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Chapter 1043 - Obtaining the Sword Through Danger

The moment Wang Lin recognized the iron sword, he stopped moving and revealed a hint of hesitation.

After cultivating to this point, Wang Lin knew that his memory inheritance was incomplete and was missing an extremely important part. It was likely that the information about this iron sword was recorded there. That memory was in Tuo Sen's hands, so perhaps he knew the origin of the iron sword.

However, an iron sword that would even make Tuo Sen reveal ecstasy couldn't be simple!

Although it wasn't the same iron sword as before, it looked exactly the same.

"Should I take it?" Wang Lin hesitated as he moved his gaze from the iron sword to the red lines. A terrifying aura came from the red lines, giving Wang Lin a constant sense of crisis.

Wang Lin didn't know what the red lines were, but he could clearly feel their terrifying power. If he were to leave now, he would not arouse the attention of the red lines and would move on safely.

However, if he were to take the iron sword from them, then it was likely the red lines would attack him.

Given Wang Lin's personality, he would naturally not risk it against the unknown. However, the iron sword before him tempted him greatly.

After struggling for a moment, Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze. Wealth was obtained in danger. If he were to leave now, although he'd be safe, he would miss out on this iron sword.

Moreover, this was the Celestial Emperor Cave. If he didn't take it now, it might be very difficult to return here later. Wang Lin was unwilling to leave empty-handed after encountering a treasure.

After making a decision, Wang Lin looked up the pit. From here, he could see that the top was sealed by ice glaciers that were densely packed together, leaving only few small, twisted paths for people to pass through.

After calculating the distance, he descended and thought for a moment. Then he suddenly jerked his head and stared at the iron sword deep inside the ice.

He clenched his teeth, his hands formed a seal, and flames appeared in his eyes. At this moment, his full peak Nirvana Scryer cultivation exploded. The five stars between his eyebrows appeared and rotated rapidly and popping sounds came from his body.

The ancient god power entered his limbs and he mercilessly clenched his fist. Feeling as if he controlled the heavens, Wang Lin no longer hesitated. His right arm extended out.

At this instant, the flames in his eyes shot out and his origin energy gathered in his right hand. As he reached out, a monstrous sea of flames appeared before his right hand!

The right hand formed a seal and the sea of flames shot toward the head. The flames covered the head, and the ice immediately began to melt on a massive scale. Flames immediately entered the tunnel in the ice near the wound made by Wang Lin earlier.

The flames instantly arrived near the iron sword.

The red lines immediately shook and stretched straight. Large amounts of branches extended from the red lines, and they sprayed a large amount of red mist at the flames.

There was a heaven-shaking bang as the sea of flames was extinguished by the red mist and pushed back. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he didn't hesitate to spit out a mouthful of essence origin energy.

After the essence origin energy appeared, it was like pouring oil into fire. Large amounts of cracks appeared in the ice and then the ice suddenly collapsed!

Countless burning ice shards scattered in all directions and collided with the ice blocks nearby. Now that the ice was gone, the ancient god head appeared clearly before Wang Lin.

It had been in the ice for so long that the moment the ice was gone, the ancient god head began to rot.

At the same time, the smell of rotting flesh filled the area. The ancient god head rapidly decayed and soon became a giant skull!

This skull was completely black and there was an impressive red mist inside the skull that was constantly swaying. The red lines' origin was inside this red mist, and some of the lines were still wrapped around the iron sword.

The moment the ice collapsed, Wang Lin turned into a shadow and rushed in. He directly grabbed the iron sword.

The moment he grabbed the iron sword, the origin energy inside his body surged out without hesitation. The origin energy immediately turned into a sea of flames around him. The flames also went into the iron sword and immediately surrounded the red lines that were wrapped around the iron sword.

At the same time, Wang Lin's left hand formed a fist and his ancient god power filled his left hand. He immediately threw a punch. As he punched, the ancient god phantom appeared behind him and also threw a punch.

A few of the red lines around the iron sword immediately shattered when they were hit by the ancient god punch and the sea of flames. The other lines also retracted a bit.

With a roar from Wang Lin, he pulled his right hand back and the iron sword escaped the entanglement of the red lines. Wang Lin truly held the sword in his hand now.

There was a flash of light before it disappeared as Wang Lin placed it inside his bag. Wang Lin did all of this without hesitation. Then he kicked off and flew up toward the exit above.

