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Chapter 1045 - Pseudo Nirvana Void

There were countless flowers planted on the sides of the path. There were many different types of flowers, and they looked very beautiful. However, they were filled with restrictions, and one touch could activate them. They either attacked, trapped, or transported you to another place.

If one didn't know any of this, they would find it hard to move an inch in the Celestial Emperor Cave. Even the celestial jades on this road were filled with restrictions. If one's feet didn't land in the proper order, depending on the direction they were walking, the restrictions would activate.

However, none of these were too dangerous to Wang Lin. Although the map didn't contain the method to breaking them, it did have detailed explanations about them.

If others obtained this information, it might not be useful. However, Wang Lin was a restriction grandmaster, so with this information, he would be able to find the solution at a glance. This saved a lot of work.

However, with Wang Lin's personality, he didn't completely trust the map in the jade. Although he moved fairy quickly, he constantly checked if the information from the map was accurate.

While he moved, he slapped his bag of holding and the iron sword he had just stolen from the phantom appeared in his hand. His divine sense spread out across the sword. Although it looked normal, Wang Lin's divine sense encountered a powerful resistance.

It was as if there was  power hidden inside that prevented any divine sense from penetrating it.

In particular, the resistance from the rust marks was the strongest. After withdrawing his divine sense, Wang Lin pondered.

"What kind of sword is this?" Staring at the rust marks, Wang Lin remembered the expression Tuo Sen's messenger had when he saw the same iron sword. He looked as if he had found a heavenly treasure, but what Tuo Sen's messenger was looking at was not the iron sword itself. He was looking at the rust marks on the sword.

Wang Lin's gaze remained on the rust as lifted his left hand and gently wiped the rust marks. He raised his left hand and found some red rust stains on his hand.

He placed it next to his nose and immediately smelled a faint fishy smell.

"It is only ordinary rust." Wang Lin frowned and lowered his left hand. However, just as his hand moved, there was a tearing sound and a crack appeared where his left hand passed.

What shocked Wang Lin even more was that just as his left hand moved, the sea of flowers near him was suddenly covered in a red glow. Then all the flowers withered and the restrictions on them silently collapsed.

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly as he stared at the sea of flowers that seemed to have turned to ruins. Then he looked at the rust on his left hand.

After retreating a few steps, Wang Lin's left hand with rust on it pointed at another sea of flowers. That sea of flowers immediately withered and turned into useless soil.

The rust on Wang Lin's finger disappeared.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and stared at the rust on the iron sword. He was completely shocked. After pondering for a bit, he clenched his teeth and the third eye between his eyebrows opened.

When the third eye open, red light came out from inside it and enveloped the iron sword. Source origin energy came out and landed on the rust marks.

Under this gaze, Wang Lin immediately saw the iron sword gradually turn transparent, but the rust marks didn't change at all and remained normal.

There was an invisible energy moving within the iron sword and cycling through it. The moment it came in contact with the source origin in Wang Lin's third eye, it charged out as if it wanted to devour the source origin.

Wang Lin decisively cut off the spell and withdrew the source origin. The third eye closed as well. The invisible energy paused for a moment before slowly retreating back and continuing to flow within the iron sword.

Filled with confusion, Wang Lin was completely baffled. He let out a sigh and was about to put it away when a thought flashed through his mind. He looked at the iron sword, and after looking at its size, his expression became strange.

He slapped his bag of holding and five rays of golden light flew out. Five sword sheaths appeared before Wang Lin. He had obtained them back in planet Suzaku, and their effectiveness was unknown. He only knew that if he stuck a flying sword into one them, the sword's power would become more fierce.

After taking out the five sword sheaths, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the iron sword went into one of the sword sheaths. The sword fit the sword sheath perfectly without an inch of extra space.

However, after it entered the sword sheath, there was no change. Wang Lin took the iron sword out and tried it with the other sword sheath. When he stuck it into the third sword sheath, the runes carved on the sword sheath emitted a harsh light!

