here. Wang Lin's gaze swept the area and then he calmly said, "What exactly happened here?"

Ling Tianhou arrived inside after Wang Lin with lingering fear in his eyes and said, "When we entered from the seventh floor, there was no black fog here. However, after entering this hall and opening the entrance to the ninth floor, three devil shadows shot out and filled this area with black fog.

"Those three devil shadows were very strange, and Master Void was immediately seriously injured by one. Wang Wei suffered injuries from Bei Lou's sneak attack. Then the All-Seer attacked, and he helped Bei Lou… As for Hu Juan, before she could do anything, she was immediately sucked into the ninth floor… I was also injured by a devil shadow. I couldn't clearly see my surroundings with this black fog as divine sense can't pierce it…"

Ling Tianhou simply explained what happened, and as Wang Lin listened, his expression gradually turned into a frown. Wang Lin wasn't surprised about the All-Seer helping Bei Lou. The All-Seer had been to the Demon Spirit Land many times, and Wang Lin wouldn't believe that he had never come into contact with the ancient demons.

Besides, back when Wang Lin was still in the Heavenly Fate Sect, he remembered that the senior brother of the Purple Division had used a spell similar to a demonic spell. He remembered that profoundly.

Later, as he encountered more events, the more he thought about it, the more it confirmed his speculation.

Wang Lin had also obtained the body of the scattered devil. The body was obviously the same as Ling Tianhou, only a lot younger.

Wang Lin still had that body inside his bag. He believed that if he took that body out, Ling Tianhou's expression would change greatly. Even the All-Seer's expression would probably change.

"Ancient devil, ancient demon, All-Seer, and Ling Tianhou. There must be some strange relationship between them…" Wang Lin quietly looked at the remnants of the palace, especially at the last remaining burning candle.

"How do we activate this place?" Wang Lin had to go to the ninth floor. Whether it was for Zhou Yi or Situ Nan, he had to enter. Although Situ Nan hadn't come this far, Wang Lin firmly believed that with Situ Nan's cultivation level, he would be fine in the first few floors.

However, Zhou Yi was at the ninth floor, and the hope of curing Situ Nan's poison was also on the ninth floor. Both were his benefactors, so how could Wang Lin give up? Although he knew that there were dangers on the ninth floor, if he gave up due to danger, then he wouldn't be Wang Lin!

Ling Tianhou hesitated and asked, "You really want to go down?"

Wang Lin nodded.

Ling Tianhou pondered a bit, then a trace of madness in his eyes and he muttered, "Forget it. You've cultivated for less time than me but still have the guts to go. This old man's beloved beast was destroyed due to that damn thing. I've cultivated the tyrannical domain all my life, and I'm unwilling to leave just like this! The All-Seer dared to enter, so why should I be afraid?" He stepped forward and headed toward the candlesticks. He then quickly moved the candlesticks based on his memory of what Hu Juan did.

The 99 candlesticks began to slowly move and a loud rumbles could be heard. As they moved, they took the shape of a large formation.

Bursts of ghostly light came from the candlestick and then shined brightly. At the center of the 99 candlesticks, a circle of light appeared, and dense, black fog came from inside it.

Ling Tianhou clenched his teeth and charged into the circle of light first. Wang Lin didn't hesitate; he took a deep breath and put away the silver female corpse before stepping into the light circle.

Just as Wang Lin and Ling Tianhou entered the ninth floor, inside the palace at the center of the ninth floor, which was the same as the one on the eighth, a figure covered in dark fog raised his head and revealed a sign of struggle. There was only one light remaining between his eyebrows as the endless black gas attacked in an attempt to devour the last speck of light.

Constant rumbles came from outside the palace along with angry roars. It was obvious that an intense battle was occuring outside.

Outside the palace, almost everyone was present, but they were all injured. They were circling the palace, and countless devil shadows were rushing out and attacking the surrounding cultivators. No matter how much they attacked, these devil shadows didn't dissipate.

If they were forced into a desperate situation, the devil shadows would collapse to form a terrifying destructive force. This caused all the surrounding people to be entangled in this battle.

Master Void's face was pale and he sat down not far away. He coughed out a mouthful of black blood and pointed at spots across his body to suppress his injuries.

Beside him, the man in black was also extremely pale, and he sat there cultivating, but his eyes were locked straight ahead.

The All-Seer waved his large sleeves, and every time he did so, he would launch many powerful attacks, breaking everything coming at him. As for Wang Wei, he had a gloomy expression as the monstrous water curtains around him attacked like crazy.

There were two reasons why he was attacking like crazy. One was his master, Qing Lin, and the second was Hu Juan, who was immediately sucked into the ninth floor. This caused him to become distracted, allowing Bei Lou the chance to launch a sneak attack. Along with the All-Seer's help, they were able to injure Wang Wei, but Wang Wei had too many pills. He simply took some and ignored Bei Lou and the All-Seer as he rushed into the ninth floor to look for Hu Juan.

Bei Lou was on the other side. Demonic energy filled his body, forming a powerful demonic flame around him. An ancient demon shadow appeared behind him, but this shadow was almost corporeal, and it gave off a powerful demonic aura.

Whenever he raised his right hand, countless spells would fly out, attacking the devil shadows, and he shouted, "Ta Jia, I know your Devil Shadow spell consumes the most devilish energy. I want to see how much more you can waste!"

What answered Bei Lou was a cold, hoarse voice that caused everyone's hearts to feel a chill. This voice was ethereal and contained a devilish pressure.

"Bei Lou, when I finish my possession, you will know how much devilish energy I have now!"

After hearing this, Wang Wei's eyes turned red. Then both of his hands moved and a blue light appeared before him. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a surging sea that filled the entire sky like a real ocean. Wang Wei roared and then this monstrous ocean came crashing down from the sky at the dark fog outside the palace.

The old man on the gourd also attacked as he turned into countless spells and charged into the black fog to begin a slaughter with the devil shadows.

Zhou Yi was also here, but he was even weaker than before. He had an anxious gaze as he looked at the black mist before him. However, the devilish energy in him was too strong. As a spirit body, he was finding it difficult to resist the devilish energy.

It was at this moment that Wang Lin and Ling Tianhou arrived. This ninth floor was not big; aside from the palace, there was nothing else. The moment they arrived, they saw the unprecedented fierce battle before them.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou's shadow and Wang Wei's monstrous waves were the most noticeable. At this moment, the All-Seer's eyes revealed a strange light as he pointed at the sky and said, "Heavenly Fate Finger!"

After he spoke, a majestic vortex appeared in the sea formed by Wang Wei's spell, then a powerful pressure descended from the above. A giant finger came out of the water and mercilessly pressed down on the palace covered in black fog!

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