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Chapter 1062 - Power of the Ancient Demon

The collapse of the palace was like a storm that was suddenly stopped, and then all of its force scattered outwards. The middle-aged man that stood up was the former number one person who had no rivals among the four Celestial Realms, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!

However, right now his eyes were filled with powerful devilish flames and he was enveloped by a suit of black armor. The scale-like armor covered his entire body.

The monstrous devilish energy formed a cloak behind him that moved without any wind. At the end of the cloak, the impressive shadow of an ancient devil appeared.

The dense armor completely covered his appearance, with only the devilish flame in his eyes giving off a red glow. The moment the palace collapsed, he stepped out.

At this moment, outside the collapsed palace, Wang Wei’s magnificent sea spell covered the sky. The collapse of the palace was too fast, so Wang Wei had no time to stop his spell. The surging waves smashed down like crazy on the collapsed palace.

At this instant, it was as if everything in this world was replaced by the sea, and water vapor filled the world. A heaven-shaking amount of celestial spiritual energy flooded the area at this moment. It felt almost corporeal and could shake one’s mind.

Just this spell was enough to make Wang Wei one of the most powerful cultivators today. The entire world seemed to be submerged by this raging sea.

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. From what he could see, Wang Wei’s strength was comparable to Qing Shui’s if his Ji Realm wasn’t included!

However, just as the raging sea arrived, the middle-aged man clad in armor took a step and arrived in the air.

“Just a small trick!” With a trace of bloodthirst and madness, the man raised his right hand and randomly waved. Large amounts of black gas suddenly came from his hand and immediately flooded the sky, covering the sea. The sea Wang Wei had created exploded into countless raindrops that scattered everywhere. It was as if Wang Wei’s spell was mere child’s play before this man!

“Teacher, disciple was late…” Wang Wei’s face was pale as he retreated hundreds of feet and arrived next to Zhou Yi. He looked at the middle-aged man with pain in his eyes, but he quickly suppressed it and revealed a determined gaze. Zhou Yi hadn’t recovered from injuring Master Void and was in danger here. Wang Wei waved his hand, and Zhou Yi naturally knew Wang Wei’s intent. Zhou Yi looked at Wang Lin before turning into a light and was put into Wang Wei’s bag.

In the sky, after Wang Wei’s sea was shattered, the All-Seer’s finger that seemed like it could support the heavens descended. It was filled with powerful origin energy, and it slowly descended from the sky. Although it looked slow, it was extremely fast.

The rumbling sounds echoed as if a hole was  being opened in the sky by the finger. Even the black fog was pierced through as it came crashing down on the man below.

A strange whistling sound echoed, but before it could get close, the middle-aged man’s right hand reached out. With a bang, the finger began to collapse in the middle!

It was as if a power far stronger than this finger had broken it in half, causing the entire finger to break inch by inch.

The rumbling was heaven-shaking. The finger that made Wang Lin’s scalp tingle collapsed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the middle-aged man stepped out, both Wang Wei and the All-Seer’s spells collapsed.

However, the man in armor didn’t stop and took another step. He moved at an indescribable speed and immediately arrived before Ancient Demon Bei Lou. The eight stars in his left eye flashed as he raised his right hand and casually waved it at all the illusions summoned by the small flags.

The endless black fog covering the sky suddenly shrank and surrounded him and Bei Lou. All of this happened so fast that by the time people could react, they only saw black fog.

Waves of rumbles echoed inside the black fog. The black fog churned, and Bei Lou’s angry roars could be heard.

“Ta Jia, even though you’ve possessed Qing Lin’s body, if you don’t have enough time, you can’t possibly devour Qing Lin’s soul or display all of Qing Lin’s strength from back then!”

“So what!? It is enough to kill all of you!” A hoarse and gloomy voice came out along with spell fluctuations. When it landed in everyone’s ears, it was as if bones were being rubbed together. Everyone couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts.

The All-Seer’s eyes revealed a strange light, then he unexpectedly charged into the black fog. The rumbling from the black fog became even louder. Wang Wei clenched his teeth and rushed into the black fog as well.

These three powerhouse had entered the black fog, and the heaven-shaking collisions of their spells echoed. There were also crazy fluctuations of origin energy and celestial spiritual energy that spread.

