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Chapter 1025 - Tattoo Clan Divine Ancestor

This black sea of blood moved with the vortex. From a distance, it looked like a blood fountain that wanted to devour the heavens, and it gave off a fishy smell.

That blood fountain was like a large, open mouth, and it continued to climb up. More than half of the 10,000 foot distance between it and Wang Lin was crossed in an instant.

Wang Lin held Situ Nan as his origin energy moved like crazy and the endless flames surrounded his body. His hand formed a seal and the dozen large swords entered the flames. The rotation of the swords stirred up the flames to resist the sea of blood and its smell.

As the sea of flames burned, crackling sounds could be heard. The evil aura was constantly being burned by the sea of flames, making it impossible for it to close in.

If the evil aura entered Wang Lin's body, it would stop his origin energy flow. Although Wang Lin's origin energy contained the Vermillion Bird Divine Flame, he didn't dare to risk it.

Using the rotational force and the sea of flames allowed Wang Lin to barely struggle up 1,000 feet. He let out a roar and threw Situ Nan up.

Situ Nan's body was thrown past Wang Lin. At the same time, Wang Lin sent a strand of origin energy into Situ Nan's body.

Wang Lin's origin energy contained the Vermillion Bird Divine Flame and was terrifyingly hot. Situ Nan's cultivation had been affected by the evil aura, which was a powerful cold force that had frozen the movement of his origin energy.

When Wang Lin's origin energy entered, the extreme heat eased the seal on Situ Nan's origin energy. Situ Nan's cultivation was not weak, and thanks to Wang Lin's help, popping sounds came from his body and he forced himself to fly higher into the air.

If the vague figure was at its peak, just one strand of evil aura would've left Situ Nan and Wang Lin no chance to escape. However, the figure had been sealed here for countless years and Wang Lin's Vermillion Bird Divine Flame was very pure, and thus they had a chance to break free.

Situ Nan's long hair flowed and his origin energy resumed operation. Although there were still some issues, this critical moment wasn't the time to heal. As he leaped upwards, his right hand formed a seal without hesitation and he reached down!

Five rays of golden light immediately shot out from his finger toward Wang Lin. The golden light formed a net that caught Wang Lin.

Situ Nan used all the force he could use at this moment and threw Wang Lin upwards!

Wang Lin had risked a lot by charging down to save Situ Nan, and he struggled to fly up. When he tossed Situ Nan, he couldn't help but pause for a moment. This allowed the sea of blood to only be 1,000 feet away from him. The smell of blood rushed into his face and entered his nose.

The sea of blood was filled with mournful souls with elongated bodies stretching out from the vortex. They stared at Wang Lin as if they wanted to pull him into the sea of blood so he could never re-enter the reincarnation cycle.

Wang Lin clearly saw the hideous appearance of those souls, and his scalp tingled. Even more evil aura came from the vortex and spread toward Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, Situ Nan's net arrived and surrounded Wang Lin. Situ Nan let out a roar and pulled up. Wang Lin borrowed this force to escape from the sea of blood. Just like this, the two of them helped each other and gradually gained distance from the sea of blood.

This could only happen between Wang Lin and Situ Nan; it would be impossible for anyone else to do this. Although it looked simple, if they didn't have a complete understanding of each other, complete trust, and a perfect grasp of the timing, then any small mistake would have made it impossible for them to escape.

After all, everyone would mostly think of themselves during a moment of danger. Often times they would have to risk themselves to help another. As a result, not many cultivators were able to do this.

If Situ Nan was in danger, Wang Lin would do whatever he could to help. If Wang Lin was in trouble, Situ Nan would not hesitate to help! Even if this meant they were going to be facing great danger.

As Wang Lin and Situ Nan helped each other, Ling Tianhou's body fell straight down due to the evil aura invading his body.

However, Ling Tianhou's cultivation was stronger than Situ Nan's, so as he fell, his cultivation recovered a bit. However, he was too close to the sea of blood. If he had access to his full cultivation, he could escape, but now his chances were low!

Just at this moment, the All-Seer, who was above the vortex, frowned before letting out a sigh. He waved his sleeves and unexpectedly did the same thing Wang Lin had done. He shot down like a meteor.

He was far faster than Wang Lin, and in an instant, he arrived next to Ling Tianhou. He grabbed Ling Tianhou and flew straight up.

The sea of blood roared and the vague figure emerged from the center. The figure raised its hand and gently reached out.

The All-Seer's expression changed, and without a thought, a ray of grey light came from between his eyebrows. The moment the grey-robed All-Seer appeared, his hand formed a seal and a sharp whistling sound quickly came from within the vortex.

Strands of slaughter energy appeared from the void and surrounded the area. From a distance, there were too many strands of slaughter energy; it was extremely alarming.

The endless strands of slaughter energy gathered from all directions with a point of the grey-robed All-Seer's finger. They condensed into one strand of slaughter energy and charged at the vague figure.

The moment grey-robed All-Seer appeared, the pupils of Master Void, who was carrying the beautiful middle-aged woman and the suspected Brilliant Void Saintess, shrank and he muttered, "Grey robe…"

The grey-robed All-Seer's expression was gloomy and extremely cold. His pointed with his right hand and calmly said one thing.


After he spoke, the one strand of slaughter energy suddenly collapsed! An earth-shattering sound echoed and the collapse of the slaughter energy created a rebound force that sent the All-Seer and Ling Tianhou up.

The sea of blood was pushed back by this powerful explosion. The soul fragments inside let out miserable screams and died.

Ling Tianhou silently pondered. He replied to the All-Seer's help with a cold gaze.