Wang Lin's ancient god punch and sea of flames landed on the red mist. The red mist suddenly expanded to collide with the sea of flames, then a thunderous rumble began to echo.

The red mist completely disappeared, revealing a phantom inside. It was impossible to see if this phantom was male or female, and it was surrounded by countless red lines. The phantom slowly opened its eyes and coldly looked at the escaping Wang Lin before letting out an intimidating roar.

As it roared, countless cracks appeared on the surrounding ice blocks. At this moment, all of the ice crumbled, and the corpses inside them seemed to become alive. They were each surrounded by a red glow.

Pairs of red gazes appeared in this deep pit and locked onto Wang Lin, who was charging out of the pit.


A roar like that of a fierce beast echoed within the pit. It was similar to the roar from the phantom. The roar echoed and formed a storm that swept upwards.

Deep within the pit, the roar echoed violently. All of the celestial corpses that awakened charged at Wang Lin, who was below them.

At this moment, Wang Lin was floating in the air, and the strange phantom below him charged at him. The red lines were all swaying; just looked at them would give you a sense of strangeness.

This strange phantom was half transparent and it had no internal organs; there was just a red vortex inside its body.

It was so fast that it closed in on Wang Lin in a flash.

At this moment, there were countless corpses with red eyes above, and that strange phantom below. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he charged up without hesitation.

The corpses weren't nimble. Although they were ferocious, they were not smart. Their cultivation levels were also limited, only around the Yin and Yang stage.

Wang Lin's could see red lines flicker between their eyebrows with his peak Nirvana Scryer cultivation.

This moment of crisis made it so Wang Lin couldn't think too much. Flying at full speed, he moved like a shadow and instantly crossed path with a few of the corpses coming at him.

When they passed by, Wang Lin's right hand formed a sword and quickly pointed between the eyebrows of these corpses.

Rumbling sounds echoed as the corpse caught on fire and became like fireballs. The red lines between their eyebrows slowly disappeared.

Wang Lin continued to move forward without pausing. His peak Nirvana Scryer cultivation worked at its peak and flames surrounded his body. Whenever he encountered a corpse, he would point at them.

As the sea of flames rushed forward, the corpses were turned into burning corpses. They all shattered and the red lines inside them were destroyed.

As the phantom chased, its eyes became even colder, and it continued to roar. The lines from its body unexpectedly turned into swords that shot at Wang Lin at an even faster speed.

Along the way, Wang Lin moved like water. After destroying dozens of corpses, there were still countless corpses above him. Below, the phantom was chasing like crazy, and those swords were closing in. Even Wang Lin felt his scalp tingle at all of this. As the swords closed in, Wang Lin's right eye flash blue and the azure light shield appeared to block the swords.

Popping sounds echoed like thunderous roars. The azure light shield was pushed back toward Wang Lin. Seeing the phantom closing in, Wang Lin's eyes revealed a trace of madness, and his right hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Call the Wind!"

Black wind suddenly appeared from his right hand. This black wind wasn't as cold as before, but it contained a powerful heat. The black wind turned into five dragons, and up charged upwards with a roar.

These five black dragons were all covered in burning flames as if they became purple. As they charged upwards, thunderous rumbles echoed within the pit.

This place was immediately filled with unimaginable heat, but this heat had no effect on Wang Lin. His eyes seemed to contain fire as he charged out.

As the heat charged up, the five black flame dragon broke through with ease. All of the corpses were torn apart and devoured by them. All of the glaciers melted and waves of white gas floated upwards.

Those corpse that jumped down attempting to stop Wang Lin collapsed under the attack of the five black flaming dragons. The five dragons charged up like crazy, and Wang Lin's speed reached its limit inside the flames.

Wang Lin used his peak Nirvana Scryer cultivation and his ancient god body without holding back. The Star-Marked Sable on his shoulder was clinging to his clothes with its cloth and holding onto Wang Lin's hair with its mouth. There was fear within its intelligent eyes.

The flames continued to charge upward, it came faster and more fierce as it went out. Soon, they became a pillar of flames that pierced through the entire pit.

The flames charged out from the pit like an erupting volcano. Wang Lin's body was surrounded by the five black flame dragons when he left the deep pit and suddenly looked down.

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