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Chapter 1044 - Confusion

The phantom chased closely after Wang Lin. Its cold and ruthless eyes were locked onto Wang Lin as it charged upwards.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up, and he raised his right hand and pointed downwards.

The five black flame dragons suddenly let out roars and charged down into the deep pit. At this moment, it looked like the erupting volcano had suddenly reversed. The flames that erupted out were all surging back in.

Dense heat waves charged down. The five black flame dragons charged into the pit in the blink of an eye. They rushed at the phantom and attempted to devour it.  


An earth-shattering sound echoed, and the entire cave and the earth shook violently. The five black flame dragons were like five bolts of black thunder. They exploded when they came in contact with the phantom, causing this unimaginable explosion.

The thunderous rumble fused with its own echoes become the only sound that could be heard as it spread.

Large amounts of rocks fell off the walls of the pit, making it seem as if the pit itself was collapsing. Flashes of flames and angry roars came from the pit.

Wang Lin didn't examine the result of the fight. He raised his hand and used Summon the Rain. Raindrops suddenly appeared. The countless rain crystals floating around Wang Lin looked very beautiful.

The drops of rain filled the entire cave and seemed to be everywhere. It made the entire cave feel really damp. They were also able to absorb traces of origin energy, causing each raindrop to become incredibly powerful.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. After the black flame dragons had charged down into the pit, Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and he pointed down. All the raindrops began crashing down like meteors toward the collapsing pit.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The violent rumbles reached a peak when Summon the Rain  fell down into the pit. Each raindrop contained Wang Lin's origin energy, so they were extremely hot. When each drop landed on the rocks, the rocks would turn red and then be burned to ashes.

Most of the rocks that fell off the pit were pierced by the raindrops. As a result, there were sizzling sounds and large amounts of gas.

This seems like a lot, but it wasn't enough to show Wang Lin's current peak Nirvana Scryer cultivation. When he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, his spells already contained a certain amount of power. Now that he had reached the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage, he was able to reveal some of the true strength of the spells that Bai Fan loved to use.

After he used Summon the Rain, the countless raindrops fell, causing the collapse of the pit to reach a limit. The endless rumbles continued as countless rocks fell in an attempt to fill in the pit!

Along with Call the Wind, these two spells from Bai Fan went through a change. Wang Lin didn't have time to observe this change. After using Summon the Rain, he immediately charged toward the restriction in the palace.

Earlier, Wang Lin had memorized the map. Not only did the map have details of the path to take, even the restrictions were marked.

At this moment, there was a bamboo forest before Wang Lin. The bamboo forest looked very beautiful, but Wang Lin knew that there were tens of thousands of restrictions inside. If one of these restrictions were triggered, the rest would immediately activate and destroy anyone that entered.

Wang Lin moved like lightning and charged into the bamboo forest. Just as he entered, there was a loud bang behind him.

Shortly after, an angry roar echoed. The phantom had broken though everything Wang Lin had thrown at it and charged out from the deep pit.

This phantom was still translucent, but a majority of the red lines around it had been broken. It looked like it was in a sorry state. It seemed Wang Lin's attack earlier had done a number on it.

After charging out from the deep pit, it immediately saw Wang Lin closing in on the bamboo forest. Killing intent filled his eyes and it let out a roar at Wang Lin.


The roar shook the world, and some of the surrounding restrictions were triggered by this roar. However, before their full power could be displayed, they all shattered one by one.

Even the ground began to crack like crazy, and a gust of wind charged into the high heavens.

Twisted ripples appeared before this phantom along with the roar. It stepped into the ripples and then charged at Wang Lin like crazy.

Even until now, Wang Lin didn't know what it was. Although it was human-shaped, it had a strange appearance, especially its eyes. If you looked at its eyes, you wouldn't think it was a person.

Although Wang Lin was escaping, he had never lost track of this phantom with his divine sense. Wang Lin still hadn't seen this phanom use a spell. Even when it fired the red lines from its body, it was more of an instinctual move.

The more he observed, the stranger he found it. What made him really worry was the fact this thing was living inside the head of the ancient god!!

"Did it exist before the ancient god died, or did it enter after the ancient god died? If it entered after the ancient god died, then it won't be much of an issue. But if it was there before, then was it related to the death of the 8-star ancient god? Could the death of the 8-star ancient god not be related to the ethereal heavens' dao like I thought?"

Wang Lin knew that his speculation before was a bit absurd, so much so that even he wasn't sure. After seeing this humanoid phantom, he was even less sure of his previous speculation.

What exactly happened back then? Who killed this 8-star ancient god and cut off the head? Why did the celestials obtain this head? What made Wang Lin doubt himself even more was if the celestials had the head, why didn't they notice the iron sword?

Also, why didn't they take the iron sword?

Many questions filled Wang Lin's head, but he had no time to think about it. The roar of the phantom was closing in. Wang Lin turned around and stared at the phantom that was rapidly closing in before he stepped into the bamboo forest.

All of this was planned by Wang Lin. Even this bamboo forest was something Wang Lin had checked before in the map.

The moment Wang Lin entered the bamboo forest, he suddenly disappeared.

The humanoid phantom's roar echoed and charged at the bamboo forest. However, it suddenly stopped outside the bamboo forest. It coldly stared at the bamboo forest and revealed a hint of caution.

However, a moment later, the caution disappeared and was replaced with anxiety. It let out a few roars as it circled the bamboo forest. The red lines around it began to curve, then it stopped hesitating and charge into the bamboo forest.

With a flash, that humanoid phantom disappeared.

The moment it reappeared, there was a flash of light behind the bamboo forest, and Wang Lin stepped out. He carefully looked at where the humanoid phantom disappeared and then at the bamboo forest before he cautiously took a step to the side.

With one step, his vision suddenly blurred. When he regained his vision, he had already exited this bamboo forest.

Although it was difficult for Wang Lin to break the restrictions here with his current understanding of restrictions, he could enter some of the restrictions without activating them. This was all thanks to the information from the map

For example, the bamboo forest was like this.

"Although this bamboo forest is strong, that humanoid phantom is even stronger. This restriction probably won't be able to trap it for long. It is best I leave as soon as possible and enter the depths of this cave." Wang Lin looked ahead at the many pavilions before him. A dark fog shrouded the area.

From afar, one could see the corner of a palace from within the dark fog.

That was the center of this entire cave, but Wang Lin knew that it was only the entrance to the second floor. Before he saw the map, Wang Lin was somewhat confused by this cave and didn't know where to go.

However, now, aside from the last few floors, he knew the structure of the entire cave. There was a total of nine floors, and each floor had completely different architecture. The restrictions got stronger with each floor as well.

The restrictions on the first floor were already not weak, but as one went deeper, the strength of the restrictions would reach a terrifying level.

"This is the real Celestial Emperor Cave. Originally, when you entered from the outside, you would be transferred here. However, the transfer earlier was interrupted by the scattered devil with the bottle, so everyone was transferred into the bottle world. After we left, he summoned the Celestial Burial Pool and caused it collapse to scatter everyone once more. His purpose was to make us get lost within the Celestial Emperor Cave." Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Although he had a map, it wasn't complete; it only contained the map for the first seven floors. The last two floors seemed to have been wiped out of the jade by someone. 

Wang Lin had noticed this when he first obtained the jade, and after comparing it to the Celestial Emperor Cave, he was even more certain.

While pondering, Wang Lin raised his foot and walked forward. After the bamboo forest, there was a small paved road. It was paved with large pieces of celestial jade and gave off a gentle glow.

Standing on the road, Wang Lin carefully looked at the black fog before him before he charged straight ahead.

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