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Chapter 1023 - Escape by Breaking the Bottle

The power of the sea of flames was powerful beyond Wang Lin's imagination. The flames in his eyes gradually disappeared. When the realms within the bottles collapsed, he instantly moved to retrieve the bag and the yellow crystal given to him by the mysterious person that were left in the black tower.

He didn't have time to check the yellow crystal. Just as he put the crystal inside his bag, the sea of flames charged at the last realm of the bottle world!

The sea of flame spread across 98 realms. It gathered the power of those 98 realms into an unstoppable force that collided with the last barrier.

An earth-shattering sound echoed across every part of the bottle, and a powerful heat wave flooded the world! The power of this sea of flames was already stronger than Ming Hai's Burn the Heavens! Wang Lin had only achieved this effect because he had absorbed too much fire and had to release it. The fire underwent a transformation through his body, and it will be impossible for him to display this kind of power again.

Unless someone makes another inextinguishable sea of flames for Wang Lin to absorb until he reaches his limit and then releases it all again.

The red glow on Wang Lin's body gradually faded, but the Vermillion Bird tattoo was scarlet red. This gave him an unspeakable aura. 

The tail feathers of the Vermillion Bird were wrapped around his neck and stopped between his eyebrows as if it was fused with his black hair. From a distance, it looked as if there was a purple flame around his black hair.

The Vermillion Bird awakening didn't increase Wang Lin's cultivation level, but it changed the origin energy inside his body. The extreme heat contained within his origin energy made all of Wang Lin's spells terrifying!

His ancient god body had been adapting to the flames, so now he could summon flames with just a wave of his hand!

Although Wang Lin was only at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, he was the most powerful Nirvana Scryer cultivator. Combined with his ancient god body, even late Nirvana Cleanser cultivators have a headache dealing with his powerful flame spells and body!

However, his ancient god body was only at five stars, so there was a limit to the power he could bring out. Displaying the power of a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator was his limit.

Wang Lin wanted the power to battle late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators, but he would have to reach the late stage Nirvana Cleanser to do so!

After all, the difference between each small step within the second step was very large. Even though Wang Lin had the power of an ancient god, there were some gaps that couldn't be crossed so easily, like the gap between mid stage and late stage Nirvana Cleanser!

Blood Ancestor had stayed at the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser for a long time and wasn't able to reach late stage. This shows how difficult it was!

In truth, unless one had great fortune, it was very difficult for cultivators to reach the late stage and the peak of the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser. Aside from an increase in your own domain, you'd have to learn how to control the laws of the world.

Late stage Nirvana Cleanser requires the fusion of law and your domain. This will reach a peak at the peak of the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser until you enter the dream of most cultivators, Nirvana Shatterer… the highest known level of cultivation!

At this moment, the sea of flames rushed within the bottle world and constantly collided with the last realm. Every time it collided with the last realm, the bottle would tremble.

Endless flames roared as they rushed at the last realm. Popping sounds came from the last realm and then it finally collapsed!

It was as if the sky was broken into pieces. It was like a piece of paper that was torn apart and blown away. Ancient Demon Bei Lou's figure appeared in the last realm!

He was holding a grey scroll in his right hand. Dense celestial spiritual energy came out of the scroll, rushing at Bei Lou. It was as if this scroll had a spirit, and it was unwilling to be controlled by the ancient demon, so it had to struggle.

Bei Lou's cold gaze penetrated the shattered last realm and swept by everyone who was in the bottle until his gaze landed on Wang Lin.

At this moment, the celestial spiritual energy from the scroll became even stronger, and it was as if a roar had come from the scroll. Bei Lou let out a cold snort and his right hand mercilessly squeezed. The seven stars in his right eye flashed and a large amount of demonic energy immediately rushed into the scroll in his right hand.

Popping sounds came from the scroll as if all the seals on it were broken. The scroll let out an unyielding roar, but soon a green light immediately cover the entire scroll.

The roar disappeared, and the scroll that gave off dense celestial spiritual energy lost all its celestial spiritual energy. Instead, it was replaced with endless demonic energy.

Its color changed from grey to green!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. The sky disappeared and all 99 realms in the bottle world disintegrated. It was as if everyone had returned to the origin of the universe; this place was filled with chaos and mist.

