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Chapter 1053 - Master Void's Cold Sweat

The moment the sharp laugh was heard, Wang Lin saw a bald person that seemed to be walking in the void and quickly came here.

"Bei Lou!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

"What a good disciple of Qing Lin to actually trap this demon inside a restriction!" Bei Lou took a few steps and noticed Wang Lin. He revealed a look of surprise.

"You were able to get here!" Bei Lou's eyes revealed a strange glow.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Wei's eyes. He let out a cold snort and took a step forward. His right hand formed a seal and curtain of rain immediately appeared and shot toward Bei Lou.

Hu Juan stepped into the restriction on the side and bit the tip of her right finger. Then she quickly drew a strange rune in the air. After the rune appeared, it gave off waves of ghostly light.

Just at this moment, all the restrictions in the sixth floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave seemed to become alive and unexpectedly lit up at the same time, as if they were all triggered at once. They came from all directions and flew directly at Ancient Demon Bei Lou.

The sky was filled with restrictions, and as Hu Juan pointed, all of these restrictions gathered.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou pressed his hands to the side, causing a powerful surge of demonic energy to appear, and formed a vortex of demonic energy.

"This demon doesn't want to fight with you two. The two of you want to save Qing Lin, and I'm after that ancient devil, Ta Jia. Although our goals are different, we can still work together. I fear just you two aren't strong enough to open the seal Ta Jia placed. With me, the chances of breaking it will be greater!" Bei Lou was inside the vortex, and the demonic energy swirled around him. His voice was distorted by the vortex, and when it landed in one's ears, it would make them tremble.

Wang Lin was already injured, so his face immediately turned pale. He took out several pills and threw it into his mouth. He had no time to digest them before he cycled the origin energy inside his body.

"How is my proposal? If we continue to fight, you won't be able to save the Celestial Emperor and I won't be able to kill Ta Jia. In the end, we will only make it easier for him!" Bei Lou's voice was filled with demonic intent. The reason Bei Lou was saying this was because he really dreaded Wang Wei and Hu Juan when they worked together, and Hu Juan controlled all the restrictions here. When Bei Lou left the Celestial Burial Pool, he had already encountered them on the fourth floor.

They went through a very vicious battle, but in the end, neither side could kill the other. However, because of Hu Juan, Bei Lou was trapped for several months.

He came here not to continue fighting, but to work together.

Hu Juan's eyes lit up and she looked at Wang Wei. As Wang Wei stared at Bei Lou, the coldness in his eyes slowly disappeared. He waved his hand, causing the water curtain to disappear before he calmly said, "OK!"

Bei Lou relaxed a bit in his heart and landed on the ground, but kept within certain distance from the couple. His gaze fell on Wang Lin and he laughed. "Little Brother Wang, your cultivation level has unexpectedly improved again. However, if you don't heal that injury soon, it will affect your cultivation in the future. Forget it, this demon was only able to come here because of you. I don't think anyone else would have let me in.

"Although I have medicine to help you, your injuries must've been caused by someone. Tell me his name and I'll kill him for you to repay your grace."

Wang Lin's expression was cold. With his intelligence, how could he not see the provocation and temptation in Bei Lou's words? Bei Lou was obviously very surprised Wang Lin was able to get there and didn't know what his relationship with the Celestial Cloud Couple was. Wang Lin revealed a faint smile as he clasped his hands and said, "Many thanks, Lord Ancient Demon. If the person who hurt me appears, I'll tell you. Please don't back out on your promise then!"

Bei Lou's eyes lit up and he laughed. He didn't mention this again.

It was naturally inconvenient to take out Qing Shuang's body now. Wang Wei took out a pill wrapped in green wax. There was a trace of reminiscence in his eyes as he handed it to Wang Lin.

"This is a green pill Teacher gave me. Whether you cultivate celestial spiritual energy or origin energy, as long as it is an energy of this world, all injuries can be instantly healed after taking this pill. I don't have much of this pill left. You may choose to take it now or save it for later." As Wang Wei spoke, he coldly looked at Bei Lou. It wasn't merely that he didn't have much left, he only had three total. One was with Hu Juan and two with him.

The moment Bei Lou saw the green wax, greed filled his eyes as he was far too familiar with it. When he and Ancient Devil Ta Jia sneak attacked Qing Lin, even with Qing Lin's severe injuries, the pill still had some affect.

It allowed Qing Lin to put up a lot of resistance and was ultimately why the ancient demon had failed.

"Gifting this pill means they share a very close relationship with Wang Lin. This also means they still have some more left… Although I don't know if this is true, if a real fight starts, it will be troublesome." Bei Lou's gaze withdrew from the pill.