A terrifying aura came from the iron sword and sword sheath. Wang Lin's eyes were filled with joy as he grabbed the sword sheath, took a deep breath, and slowly pulled out the iron sword.

The moment the iron sword was partially pulled out from the sword sheath, the terrifying aura became even stronger, as if some unimaginable power was sealed inside. If the iron sword was pulled out completely, a terrifying force would appear!

Wang Lin felt a similar power from a treasure that belonged to someone else before. The owner of the treasure was dead; it was Esteemed Xuan Bao. His magic treasure was the Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow!

"Pseudo Nirvana Void…" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light. He didn't pull the sword out. Instead, he put it back in with a trace of excitement. Then he quickly moved forward.

He moved like a ray of light and charged forward along the small path. In an instant, he arrived next to a pavilion. This pavilion wasn't big; it only had two floors. It looked very normal, but according to the map, this was the first restriction eye of the first floor. Only by opening all eight eyes would one have a chance to step into the black fog.

After carefully looking at the pavilion, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he noticed that the restrictions in the pavilion was already broken by someone else.

"From the look of this restriction, it wasn't broken long ago." Wang Lin became very cautious. It was obvious he wasn't the only one who understood the restrictions here.

"When the Celestial Burial Pool collapsed, everyone was scattered. There must be people who broke the restriction earlier than me; I just don't know who it was." Wang Lin looked around. This first floor of the Celestial Emperor Cave was not big and could easily be covered by one's divine sense. However, unless they were crazy, no one would dare to spread out their divine sense in a place with so many restrictions. Even the All-Seer would have a lot of worries, and unless he was forced into a corner, he wouldn't do it.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin moved around the pavilion and stepped into the grass. His eyes flashed with lights of deduction. He didn't stop and continued to charge forward.

The map had explanations of the restrictions on this grass. Wang Lin moved through the grass but didn't activate any of the restrictions. He crossed the grass in the blink of an eye.

In the northeast corner of the first floor, the man in black with the hidden dragon mark was staring at the pavilion with a cold gaze.

Before him, on the other side of the pavilion, stood another person. It was the beautiful middle-aged woman. She stared at the man in black through the pavilion, her expression extremely gloomy.

"Fellow Cultivator, this is a simple restriction; why must you steal it from me?" The woman's voice was a little hoarse but very beautiful.

She had been pushed into a restriction by the collapse of the Celestial Burial Pool. Fortunately, the restriction wasn't very strong, so it didn't take long for her to break out. Then she saw the black fog, and after pondering a bit, she slowly moved forward.

She didn't worry too much about the girl in pink she brought with her. With the treasure that the girl's senior sister had given her, she should be in no danger.

However, there were too many restrictions in the Celestial Emperor Cave. Along the way, she faced many dangerous and finally arrived here after an arduous journey. When she saw the pavilion, she immediately noticed that it was different.

Just as she was about to take a closer look, the man in black to appeared on the other side.

"Since it is only an ordinary restriction, then fellow cultivator should just let me have it." There was a hint of sarcasm in the man's gaze. He took a step forward and was about to enter the pavilion.

A flash of killing intent appeared in the beautiful woman's eyes and she immediately charge forward, leaving behind an afterimage.

The man in black sneered as his right hand formed a seal and he pressed his hand formed. A black fog appeared. It turned into a dragon and attempted to devour the beautiful woman.

The woman reached toward her head and pulled out three strands of hair. She threw them forward and recited a strange chant. The three strands of hair turned into three black pythons with blood red mouths that charged at the dragon-shaped black fog.

They were both powerful cultivators, so when their spells collided, a storm was set off and muffled rumbles echoed. However, none of it spread too far; it all stayed within 1,000 feet.

They both had the same idea. They couldn't make too much noise and catch the attention of everyone else here. This limited the volatility of the battle, and both of them wanted to end this battle as quickly as possible.