This mist churned and merged with the flames. It seemed like oil was poured into the flame, as it became even more intense and charged for the outside world!

Endless flames filled with mist created an unimaginable heat. This force rumbled through the world and charged toward the top of this void!

The bottle before the person in the black mist above the wooden bridge turned red and emitted a high temperature. The cork at the mouth of the bottle trembled intensely, as if there was a mysterious force that was about to break free.

The person in the fog revealed a cold gaze. He then lifted his dried right hand and pointed at the wooden cork. Devilish energy immediately came out of his finger and entered the bottle through the cork.

However, just as the devilish energy was about to enter the bottle through the cork, a heaven-shaking explosion suddenly appeared within the Celestial Emperor Cave!

As the sound echoed, the cork in the mouth of the white jade bottle shattered into countless pieces and spewed upward like a mountain.

This force was so powerful that it created a huge gust of wind and blew the black mist back three inches!

This revealed a blurred figure!

It was easy to see a set of black armor with complex runes engraved on it. It gave off cold devilish energy into the world.

His dried finger was bounced back, and the cork exploded! Two gloomy eyes flashed behind the helmet and landed on the bottle.

As the cork shattered, a fiery red flame came out of the opening. Along with the flame came the unimaginable heat!

Ordinary people couldn't even imagine what had happened. It was as if the white jade bottle had turned into a volcano, and at this moment, the volcano had erupted. Large amounts of flame were spread everywhere!

The temperature of this flame was too high. The moment it appeared, the wooden bridge began to burn. Even the river below the bridge quickly dried up, revealing the river bed. The ferocious beasts screamed as they turned into a mist of blood.

That wooden bridge suddenly began to burn and turned into ashes!

The person inside the mist was inside a courtyard. There were still many pavilions within the courtyard, and there was some bamboo not far away. This originally refreshing place was suddenly filled with devilish energy and immediately changed. The pavilions became grim, the bamboo turned black, and even the grass changed drastically!

However, it didn't matter if it was the Celestial Realm or a devilish realm. All of it was immediately turned to ashes before the sea of flames!

Even the person inside the mist was affected by the sudden appearance of the sea of flames. The black mist was pushed back hundreds of feet, and his figure was revealed!

His pale hair floated under him blackish purple armor. The moment the flame appeared, he quickly jumped into the air with a gloomy expression.

At this moment, a person suddenly walked out of the entrance of the bottle following the sea of flames. He was bold and holding a green scroll. It was Ancient Demon Bei Lou.

He revealed a smile as he looked the person in the armor and shook his head. "A former member of the Celestial Emperor's four guards, Savage Blade, is now merely a scattered devil for the ancient devil. Pitiful!"

The All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, Master Void, Situ Nan, and the beautiful middle-aged woman appeared one after the other behind Bei Lou!

The old man on the gourd, the man in black with the hidden dragon mark, the three Chen brothers, and Big Head flew out of the bottle as well. Then there was the woman covered in devilish energy and Elder Sun, who had the Star-Marked Sable.

Everyone who had entered the celestial cave aside from Wang Lin and the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple had appeared!

At this moment, all of the flames had come out of the white jade bottle. Following that, another heat wave rushed out and Wang Lin jumped out from inside! His eyes were like flames as he looked around.

When Wang Lin appeared, he immediately noticed everyone's gazes land on him like lightning.

Master Void's expression was neutral, but when he saw Wang Lin, his heart filled with killing intent. Ling Tianhou had a complex expression. The more he interacted with Wang Lin, the more he felt like he couldn't underestimate Wang Lin.

The All-Seer's brow wrinkled slightly but soon relaxed.

As for the other people, they all had various expressions. Whether it was the beautiful middle-aged woman or her four disciples or the man in black, they all had different gazes toward Wang Lin.

Even the armored scattered devil looked at Wang Lin with a chilly gaze.

Everyone knew where that shocking sea of flames came from! They now all remembered Wang Lin, who they originally didn't consider worth worrying about.

The flames still surrounded the area and seemed to want to burn everything to ashes. The moment everyone appeared, the man in the devilish armor revealed a bloodthirsty smile. He flew into the air and opened his arms. Rich devilish energy erupted from his armor.

The devilish energy formed two vortexes in his hands and floated upwards.

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