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Chapter 1057

The moment the word "devil" dissipated and the gate opened, the sea of magma below suddenly began to churn violently. Bursts of muffled roars came from the magma and then, with a bang, the manga below charged up into the sky.

It was as if an unimaginable force was pushing the magma up. The volcano was erupting!

A temperature several times higher than before suddenly emerged when the magma charged up. The intense temperature even caused a lot of the surrounding rocks to immediately fracture. Before they could even fall, they were turned into black gas and pushed up. 

At this moment, if you looked at the volcano from the outside, you would see that the volcano was trembling and black smoke several times stronger was coming out. Large amounts of black smoke rushed out into the air as if it wanted to cover the entire sky.

As the black smoke was sprayed out, it covered the entire sky in almost an instant, not allowing any light to penetrate through. Only the magma between the cracks of the earth glowed, vaguely lighting up the area.

The moment the door opened inside the volcano, Bei Lou rushed out into the palace as the magma rushed up. Everyone else regained their senses and followed him.

However, everyone's speed was a bit slower, and the monstrous magma rushed up. If this was it, it wouldn't be enough to scare these powerful cultivators. However, as the magma passed by, a giant arm reached out and grabbed the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman exclaimed and wanted to dodge, but she was too slow before the hand. She was shrouded by flames in an instant and was pulled into the magma.

This sudden scene shocked the hearts of the surrounding cultivators.

However, this wasn't over yet. As the magma rushed out, a roar came out from the magma and echoed around like a sonic boom. This caused the surrounding rocks to collapse even more.

As the roar echoed, a purplish red coffin came out from the raging magma. The roar from the coffin became even stronger.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan's expressions changed greatly. The two of obviously knew about the coffin. Without hesitation, the two of them each formed a seal and joined the seals together. They became transparent and instantly passed everyone as they charged into the palace.

The moment they entered the palace, the coffin collapsed and scattered into countless pieces that fell on everyone. At the same time, a red-robed old man walked out from the coffin.

This red-robed old man contained no vitality and was filled with death aura. The moment he appeared, he charged toward everyone. The All-Seer's eyes lit up and his mouth moved as if he was saying something. Then the red-robed old man suddenly stopped.

Taking advantage of the red-robed old man's pause, the All-Seer waved his sleeves and charged at the palace. Just at this moment, the red-robed old man's body collapsed and a roar came out from within. Then a sea of flames appeared and turned into a fire dragon that attempted to devour everyone.

The expression of the girl in pink surrounded by the snowflakes turned pale as she rushed toward the palace. However, before she could enter, her body turned into a ray of light and was inhaled by the fire dragon.

Seeing that everyone was charging toward the palace and not worrying about others, Wang Lin had already left the rock and shot toward the palace. However, just as he was about to enter the palace, Master Void, who was the last person to enter the palace, suddenly turned around and coldly stared at Wang Lin.

Before Master Void could attack, the fire dragon arrived. The fire dragon was so big that it could devour the entire palace. Wang Lin felt a powerful suction force, and he was devoured along with the palace by the fire dragon.

The fire dragon devoured everything and then charged into the magma. The magma began churning even more violently when the dragon dove into it. The magma continued to surge up faster and faster until it erupted out from the volcano and covered the sky. Then the magma fell as balls of fire onto the ground.

Only after a long time did everything end and the volcano stopped erupting, leaving only black smoke coming out. The magma sank back down and the bottom of the volcano became quiet once more. However, the palace was now missing.

At this moment, in the deepest part of the magma, the palace devoured by the fire dragon appeared. However, now it was surrounded by magma, so even if you were inside the palace, you could feel the intense heat.

Wang Lin's figure appeared in the magma in the distance. The heat coming from the magma not only didn't injure him, it made his injuries even better. The magma was thick, and it surrounded Wang Lin with an indescribable amount of fire origin energy. The Vermillion Bird tattoo on this body shined brightly and even let out Vermillion Bird cries.

He sat down and gradually sank to the bottom of the magma. He was about 10,000 feet away from the palace. Both of his hands formed a seal and dense fire origin energy entered his body.

As he absorbed, his body turned red, and time slowly passed. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin opened his eyes. The surroundings were completely quiet.

Not only was the origin energy inside his body not restrained, it became even more vigorous. While pondering, Wang Lin didn't immediately leave but continued to cultivate.

This was a very precious chance for him. It would be very difficult for him to find another place with such rich fire origin energy. Wang Lin closed his eyes and continued to absorb fire origin energy.

Time passed. As Wang Lin absorbed, the amount of magma gradually reduced. During this time, Wang Lin awakened three times, and all three time were because the intense fluctuations of magma caused the volcano to erupt.

Whenever he awakened, he would carefully awaken the eruption of the volcano. After the eruption was complete, he would immerse himself in absorbing once more.

On this day, Wang Lin awaken for the fourth time. Although the magma still had endless fire origin energy left, Wang Lin no longer dared to continue absorbing. As he absorbed the fire origin energy, he gradually became one with the magma, and he vaguely felt that there was a strange spirit inside the magma.

If he absorbed too much, it would be easy to disturb that strange spirit. According to Wang Lin's analysis, that strange spirit should be the fire dragon that devoured everything.

While pondering, Wang Lin slowly stood up and walked toward the palace in the magma. However, after a few steps, Wang Lin suddenly stopped as he saw a bubble slowly closing in on the palace.

After carefully looking at the bubble, Wang Lin's expression became strange, and at the same time, the cultivators inside it saw Wang Lin.

There were two people inside the bubble. They were the girl in pink and the beautiful woman who was devoured by fire dragon. The beautiful woman was unconscious and her whole body glowed red; it seemed like she was on the edge of death. As for the girl in pink, the snowflakes around her had disappeared. There was a snowflake rune flashing between her eyebrows that released bursts of cold energy that allowed her to survive inside the bubble.

She immediately saw Wang Lin approaching, and surprise and horror filled her eyes. Although she knew about Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird awakening, she didn't think that Wang Lin wouldn't be injured at all inside this magma, and he moved as if he was on land.

"No wonder those people were so terrified of the Four Divine Sect. It seems that after the Vermillion Bird awakened, he unexpectedly gained a terrifying resistance to fire." The girl in pink stared at Wang Lin. She had been stuck in the magma for several months and was unable to move too fast. Fortunately, she was able to find the beautiful middle-aged woman, but she had been unconscious this whole time and her body was filled with a strange flame.

The girl wasn't able to awaken the beautiful woman. Although she was able to protect herself from the magma with the treasure her senior sister had given her, moving forward was difficult. It had taken several months for her to find the palace, but she didn't expect to see Wang Lin here.

When she saw Wang Lin, the girl in pink felt her heart skip a beat and became anxious. She quickly controlled the bubble and charged straight for the palace.

Due to the sudden acceleration, the bubble became unstable and seemed like it could collapse at any time. However, the girl in pink couldn't care about that anymore, and she quickly closed in on the palace.

Wang Lin's expression was indifferent as he stepped toward the bubble the girl in pink and the beautiful woman were in. As he quickly closed in, the girl in pink became even more anxious. She didn't know what Wang Lin was thinking, but she knew Wang Lin and the beautiful woman's group had conflict in the past. She thought he was coming here to kill the beautiful woman.

When the girl in pink saw that Wang Lin was only few hundred feet away, she quickly shouted, "Wang Lin, you have a feud with Master Void; the two of us has no feud with you!"

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