"Why don't you go to the palace surrounded by the black fog at the center instead of stealing from me here?" The beautiful woman's hand formed a seal and five-colored light appeared from her body. It turned into five swords that swept forward.

The man in black waved his sleeves and a flying sword shrouded in black gas appeared. It circled him once before it charged out and collided with the five swords, creating crisp collision sounds.

"Nonsense. Why don't you go there? Although this place is a pavilion, there is a transfer array inside. It should lead to a storage space. You know all of this, so why bother hiding it?"

The beautiful woman's expression was neutral, but there was a flash of coldness in her eyes. It was just as the man had said. When she arrived here, she noticed it, and that's how the current conflict occurred.

As their treasures entangled with each other, the crisp sounds increased and began to spread. The beautiful woman's eyes lit up and she quickly said, "Our strength is quite even. Others will notice us before we can finish this fight, so why don't both of us go into the transfer array and split the treasure in half?"

The man in black looked at the beautiful woman and nodded. The two of them didn't waste any words as they both retrieved their treasures and stepped into the pavilion together.

However, just as they stepped in, they both looked toward the same direction. There a person walking out from the pavilions.

This person was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin immediately saw the two people inside the pavilion. His eyes narrowed and he slowly stopped.

After seeing Wang Lin, the man in black revealed a strange smile. It was the beautiful woman who had a strange expression. When her gaze swept past Wang Lin, she was shocked.

"His cultivation is even more strange! When I first saw him, although he had the power of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, his cultivation only seemed to be at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. Then, later on, he was still only at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. However, now he has reached the peak of the Nirvana Scryer stage. Is he hiding his cultivation, or did he have a breakthrough recently?"

Wang Lin carefully looked at the two of them. He had obviously seen through the secret of the pavilion. In fact, the map showed that there was a transfer array to a storage space inside that pavilion. Even without the map, Wang Lin could see the transfer array inside.

The beautiful woman pondered for a bit while looking at Wang Lin, then she slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator Wang is here as well. How about the three of us go together and divide the treasures we get?" 

Just as Wang Lin was about to speak, the ground trembled and an angry roar came from the distance.

He couldn't see anything when he looked into the distance. There were too many restrictions in the Celestial Emperor Cave, and those restrictions formed great obstacles, as if there were countless worlds. Even when two people were close, if they were in two different restrictions, it would be difficult to find each other.

From a glance, the cave looked very calm, but that was only on the surface. If all the restrictions here were broken, one would immediately find a bamboo forest in the distance. It was shrouded in a monstrous red mist, and the ferocious roar coming from within it was heaven-shaking.

Wang Lin's expression immediately changed. Although the bamboo forest in the distance looked normal at a glance, he understood that the restrictions there had been broken. The humanoid phantom had broken through faster than he expected.

Without replying to the beautiful woman's words, Wang Lin changed straight toward the palace shrouded by black fog. On the way here, he had checked and found that all the restriction eyes had been broken. It seemed someone was one step ahead and had already entered the second floor.

The reason he came to the pavilion was because it was the path with the least restrictions toward the palace at the center.

The expression of the man in black changed when he saw Wang Lin run as if he was escaping for his life the moment the roar came. Without hesitation, he gave up on the transfer array inside the pavilion and chased after Wang Lin.

Only the beautiful woman hesitated, but just as she hesitated, that angry roar came closer and closer as if it was approaching at a rapid speed.

If you were able to see inside the world within each restriction and looked from above, then you would clearly see the humanoid phantom charging toward Wang Lin. It triggered countless restrictions, and there were countless flashes of light as restrictions attacked it. Some restrictions even teleported it away.

However, it didn't take more than few breathes of time before it broke the restrictions and charged out. It seemed to be learning the restrictions, and it broke them faster and faster. In the end, it was charging ahead in a straight line.

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