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Chapter 1056  

The fire element origin energy was extremely dense in the seventh floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave. In particular, the magma contained even more. As Wang Lin absorbed large amounts of fire origin energy, it entered his body and wrapped around his origin soul, nourishing his origin soul that had adapted to fire origin energy.

A very comfortable feeling emerged in Wang Lin's mind. Although he had devoured a lot of pills on the sixth floor and his injuries had recovered a bit, they were still not completely healed. At this moment, as he absorbed fire origin energy, his injuries began to recover once more.

Although it was slow, it gave Wang Lin hope.

However, most people had already entered the inner part of the volcano, and Wang Lin let out a sigh. During the one month he spent healing, he had asked Wang Wei about the method of  curing the Seventh Heaven poison.

However, back in the Celestial Realm, Wang Wei and Hu Juan rarely came into contact with poison.  Although they had heard of the Seventh Heaven poison and knew a bit about it, they didn't know the specifics. In the end, he still had to place his hope of curing Situ Nan's poison on Celestial Emperor Qing Lin or Qing Shuang.

Knowing that he couldn't stay on the seventh floor for too long, Wang Lin took a deep breath and the origin energy in his body moved even faster. A more powerful suction force came from his hand as he absorbed more fire origin energy before withdrawing his hand. Wang Lin the jumped up and entered through the top of the volcano.

The moment Wang Lin got up, the man in black also went up and headed to the top of the volcano from another direction.

Wang Lin had already noticed that the man in black could also absorbed fire origin energy like him. This person also had a mark between their eyebrows, which made Wang Lin vigilant.

Wang Lin didn't move very fast and moved up like a gentle breeze. He gradually arrived at the top of the volcano. There was a huge opening at the top of the volcano, and dense, black fog slowly spread out from inside.

High temperatures filled the area. Even the rocks near the mouth of the volcano were bright red. It looked very shocking.

Floating above the red rocks at the mouth of the volcano, Wang Lin's expression was neutral as the high temperature brought him no discomfort. Looking down, the inside of the mouth of the volcano was shrouded with a fiery glow and a phantom-like black smoke that occasionally could charge out.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin stepped out and charged at the volcano's entrance like a meteor. Wang Lin's divine sense spread out around him when he charged in. The black smoke coming from inside the volcano suddenly disappeared.

Waves of heat rushed at him. When the heat got near him, all the pores on his body opened up and absorbed the fire origin energy inside the heat.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light and he sank even faster. Behind him, the man in black also descended but kept a certain distance. He didn't want to attract Wang Lin's killing intent for being too close.

The man in black had learned that Wang Lin wasn't someone who was easy to deal with during his brief contact with him. Wang Lin was someone decisive and ruthless but also very cunning. Even the likes of Master Void had repeatedly been forced into terrible situations that caused his cultivation level to drop greatly.

If anyone changed positions with Wang Lin, they would find it difficult to walk among so many powerhouses. He was even able to borrow pressure from others to suppress the enemy, causing Master Void to end up in a difficult situation.

Thinking about this, the man in black felt even more dread, especially when he recalled Wang Lin's gaze and arrogant words before leaving the first floor. The aura Wang Lin had after forcing Master Void away was something the man in black couldn't forget.

Moreover, although he could absorb the fire origin energy here, he was still inferior to the Vermillion Bird that had control over all the fire in the world.

"I desire to devour this person… Difficult! Difficult! Difficult!" The man in black sigh to himself.

Wang Lin naturally didn't know the man in black's complex thoughts. He moved faster and faster as he constantly absorbed the heatwave coming at him. The deeper he went, the more intense the heat became. The surrounding rocks had countless cracks on them and were no longer red but dark red. This meant that the fire poison here was even stronger.

The walls here weren't smooth, and they would often have rocks sticking out. Wang Lin's body flickered and landed on one of those rocks that were sticking out. The rock was dark red, and it released bursts of black gas.

The moment Wang Lin stood on the rock, gravel fell off and sank into the volcano.

The moment he landed, Wang Lin suddenly inhaled and the powerful heatwaves below were all sucked into his mouth.

