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Chapter 1054 - Forcing Master Void

"Cultivation Alliance…" Wang Wei coldly looked at Master Void and shook his head. "What a high status."

Hu Juan smiled and casually looked at Master Void. She and her husband had never considered the Cultivation Alliance much. It wasn't that Master Zhong Xuan or the Alliance were weak, but they had their own pride in their status. Especially Wang Wei, whose pride was known by everyone in the Celestial Realm back then.

However, after countless years of change, Wang Wei's personally had been suppressed and wasn't so easily revealed. However, the pride in his bones wasn't something time could erase.

Wang Wei and Hu Juan were disciples of the strongest person in the Celestial Realm, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. They were famous when the Celestial Realm was still around and the Cultivation Alliance didn't even exist. They were still just a bunch of lower realm Qi Cultivators back then.

Even Ancient Demon Bei Lou grinned, and his eyes filled with mockery. As an ancient demon, he naturally held disdain for this Cultivation Alliance that was a new organization. He was already famous in the outside realm when the sealed realm still belonged to the Celestial Realm.

In addition, although he had been trapped in the Demon Spirit Land for all these years, he had learned a lot about the Cultivation Alliance through the cultivators that came here. In fact, he knew a lot more details than most people.

"Your senior brother, Master Zhong Xuan, was already a famous person before the Celestial Realm collapsed and was considered one of the strongest Qi Cultivators. When the Celestial Realm collapsed, he was among the first people, along with the Four Divine Sect's Azure Dragon Divine Emperor, that risked their lives to rob the Celestial Realm.

"In the end, he used some unknown method to obtain most of the inheritances of the Rain Celestial Realm, and only then was the Cultivation Alliance established! I, Bei Lou, actually admire such a person, but you…" Bei Lou shook his head, and his eyes filled with mockery.

Master Void's expression was gloomy. Their gazes made him very angry, but he suppressed that anger. He pointed at Wang Lin and said, "I have a personal vendetta with this junior. Since you fellow cultivators came forward, I'll hold off on this matter. I promise to not find any trouble with this junior while we are in this cave. I presume you fellow cultivators are here to work together to enter the next floor. Why ruin the mood? If it impacts our chances at the next floor, it's not worth it."

Hundreds of thoughts flashed through Master Void's mind as he spoke. His words were very clever. First, he pretended to be weak and did not cause any trouble for Wang Lin. Then pointed out that it was not good for the overall situation for them to start fighting now.

To force someone with his cultivation level and status to say something like this was the most humiliating thing one could experience. All his anger was focused on Wang Lin, and although his killing intent was hidden, it was even stronger than before.

The man in black next to Master Void walked out and sat down. It was obvious he was showing he wasn't going to participate in this matter. Only the beautiful woman stood next to Master Void with a pale expression.

Wang Wei's cold gaze withdrew from Master Void. Although killing this Master Void wouldn't be difficult, it would still be troublesome as this person was still a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Although he was seriously injured, as Master Zhong Xuan's junior brother, he should still possess some spells and treasures. Right now, saving his teacher was Wang Wei's priority. There was no need to rush killing this person to get revenge for Wang Lin.

Seeing that this matter was going to calmly pass, Master Void relaxed in his heart. However, just at this moment, Wang Lin stood up. Master Void's pupils suddenly shrank as he stared at Wang Lin.

The moment he looked at Wang Lin, Zhou Yi immediately released a powerful cold aura. He turned into a ray of sword energy and shot directly at Master Void.

The moment Zhou Yi stepped out, Wang Lin stepped out too. His hand formed a seal and flames appeared in his eyes. Fire came out from his right arm and quickly formed a Vermillion Bird before him!

This Vermillion Bird let out a cry as it charged at Master Void along with Zhou Yi.

"You're courting death!" Killing intent appeared in Master Void's eyes as he waved his right hand. A yellow vortex appeared out of thin air and swept forward. 

Wang Wei originally didn't want to attack right now, but seeing Wang Lin and Zhou Yi attack, he couldn't just do nothing. Zhou Yi couldn't die, and Wang Lin had brought Qing Shuang here, so he couldn't die either.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Wei pointed forward and a curtain of water appeared. It released a five-colored light and immediately charged forward. It was so fast that it immediately reached the yellow vortex Master Void had created.

Wang Wei calmly said, "Seal!"

The moment he spoke, the five-colored curtain of water turned into water vapor and spread out around the yellow vortex before it quickly contracted. There were popping sounds as the water vapor fused with the yellow vortex.

