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Chapter 1055 - Mountain Crumbles

Master Void suddenly turned around, and his hand moved to form a seal to use a spell. However, at this moment, the All-Seer's mouth moved slightly and Master Void immediately stopped. It was as if an invisible force had suddenly interrupted his spell.

Master Void's expression changed greatly, and at this moment, Zhou Yi pierced through the flames toward Master Void. He was so fast that he landed on Master Void's chest in an instant.

A thunder rumble echoed across the hall and he coughed out blood. He then staggered a few steps backwards. Crackling sounds came from the floor as the ground he stepped turned to powder.

The sword energy dissipated and turned back into Zhou Yi. His face was pale and his body was transparent as a large amount of spiritual energy had left his body. He looked as if he could disappear at any time. It seemed that although this attack had done damage to Master Void, Zhou Yi was also hurt in the process.

Zhou Yi retreated next to Wang Wei and Hu Juan. He sent a message to Wang Lin. "Wang Lin, my sword energy wasn't enough to kill him, but I caused his previous injuries to erupt and made them worse!"

With that, Zhou Yi sat down and quickly began to heal himself. He unexpectedly took out pills from somewhere and devoured them. These pills were specially made for spirit bodies. They weren't made to look like pills and instead looked like flowing spiritual energy.

Master Void's face was deathly pale. He had already been seriously injured and had suppressed his injuries along the way so they wouldn't worsen. However, thanks to Zhou Yi's desperate blow, his injuries erupted once more, causing his cultivation level to fall once more. Although he wasn't down to the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer yet, if his injuries worsened, he wouldn't be far off. This was the first time he had felt a chill in his heart, and he retreated a few more steps. His right hand formed a seal and quickly pointed at his body, allowing him to barely stabilize. However, this action caused him to cough out more blood.

He had a ferocious expression, but he wasn't looking at Wang Lin or Zhou Yi. Instead, he was locked onto the All-Seer.

The All-Seer's expression remained neutral as Master Void's gaze made him feel no discomfort, and he calmly said, "Fellow Cultivator Master Void, I would only dare to help you if you were brought down to such a state." With that, the All-Seer looked at Wang Wei and Hu Juan and smiled. "I hope the Celestial Cloud Couple will give this old man face. How about we forget all personal grievances today and focus on getting to the next floor?"

Ling Tianhou's expression became gloomy. How could he not see that the All-Seer had secretly made a move? He silently moved next to Master Void and coldly looked at Wang Lin and company.

There was also that old man on the gourd who had an indifferent expression as he looked at everyone. However, where he stood clearly showed that he would stand on the All-Seer and Master Void's side.

At the same time, the girl who was suspected to be the Brilliant Void Saintess stood up and went to Master Void. Her beautiful gaze swept by before landing on Wang Lin, and she softly said, "Fellow Cultivator Wang, let's stop this matter today. Once you leave here, my Brilliant Void Realm won't participate in this matter."

Aside from the man in black, everyone else had clearly picked a side. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he clasped his hands at Wang Wei. "Junior was reckless. I'll let Senior decide this matter."

Although Wang Wei was not happy about Wang Lin attacking earlier, he nodded when he saw that Wang Lin knew when to stop. His gaze landed on the All-Seer and company and he calmly said, "Good. Let's put aside all personal grievances for now! The last three floors are filled with dangers, so please, fellow cultivators, don't hold back. After we transfer to the seventh floor, meet at the center."

After Wang Wei finished speaking, the All-Seer and company smiled and nodded. Hu Juan stood up and walked next to the stone tablet. She placed her jade-like hand on the tablet and gently pressed. Purple light came from the tablet and rumbling sounds came from it as if it was shaking.

In an instant, a large amount of cracks appeared on the ground and suddenly collapsed, revealing a starry sky. Everyone fell in and disappeared.

As for Zhou Yi, Wang Wei brought him toward the starry sky-like transfer array.

The seventh floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave was very different from the first six floors. There were no pavilions, and it was covered in a sea of flames, as if it was its own world!

In this not-so-big space, there was an erupting volcano in the center, and it was surrounded by a large amount of black fog. Rumbling sounds came from the volcano and fire occasionally rained down from the sky.

The ground seemed to be divided by cracks into countless pieces that floated on the magma. Black gas came out from the cracks and gave off intense heat.

Everyone was scattered when they were teleported here. When Wang Lin landed, he immediately looked around and frowned.


