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Chapter 1024 - She, the Buried Celestial

"I have already waited for you all for a long time.... I sacrificed my flesh and blood to the ancients. My soul will form the void. I'll become the ancient devil soul. I, ancient devil Ta's scattered devil, use this devilish energy to borrow the power of the Tattoo Clan's holy item to open the Celestial Burial Pool!"

This armored scattered devil revealed a strange smile as his voice echoed. The he raised his feet and ruthlessly stomped down!

when the scattered devil stomped, there was a loud bang. The area around everyone had already been burnt to ruins by the flames. At this moment, cracks began to appear on the ground.

More and more cracks appeared, and they soon linked together. After a series of popping sounds, the ground collapsed!

It was as if the scattered devil's foot had shattered the earth. When the ground collapsed, a powerful suction force came from below. There was unexpectedly another world below the earth!

It was a huge vortex that was large enough to cover the entire ground here. Ghostly wails came from inside the vortex as if this was the nether world!

"Your arrival has already been predicted by lord Ta Jia. Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's burial ground was deliberately prepared for you all! This old man will wait for you down there!" The scattered devil's laugh echoed within the dense, black mist.

The ground collapsed, and the powerful suction force was like a big mouth that devoured everything here!

The scattered devil was the first to be taken in by the vortex. His laughter gradually faded until it disappeared.

Almost everyone was aghast at the situation. No one expected that they would face such a crisis after leaving the bottle world!

Everyone felt their bodies get firmly gripped by a giant hand and dragged down!

The three Chen brothers were the closest. They weren't able to resist the suction force at all and were immediately sucked into the vortex.

Big Head struggled for a bit but was also pulled in.

As for the four female disciples of the beautiful middle-aged woman, they had the lowest cultivation levels. Wang Lin had tried to guess why the beautiful middle-aged woman would bring the four of them here.

Aside from the girl in pink who was suspected to be the Brilliant Void Saintess, the expressions of the remaining three changed. They couldn't resist at all when they were sucked in.

One of the girls' bodies shattered due to the suction force being too strong and turned into a mist of blood.

Her origin soul flew out of the blood mist in terror. However, countless mournful souls flew out from the vortex and surrounding her origin soul. They began to devour her like crazy.

Even her miserable screams seemed to have been sucked away by the vortex and disappeared.

Wang Lin also felt the unimaginable force. Fortunately, he had lived in the depths of the Demon Spirit Land for a long time, where there was also a powerful suction force, so he wasn't shocked. When the suction force surrounded him, his origin energy surrounded his body and he ruthlessly stomped his foot!

Large amounts of flames came from his foot and pushed him up. Although the flames were absorbed the moment they appeared, Wang Lin's body charged up 100 feet.

Ancient Demon Bei Lou chuckled and completely ignored the suction from the vortex. His body flickered and appeared in the distance.

His right eye shined and a powerful demonic force surrounded him. He blew before him and ripples appeared before him. Before he walked into the ripples, he turned around and looked at everyone struggling inside the vortex. He especially looked at Wang Lin and smiled. "Little friend Wang Lin, since you let his old man come in, I won't mistreat you. I'll tell you the way out. This pool was named the Celestial Burial Pool by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. The amount of celestials that died in there can't be counted. If you are inadvertently sucked in, I'm afraid you will die. The only choice is to break free as soon as possible!"

Bei Lou's swords echoed through the vortex. Wang Lin silently pondered before he slapped his bag of holding and more than 10 big swords flew out. They rotated around him, creating a counter force that worked with his origin energy and the flames to resist the suction force.

However, just at this moment, an angry roar came from inside the vortex. This roar was heaven-shaking, and when it came out, it caused the suction force of the vortex to become even stronger!

This roar contained something that shocked everyone's minds! After the roar was heard, countless tattoos came out from the vortex.

These tattoos were completely blood red, and some were connected to pieces of flesh. It was as if someone had just carved them out of their owners' bodies.

The moment Wang Lin saw these tattoos, he gasped. He recognized all these tattoos as the core tattoo of the Chosen Immortal Clan!

A vague figure slowly appeared from the depths of the vortex along with the angry roar and tattoos. As the figure slowly rose up, a monstrous, evil aura appeared!