Master Void looked at the black fog with a serious expression, and the man in black beside him did the same. The old man on the gourd also hesitated and stopped at the edge of the black fog.

As for Ling Tianhou, he looked at the black fog with a gloomy expression.

Wang Lin immediately retreated without hesitation. Although he didn’t know everything that was going on, the man in the armor that had come out of the palace was the same person that interfered with his Nether Guide when he was inside bottle world and gave him the yellow crystal.

When Wang Wei shouted “Teacher,” it confirmed Wang Lin’s speculation. That person was the strongest person in the Celestial Realm, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!

“Connecting all the information from before, the karma of everything is about to reveal itself!

“In the past, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin was seriously injured during the collapse of the Celestial Realm and was forced to go into closed door cultivation. However, Ancient Devil Ta Jia and Ancient Demon Bei Lou took this opportunity to ambush Qing Lin. They wanted to steal Qing Lin’s body to take his cultivation and memories.

“However, Qing Lin was very powerful, and even after being seriously injured, he was still incredibly powerful. Even with the ancient devil and ancient demon working together, they couldn’t completely defeat Qing Lin. Finally, Qing Lin came to the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, where their battle reached a peak.

“In that battle, Ancient Demon Bei Lou was split into nine parts by force. He had no choice but to become nine ancient demon spirits and hide himself for countless years in the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm until he could reform.

“As for Ancient Devil Ta Jia, he was able to enter Qing Lin’s body, and he tried to take over. However, Qing Lin was able to arrive on the ninth floor of this cave. The moment he sat down, he used the 99 candles to resist the ancient devil!

“However, Ancient Devil Ta Jia was also a powerful being. He unexpectedly filled the entire cave with devilish energy and even caused some of Qing Lin’s guards to walk down the devil’s path. They eventually ended up under his command.

“As for the scattered devil that was out in the Demon Spirit Land and had the same body as Ling Tianhou, I fear there is something else behind that.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. With his intelligence, he immediately had a rough idea of the situation inside the cave.

Just as hundreds of thoughts flashed through Wang Lin’s head while he was rapidly retreating, a deafening sound came from the black fog. Along with this sound, the black fog rapidly spread outwards.

Wang Wei’s body charged out from the expanding black fog. As he floated in the air, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and looked dispirited. However, the sadness on his face and the pain in his heart suppressed any injuries.

Just as Wang Wei was forced out, the black fog spreading out gathered and turned into a ray of black light that shot at Wang Wei. It was so fast that it immediately pierced through Wang Wei’s chest.

Large amounts of blood sprayed out from Wang Wei’s chest and then he fell from the sky. This change was so sudden that it caused everyone’s expressions to change greatly.

The man in black gasped before withdrawing all his greed and immediately retreating. Master Void was the same, but his eyes lit up, and as he retreated, he charged at the seriously injured Wang Wei.

“I’ll take this opportunity to end this person and resolve a bit of the hatred in my heart!”

Although Master Void was seriously injured, he was still at the Nirvana Shatterer stage. At this moment, he moved like lightning and appeared next to Wang Wei. He then raised his hand and mercilessly smashed down on Wang Wei’s head. He grinned and shouted, “Since you dared to help that little bastard, die!”

While Wang Lin retreated, he also saw Wang Wei get thrown away after being seriously injured. He immediately stopped and charged toward Wang Wei. However, he wasn’t as fast as Master Void, who had closed in on Wang Wei and had already lifted his hand. An earthy yellow glow appeared in Master Void’s right hand. His hand contained the peak power of an early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin didn’t have time to think. The ancient god furnace appeared around him. He pointed at Wang Wei and shouted, “Change positions!”

A light covered Wang Wei, and the moment Master Void’s hand smashed down, he disappeared and was replaced by Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s right eye flashed blue the moment Master Void’s palm descended, and the azure light shield appeared between them. Master Void’s hand smashed into the shield.

The shield sank and pressed down on Wang Lin’s chest, causing him to cough out blood. His body was pushed back and his eyes became bloodshot, then he arrived next to the unconscious Wang Wei. He grabbed Wang Wei and retreated. As he did so, he reached into Wang Wei’s clothes to grab a pill. He then crushed the wax around the pill and threw it into Wang Wei’s mouth.

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