The vortex immediately seemed to stop rotating and suddenly collapsed. It turned into countless pieces of dirt that scattered in all directions.

Master Void's schemes were completely destroyed by Wang Lin's attack. Wang Lin's daring and cunning shocked Master Void. Such a decisive act was something Master Void knew he couldn't have done at Wang Lin's age.

Even out of all the juniors he had met, there were few like Wang Lin.

The collapse of the yellow vortex allowed the Vermillion Bird formed by Wang Lin's spell to charge through. As it rushed out, it released a monstrous flame that contained extreme heat, and it shot toward Master Void.

Unless he took out that iron sword again, Master Void wouldn't care about Wang Lin's attack. What he cared about was Wang Wei, Hu Juan, and Bei Lou.

Facing Wang Lin's attack, Master Void slapped his bag and a small bag appeared. He slapped that bag and purple ashes flew out of it.

The moment these purple ashes appeared, they turned into a mire and gave off a rotten smell. The smell shot toward Wang Lin and Zhou Yi.

Bei Lou smiled and quickly stepped forward. With just one step, he appeared on the mire and mercilessly inhaled. There was a whistling sound as the mire was sucked into Bei Lou's mouth.

Bei Lou's eyes were filled with greed and he licked his lips. He then appeared near Master Void and his hand reached out. Master Void's expression changed greatly, and he retreated without hesitation. His hand formed a seal and repeatedly clapped down, causing a thunderous rumble to echo across the hall.

At this moment, the Vermillion Bird formed by Wang Lin's spell closed in and brought with it intense heat. Master Void let out a roar, then his origin soul appeared around his body and pointed at Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird.

He used his powerful cultivation to cause the Vermillion Bird to shatter into pieces with a point of his finger. Master Void didn't stop moving. He stepped to the side as he tried to shake off Bei Lou.

However, Bei Lou was even faster and kept chasing after Master Void. Popping sounds echoed in the hall, and after every pop, Master Void's face would become a bit paler.

While Bei Lou chased, demonic energy erupted from his body. He only needed to raise his hand and spells would appear without any seals. There were so many different spells that it was enough to blind someone from the light. Master Void had no chance to fight back and could only retreat while passively resisting.

What gave Master Void a headache was that the collapsed Vermillion Bird had unexpectedly reformed. It gave off an even stronger flame than before and charged at Master Void.

No matter how many times Master Void destroyed the Vermillion Bird while being chased by Bei Lou, it would reform from the flames. It was as if this Vermillion Bird really had an undying soul!

Zhou Yi turned into a ray of sword light and followed closely. He wouldn't causally go near Master Void, but the moment he found an opportunity, he would charge in.

The beautiful woman's eyes revealed a hint of hesitation and she was about to help when Wang Lin suddenly looked at her with a cold gaze. This immediately made her think of Wang Lin's words before he left the first floor and the terrifying power of the iron sword.

Her foot that had lifted and was forcibly stopped by her. She subconsciously avoided Wang Lin's eyes and the idea of helping Master Void quickly extinguished.

Master Void's face became even more pale. If this was it, it wouldn't have been too bad, but what made Master Void anxious was that Wang Wei had unexpectedly stood up. He charged in and went on a pincer attack with Bei Lou, completely sealing in Master Void.

Seeing that Wang Wei was about to attack, Master Void became anxious and roared, "If you fellow cultivators don't participate in this matter, I will give up on taking anything from this Celestial Emperor Cave and will help you break through the restrictions in here!"

Wang Wei's eyes narrowed, and even Bei Lou's eyes narrowed and his feet paused for a moment.

Just at this moment, another fluctuation came from outside the hall. Someone else had arrived. The All-Seer slowly entered with Ling Tianhou, and the old man on the gourd was behind him.

After seeing what was going on inside the hall, Ling Tianhou was startled. The All-Seer revealed a gaze that made it seem as if he had foreseen everything. He revealed a smile that was not a smile and looked at Master Void.

"All-Seer, help me!" Master Void quickly retreated. However, just at this moment, Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and the Vermillion Bird condensed once more. He didn't target Master Void directly, but it suddenly collapsed into a sea of flames next to Master Void.

Just at this instant, the sword light formed by Zhou Yi released a fierce energy he had never released before along with a trace of the aura of a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. He charged directly at Master Void, who was inside the sea of flames!

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