It looked like Wang Lin was devouring a sea of flames. The heat turned into flame essence as it was inhaled into Wang Lin's body. Then he retreated a steps and his face turned red, but his eyes were extremely bright.

The origin energy in his body moved like crazy and continued to digest the fire origin energy. After seven minutes, Wang Lin looked up, let out a cold snort, and descended deeper into the volcano.

The moment Wang Lin left, the man in black landed on this rock. There was a trace of terror in his eyes.

"To devour fire origin energy like this, this person is a madman!" Fire origin energy was the most violent. The man in black knew he wouldn't dare to devour like this; he could only absorb it as if he was guiding it.

Wang Lin moved faster and faster. Soon, he arrived at the bottom of the volcano. His gaze pierced the heatwaves and smoke below, allowing him to see everything below.

The bottom of the volcano was filled with dark red magma; it was a sea of magma. Occasionally, bubbles would swell up, and whenever one burst, an intense heatwave would charge upwards toward the top of the volcano.

Black smoke also floated up and was pushed up with the heatwave.

There was a palace stuck between the walls of the volcano above the sea of magma. This palace looked exactly the same as the entrance to the next floor in the last six floors.

However, at this moment, the gate was closed and a complex word was drawn on it with black blood. This extravagant word looked like a tattoo but also didn't

Just looking at it gave off a crazy feeling, as if it could turn the world upside and reverse the heavens.

The moment Wang Lin saw the word, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He recognized the word as it was the language that belonged to the ancient god clan. It was also the language of the ancient demon and ancient devil clan.

"Devil!" It was the word "devil!"

At this moment, outside the palace, Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and Bei Lou formed a group and the All-Seer and company formed another. They floated in the air and stared at the gate of the palace.

Ling Tianhou, the old man on the gourd, and the beautiful woman were constantly using spells to constantly attack the gate. However, due to the heat, the sounds from the impacts were fragmented. The sounds weren't able to spread far and weren't able to echo.

Wang Lin's arrival caused Master Void to raise his head, and a trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes. However, he quickly suppressed it.

Wang Lin moved next to Wang Wei and Hu Juan. He looked at the gate and frowned. At this moment, Ling Tianhou let out a roar and the four origin swords behind him crashed into the door. The word "devil" on the door flashed intensely, but it showed no signs of taking any damage.

"I can't open the seal to enter the eighth floor!" Ling Tianhou let out a cold snort and retreated. The beautiful woman and the old man on the gourd also shook their heads and gave up.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan also frowned. They had tried it before and couldn't break it either. With this seal here, they wouldn't be able to enter the palace.

Wang Lin stared at the word "devil" on the gate of the palace. He knew that with these old monsters here, there was obviously no need for him to do anything. He sat down on a rock not far away before closing his eyes and beginning to cultivate. Although he was cultivating, he was still on guard.

Not far away from Wang Lin, the girl in pink stood on a rock slightly lower than Wang Lin. Countless snowflakes surrounded her, resisting the high temperature. The rock below her feet even showed signs of freezing.

Time slowly passed. The man in black that was behind Wang Lin had arrived a long time ago. He cautiously floated on the side and stared at the palace while pondering.

The word "devil" on the palace gate contained an unimaginable sealing force. Almost everyone, including Wang Wei, Hu Juan, the All-Seer, and even Bei Lou, took turns attacking in succession. In the end, both sides attacked at once, and the sounds of the attack unexpectedly broke through the heatwaves. The echoes formed caused large amounts of rocks to fall from the volcano.

The rumbling sounds echoed even louder as everyone continued to attack. In the end, the sounds merged together and even echoed outside the volcano. If you were outside the volcano, you would be able to hear the muffled rumbles.

In the end, with a final attack from Bei Lou, all of the spells gathered into a massive storm that swept toward the palace. There was a heaven-shattering rumble, and the whole volcano seemed to tremble. The magma below raged as if there was an earthquake.

The word "devil" on the palace suddenly collapsed! The gate opened! However, a shocking change occurred the moment the gate opened!

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