The All-Seer ignored Ling Tianhou as he rushed out a sharp scream came from the vortex. A figure suddenly rushed out at unimaginable speed from the vortex and clawed at the grey-robed All-Seer.

This scream contained a terrifying force. When Wang Lin and Situ Nan were impacted by this force, they immediately coughed out blood and sped up their escape.

As for the others, they had continued to fly up, and they used their origin energy to resist this impact.

The grey-robed All-Seer's eyes narrowed as he stared at the vague figure charging at him. His eyes turned red and he revealed a sneer before pointing down and slowly saying, "Slaughter, become a world!"

After he spoke, a loud rumble came from the void everyone was in. Then a giant crack suddenly appeared above the vortex!

Strands of slaughter energy came out of the crack like crazy. There was simply too much, several times more than before!

In a short instant, as strands of slaughter energy appeared, the entire area was filled with slaughter energy! Ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, ten million, a hundred million!

100 million strands of slaughter energy appeared above the Celestial Burial Vortex. There was too much slaughter energy. If it wasn't for the fact they could fuse together, it would be impossible to accommodate them all here!

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air when he saw this unimaginable scene. The grey-robed All-Seer's cold and calm voice from back then echoed in his mind.

"If I had 100 million strands of slaughter energy, I would be fine even if a planet exploded!"

Wang Lin had never seen 100 million strands of slaughter energy before. Now that he saw it himself, the shock he felt was indescribable.

Although the Celestial Burial Vortex was large, it was still smaller than the endless slaughter energy. At this moment, the slaughter energy gathered under the control of the grey-robed All-Seer.

The vortex formed by 100 million strands of slaughter energy suddenly appeared before everyone. It had the power to break everything in its path, and as it became compressed, a terrifying aura appeared before everyone.

"Monstrous Slaughter!" the grey-robed All-Seer shouted as the vortex charged at the vague figure inside the Celestial Burial Vortex.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Waves of heaven-shaking rumbles echoed non-stop. Under the endless impact, the sea of blood collapsed. Even the Celestial Burial Vortex began to shake.

Borrowing the power of this impact, Wang Lin and Situ Nan sped up. They charged out of the vortex and looked below with pale faces.

Even the eyes of the old man on the gourd were filled with fear. The pupils of the man in black with the dragon mark hidden between his eyebrows shrank.


Master Void took a deep breath and stared at the grey-robed All-Seer. He would never forget how this person had walked into the Alliance and defeated countless powerful cultivators. Even some members of the elder group were not his match.

He had even killed a standing elder back then and became a member of the elder group through force!

"What's even more frightening is that terrifying power of law that allows him to foresee everything. Although he is terrifying when he slaughters, it is his gaze that can see through everything when he isn't slaughtering that caught the Alliance's attention…" Master Void looked at the grey-robed All-Seer and the All-Seer's original body that saved Ling Tianhou.

"It was only because Senior Brother dreaded this person that he sacrificed his life and paid the price of his third Heaven's Blight arriving early that he was able to cast a powerful spell that used Ling Tianhou to break his dao heart. This created a flaw in his dao heart during his second Heaven's Blight. This caused his dao heart to shatter into countless pieces and made it unable to merge!

"Otherwise, the All-Seer would be at a terrifying level today. If he wasn't at the third step yet, he wouldn't be far away!"

Inside the Celestial Burial Vortex, the moment the sea of blood collapsed, the blurred woman inside waved her right hand. A purplish gold tattoo flashed between her eyebrows.

With a wave of her hand, the vicious slaughter vortex suddenly paused and millions of strands of slaughter energy disappeared without a trace.

This sudden change caused everyone's minds to tremble.

The grey-robed All-Seer's eyes lit up. He frowned and was about to use another spell when the original All-Seer that saved Ling Tianhou calmly said, "Come back!"

The grey-robe All-Seer looked back at his original body and revealed a cold stare. However, he retreated while silently pondering and then disappeared between the All-Seer's brows.

Then the All-Seer flew out from the vortex and floated in the air. Aside from the people who were sucked into the vortex earlier, everyone else was still there.

However, no one was speaking, and they were all looking at the woman slowly floating out of the vortex!

As the woman approached, Wang Lin clearly saw that her feet were firmly locked by a scarlet red tendon-like thing. As she flew into the sky, the tendon was pulled straight.

The Star-Marked Sable that had disappeared came out of the vortex and landed on the tendon around the woman's feet. It sniffed a few times before its eyes shined and unexpectedly lied down on top of it.

The woman stopped when she was 2,000 feet from everyone. She looked up with her empty eyes sockets as if she was looking at everyone. There was still black blood coming out of her eye sockets and dripping down from her chin.

"Are there still descendants of the Tattoo clan?" A hoarse voice came out of the woman's mouth, and it contained a mysterious power.

Although this voice was hoarse, it was very pleasant to listen to. It seemed to echo and linger in your ears.

Facing the woman's sudden question, everyone remained silent. After a long time, Master Void revealed a respectful look and said, "There are still a lot of the Tattoo clan alive."

The woman silently pondered and let out a sigh. She struggled to come out from the depths of the Celestial Burial Pool to only ask this and see one person.

Her empty eye sockets seemed to release an invisible gaze that landed on Wang Lin.

"Summon the Celestial Guard in your shadow."

Wang Lin silently pondered and then Ta Shan appeared form his shadow with a thought. He stared coldly at the woman.

"It has been a very long time since I've seen my clan members…" Melancholy filled the woman's eyes. She waved her right hand and Ta Shan flew toward her against his will.

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