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Chapter 1059 

The girl in pink's face turned deathly pale and sweat covered her forehead. Her body became very weak, but the damage of the memory search wasn't very heavy, so she only needed to rest for a bit to recover.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had already obtain the answer he wanted about the Brilliant Void Saintess. Although it wasn't complete, with Wang Lin's intelligence, he was able to see the problems.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin's gaze swept the palace and he found where to activate it.

"After opening this array, the two of you can enter the eighth floor. You'll be on your own!" Wang Lin activated the transfer array and disappeared.

Although he didn't kill the beautiful middle-aged woman, while searching her memories, he had destroyed all of his secrets that she saw. He had also left behind restrictions in her mind. If she continued to bother him, he could cause her mind to collapse.

The moment Wang Lin entered the eighth floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave, he heard rumbling sounds from the distance and felt powerful origin energy fluctuations.

The eighth floor was completely dark and enveloped in a black mist that prevented Wang Lin's divine sense from spreading out far. However, the noise became more rapid and he could vaguely hear angry roars.

This voice seemed to belong to Ling Tianhou.

Wang Lin's eyes became serious. After listening for a long time, Wang Lin retreated, but just as he retreated, the black mist before him churned and Ling Tianhou charged out. At this moment, Ling Tianhou was in an extremely sorry state and his face was filled with horror. There was a black handprint on his chest. The handprint had broken through his clothes and imprinted on his chest. As he ran, black mist moved toward that handprint.

A shadow was chasing behind him through the black mist, and it had taken the form of a giant devil by using the black mist. It was chasing the escaping Ling Tianhou and was about to devour him.

The fear in Ling Tianhou's eyes was even stronger, but he clenched his teeth and turned around. He opened his mouth and spat out origin energy before reaching out at the void with his hand. A spatial rift appeared and Ling Tianhou's red qilin charged out at the roaring devil.

The qilin's body was also covered in wounds, and a large amount of blood was flowing out of them. Ling Tianhou's eyes revealed his heartache, but right now wasn't the time for him to think about it, and he shouted, "Blood Sacrifice!"

As he spoke, he hit the spot between his eyebrows and the remaining two origin swords behind him flew out. They didn't fly toward the devil, but toward the qilin.

The qilin let out a miserable cry, but it didn't resist; it allowed the two origin swords to stab into it. Large amounts of blood sprayed out and immediately covered the surrounding 1,000 feet area.

"Beast soul, appear!" As Ling Tianhou shouted, the qilin's body suddenly exploded. As blood rain down, the qilin's soul appeared from its collapsed body.

The moment the qilin's soul appeared, it let out a roar. This roar couldn't be heard by the physical body, only the origin soul. When that roar entered Wang Lin's ears, it was like rumbling thunder.

As the qilin soul let out a roar, it charged at the devil monster. It began biting the devil in an attempt to stop it from chasing. Ling Tianhou looked at all the qilin blood with his bloodshot eyes. His heart was also bleeding!

This qilin had followed him for countless years and had become something to difficult for him to part with. However, at this moment, he had to personally kill it to use its blood as a sacrifice to speed up the growth of its soul.

While he roared, Ling Tianhou's hand formed a seal and pointed forward. All the blood flew into the air and gathered toward where the qilin was fighting the devil. There were traces of gold inside the blood that even caused more than half of the black mist to dissipate as it gathered toward the devil.

"Wang Lin, help me. This place is dangerous; it is not a place that a single person can last in. I'll explain to you later!" The reason Ling Tianhou chose to escape to this location was because he had detected someone entering. Of the people that hadn't entered, the person who was most qualified to enter first was Wang Lin!

Just after entering the eighth floor, Wang Lin immediately saw Ling Tianhou in such a sorry state, and he hadeven destroyed his own qilin. Wang Lin had a bad feeling about what had happened to the people that had entered the eighth floor.

At this moment, he had to ask someone about what happened. Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze and stepped out from the dark mist. Not wasting any time talking with Ling Tianhou, he jumped up and was about to use a spell.

"Spells are useless against it!! It will just devour them!" Ling Tianhou immediately shouted, and at the same time, he slapped his bag of holding. A small, red sword appeared in his hand and he threw it straight ahead. Then Ling Tianhou's heart ached as he shouted, "Explode!"