Everything here was completely different from the seventh floor on the map; there was no resemblance at all. Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he looked ahead and saw Hu Juan about 1,000 feet away. Hu Juan looked around, and there was also confusion in her eyes.

When Wang Lin looked at her, Hu Juan also looked at Wang Lin. She had long suspected that Wang Lin had had some fortunate encounter and had become very familiar with this cave. Now that she saw Wang Lin's gaze, she let out a wry smile and shook her head.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. It seemed Hu Juan's expression wasn't fake and she was also confused about the changes here.

"The place is completely flat with only the volcano. The entrance to the eighth floor must be in the volcano!" Hu Juan's voice spread out and landed in everyone's ears.

Master Void was in the distance with a pale face. Even with the fiery light, his face didn't look red at all. His right hand was over his chest and bursts of pain came from it from time to time. There was a strange sword energy there that prevented the wound from healing.

"All-Seer, Wang Lin, and that sword spirit, I'll remember this. If I don't pay you all back 10 times… no 100 times, then I'll never give up!" He gloomily looked around.

"Damn it, even the Celestial Emperor Cave is working against me. It unexpectedly has such powerful fire origin energy, I fear that it will benefit that little bastard!" Master Void roared in his heart, but then he suddenly realized something and became covered in cold sweat.

"The drop in cultivation level caused my personality to change. How can I be angered so easily!?" Master Void took a deep breath as he suppressed the anger in his heart and forced himself to calm down.

Wang Wei stepped next to Hu Juan and the two of them turned into two rays of light, heading toward the volcano. At this moment, the All-Seer and company also got up and charged at the volcano.

The beautiful woman, the old man on the gourd, and the man in black flew toward the volcano. Master Void coldly stared at Wang Lin and also flew toward the volcano.

Wang Lin casually moved forward in the air. He knew his cultivation couldn't match that of the old monsters before him, so would naturally not lead the charge but slowly move forward.

Another person also slowed down in the distance, the suspected Brilliant Void Saintess. Her beautiful eyes fell on Wang Lin and she stopped as if she was waiting for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was cold. When he saw the girl in pink stop, he simply went around her in an arc. He was unwilling to interact much with her and slowly closed in on the volcano.

When the girl in pink saw Wang Lin move around her, she let out a snort and no longer paid him any attention but flew toward the volcano.

Seeing the girl in pink leave, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light. Although this place was different from the map, as Wang Lin slowly moved, he saw traces of celestial jade remnants within the cracks.

It was obvious that countless years ago, this was the seventh layer of the Celestial Emperor Cave. It was just that some unimaginable thing had happened, causing this place to become a flaming ruin.

Looking at the towering volcano, Wang Lin closed his eyes and his divine sense spread out. After a long time, he opened his eyes and was even more confident in his speculation.

This volcano didn't appear out of nowhere, it was moved here by someone. The closer he got to it the more evidence he saw that supported this idea.

Wang Lin clearly saw that the rocks around the volcano were completely different from the ground.

"I guess everyone must have also seen something strange about the volcano." Wang Lin stood at the foot of the volcano and was in no rush to enter. His eyes lit up as he looked around until his gaze fell on the magma flowing out from the crack. The high temperature from the magma didn't make Wang Lin feel discomfort and in fact made him feel very comfortable. Even the origin energy inside his body became more active.

"The change here benefits me!" Wang Lin's right hand reached into the magma in the crack. He immediately felt the endless fire element inside the magma.

His right hand was inside the magma, and the heat from it made him very comfortable. His origin energy moved inside his body and formed a vortex. A suction force came from Wang Lin's body and he used his right hand as a bridge. The fire origin energy from the magma suddenly moved and was slowly pulled into Wang Lin's body.

"I have already learned the first three of Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's six spells. However, according to Senior Brother Qing Shui, the latter three spells contain the true essence of Bai Fan's power, and the first of those three is Mountain Crumbles! In the Slaughter Domain, I saw Qing Sui use it, and it was very similar to a volcanic eruption…" Wang Lin pondered while he absorbed the fire origin energy and looked at the majestic volcano.

To Wang Lin's right, the man in black with the hidden black dragon also didn't enter the volcano but sat down and placed his left hand inside the magma in the crack. Like Wang Lin, he was also absorbing the origin energy within the fire. He would sometimes look at Wang Lin with fear and hostility in his eyes. 

"Vermillion Bird…  If I devour the Vermillion Bird, will my flame dragon awaken a second time…"

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