Holding the pill, Wang Lin didn't immediately take it but put it in his bag. They moved toward the dark fog at the center of the sixth floor under Hu Juan's guidance.

Zhou Yi still floated beside Wang Lin. Wang Lin was very weak and needed someone to guard him, so Zhou Yi would naturally not leave.

Soon, the dark fog appeared before them. Bei Lou looked at the black fog with hatred in his eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that he had failed, then Ancient Devil Ta Jai couldn't have seized that opportunity.

"However, this isn't a bad thing. How could Qing Lin be that easy to deal with? Ta Jia mustn't have succeeded, or he would have long left this place."

After stepping into the palace, Wang Lin immediately saw a stone tablet on the ground. This tablet was around 20 feet tall, and the only thing on it was a hand print.

Wang Wei looked at Bei Lou and said, "The last three floors are Teacher's private chambers. I don't know if there are any changes to those places. In order to have a better chance, we should wait for more people to arrive! Wang Lin, spend some time healing so you have the power to protect yourself."

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. He still wasn't able to see through the Celestial Cloud Couple. They weren't anxious to enter and actually wanted to wait for others to arrive.

There was also Ancient Demon Bei Lou. He didn't question it at all, as if he had the same idea.

"Don't think so much and focus on healing. I have already seen that those two are strange, but they won't harm us." Zhou Yi was beside Wang Lin, and he sent Wang Lin a message through a special method only sword spirits could use.

Wang Lin lowered his head and his eyes lit up. He sat down but didn't take out the green pill. Instead, he took out the other pills and devoured them one by one after checking them out. He then closed his eyes and focused on healing.

Although he was healing, he didn't seal his divine sense. Although it would affect his healing speed, he had to stay vigilant here.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, seven days went by. During this time, Wang Wei and Hu Juan were sitting down as if they were cultivating. Ancient Demon Bei Lou was the same.

Wang Lin let out a mouthful of foul air. His injuries had recovered slightly, but the hidden dangers were still there. Luckily, there were enough pills to fully recover. Wang Lin took out more pills and devoured them after checking them out.

However, his divine sense was still spread out and locked onto the entrance. He was waiting, waiting for Master Void to arrive. He believe that Master Void's group of three would be the first group to arrive.

Time seemed to last forever in the hall, and it was easy for people to forget the passage of time. Wang Lin's injuries slowly recovered due to the large amount of pills. Today was the 27th day since everyone started waiting in the hall.

It was about noon when Wang Wei and Hu Juan both opened their eyes and looked at the door. Ancient Demon Bei Lou was one step faster than them in looking at the door.

Fluctuations came from Wang Lin's divine sense. When his eyes opened, they revealed a mysterious light as he looked at the door.

A person slowly walked into the hall. This person was a woman surrounded by snowflakes. The snowflakes danced around her and looked extremely gorgeous.

"It's her!" Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. The first person to arrive wasn't Master Void's group of three, but the girl in pink who was suspected of being the Brilliant Void Saintess.

Her expression was calm. Her beautiful eyes swept across the hall and especially looked at Wang Lin. She didn't speak but found a corner and sat down.

Less than seven minutes after the girl sat down, Wang Lin felt fluctuations outside the hall once more. He looked up and saw three figures entering the hall!

Master Void, the beautiful woman, and the man in black.

The moment the three of them entered the hall, they attracted everyone's attention. Master Void immediately noticed Wang Lin, and a monstrous killing intent flashed through his eyes.

The moment he saw Wang Lin was also when Wang Lin saw him. Wang Lin's eyes turned cold and he calmly said, "Lord Ancient Demon, he is the person who injured me!"

The moment Wang Lin spoke, Wang Wei and Hu Juan all turned to stare at Master Void. Even Ancient Demon Bei Lou looked at Master Void with a smile that wasn't a smile.

Killing intent flashed across Zhou Yi's eyes as he floated forward, approaching Master Void. 

The sudden scene caused Master Void to suck in a breath of cold air, cold sweat covered his forehead, and his heart pounded even faster. He didn't know what Wang Lin had done in these short few months to make these people help him!

The Celestial Cloud Couple and the strange bald man made him feel like he would have to be cautious even during his peak. However, right now he was seriously injured and half of his origin soul was missing. His cultivation level had fallen from peak Nirvana Shatterer to mid stage Nirvana Shatterer.

He didn't dare to move at all or retreat. He was locked on to by everyone inside the hall. It was likely any movement from him would make everyone else here attack him.

"I'm the Cultivation Alliance's elder, Master Void. Junior brother of head elder Master Zhong Xuan. What is the meaning of this?" Master Void forced himself to calm down and even brought out the Cultivation Alliance.

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