After he spoke, the small sword suddenly collapsed into a destructive force that entered the devil. The devil immediately let out sharp cries.

To Wang Lin, this devil was clearly an ancient devil! However, this ancient devil was a bit strange, and although it was similar to a scattered devil, it was a little different!

For some reason, there were stars in this ancient devil's right eye! There was a total of eight stars, seven of which were dim, and only one gave off monstrous devilish energy.

At this moment, the ancient devil was filled with pain, and the stars in its left eye were rotating. The one shining star became even brighter as powerful devilish energy came from it, giving it an eerie feeling.

While roaring, the ancient devil's body flickered and it unexpectedly escaped the qilin. It charged directly at Ling Tianhou. Wang Lin's pupils shrank, and his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch.

The ancient god shadow appeared, but thanks to the black mist, it wasn't clear. However, the moment he threw that punch, the ancient devil was startled and suddenly turned around. The ancient devil stared at Wang Lin and gave up on chasing Ling Tianhou, then it turned into a shadow and charged at Wang Lin.

It was obvious that he had recognized Wang Lin's ancient god aura.

Wang Lin's mind moved and a black and white Yin and Yang symbol appeared behind him. His right hand reached out, and as the black and white gas mixed, the treasure Wang Lin had fused with his domain appeared. The Karma Whip!

With the Karma Whip in hand, Wang Lin's hand shook and popping sounds came out, then the skin on the whip peeled open, revealing strands of golden light.

The moment the devil closed in, the Karma Whip closed in and landed on the devil. The ancient devil suddenly stopped, and a large amount of devilish energy sprayed out from where the whip passed. He let out a painful scream and his eyes were bloodshot. He was about to charge again.

However, the Karma Whip in Wang Lin's hand moved once more, and with a snap, it landed on the ancient devil, causing him to tremble. Wang Lin didn't stop and continued to land blows on the ancient devil. The ancient devil seemed to have become fearful of the whip and continued to retreat.

However, just after it retreated hundreds of feet, the ancient devil rapidly shrank until it unexpectedly became a large handprint and whistled toward Wang Lin.

"Wang Lin, be careful. That devilish handprint can penetrate all forms of protection!" Ling Tianhou was startled by the handprint. The injury on his chest was caused by that handprint.

When Wang Lin saw the devilish handprint, his eyes shined brightly. This giant handprint gave him a very familiar feeling. As it closed in, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he raised his right hand. The feeling of that shocking handprint he saw in the Rain Celestial Realm appeared in his mind!

"I know this handprint too!" Back then, Wang Lin's cultivation level wasn't high enough, but now he was at the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage and had the body of an ancient god. The  thought of that handprint from the Rain Celestial Realm immediately filled his mind and replaced everything. It seemed to become an eternal existence, and it turned into a will that entered his right hand and shot forward.

This palm caused the world to change colors, and thunderous rumbles echoed. All of the black mist was pushed back like crazy as if there was a powerful wind pushing it.

The will contained inside this handprint contained an imposing aura that said "everything in the world belongs to me." This palm immediately turned into a giant handprint that covered the heavens and earth. It contained an indescribable pressure as it pushed forward.

In an instant, it collided with the ancient devil's shadow. There was a heaven-shaking rumble that caused the entire earth to tremble. The devilish handprint collapsed with a bang and turned back into the ancient devil. His eyes were filled with horror as he let out a screen and was about to flee.

However, Wang Lin's palm didn't dissipate but swept forward in a crazy manner. All of the black mist in the eighth floor began to be pushed back. Unexpectedly, this handprint had opened a large path through the black mist. The ancient devil wasn't able to escape, and the handprint caught up. It let out a mournful cry, and just as its body shattered, its left eye flashed. His left eye escaped and flew straight ahead.

The handprint didn't stop and continued to move forward. All of the pavilions in the way collapsed. As the handprint moved forward, it finally collided with the edge of the palace at the center.

There was a loud thud and more than half of the palace was destroyed, exposing the 99 candlesticks inside! The moment the handprint collided, one of the two candles that remained burning shook violently, and in the end the flame went out.

The only remaining candle showed signs of extinguishing but was still struggling to stay burning.

Ling Tianhou stared dumbfoundedly at all of this, and he sucked a breath of cold air. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he stared at Wang Lin. Right now a terrifying storm appeared in his heart.

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