This evil aura was so powerful that even Ling Tianhou's body trembled. This vague figure made his scalp tingle! Even the All-Seer never made him feel like this; even Master Void couldn't do this!

This had nothing to do with cultivation, it was a tremble from the soul, as if he had met his natural enemy!

One could only tell that the vague figure was a woman as she slowly rose out of the vortex. Her face gradually revealed two hollow and bloody eye sockets. Two streams of blood flowed out from the eye sockets.

Her eyes had been forcibly removed by someone!

Even the All-Seer revealed a trace of shock when he saw the figure!

"This… Could it be… her!!!"

Master Void's pupils shrank when he looked at the woman in the vortex. He erupted his full cultivation without hesitation and struggled to pull the beautiful middle-aged woman and the girl in pink up.

"It's her!!! It must be her! She was actually sealed here by Celestial Emperor Qing Lin!! Damn it, rumor has it she is dead, but Celestial  Emperor Qing Lin actually didn't kill her!!"

Master Void's calmness disappeared completely. After figuring out the identity of the vague figure, he almost lost his wits. The Alliance knew a lot about the matter regarding the Celestial Realm. As one of the Alliance elders, he knew a lot of secrets others didn't know about.

The moment the vague figure appeared, Elder Sun was struggling inside the suction force. However, when the evil aura appeared, even with his cultivation level, he couldn't resist it. His origin energy stopped moving and he was sucked away by the vortex.

His eyes were filled with terror, and just as he was about to be pulled in, the Star-Marked Sable came out of his clothes. Its eyes were cold as it jumped off his body. The Star-Marked Sable was mysterious as it could step in the air to borrow force. It struggled to move upward and stared at Wang Lin with bright eyes.

At this moment, Bei Lou looked at the vague figure that was slowly appearing, and his right eye flashed and he muttered, "Old friend… I originally thought she only disappeared and was hiding somewhere, healing. I didn't think Qing Lin had sealed her here… Qing Lin… He is very strong, very strong! If it wasn't for the fact that he was seriously injured during the collapse of the Celestial Realm, Ta Jia and I wouldn't have dared to have greedy thoughts about him!"

Staring at the vague figure, there was a hint of hesitation in Bei Lou's eyes.

"Should I save her…" His eyes lit up as he carefully looked behind the vague figure, and he was shocked.

"Qing Lin is too vicious! He actually used that thing as the seal. Even if my power was at its peak, like it was back in the day, I might not be able to save her. I might even be caught as well. Forget it!"

After giving up on saving people, Bei Lou's body flickered and slowly disappeared as he used his own unique method to leave this place.

Just at this moment, as the vague figure launched into the air, an evil aura enveloped everyone here. Situ Nan formed many seals and launched spells. However, at this moment, the vague figure raised its right hand and gently waved.

The evil intent here reached a peak and formed a vortex. Ling Tianhou's body trembled and was pulled down.

Along with him was Situ Nan!

Wang Lin was flying up when he suddenly stopped and spread out his origin energy without hesitation, causing a sea of flames to appear around him. As more than a dozen swords rotated around Wang Lin, he charged at Situ Nan.

As the terrifying suction continued and the horrifying figure rose into the air, everyone who wasn't sucked in was struggling to fly up. Only Wang Lin's figure darted downward toward Situ Nan.

All of Situ Nan's origin energy had stopped moving. He had a bitter smile on his face as he saw himself getting closer to the rising figure, and he muttered, "Damn it, this old man has always had good fortune. Am I really going to be stuck here this time?" Just as he spoke, he immediately saw Wang Lin charging at him.

Wang Lin's origin energy moved like crazy, and he was covered in a sea of flames as he rushed down. The suction force immediately swept by and continued to devour the sea of flames around him.

Seeing Situ Nan moving further and further away, Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze, then his origin energy exploded behind him and he shot down like a meteor.

As a result, his speed doubled and he instantly closed in on Situ Nan. Wang Lin was less than 10,000 feet from the vague figure. He immediately grabbed Situ Nan from a distance and then his origin energy exploded around him. The impact shot Wang Lin upwards.

Black blood came from the empty eyes of the vague figure. The blood entered the vortex and turned into a sea of blood. It gained monstrous momentum in the vortex and then surged upwards!

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