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Chapter 1022 - Break (1)

The All-Seer wasn't the only one with this reaction. In another realm inside the bottle world, Master Void, the junior apprentice brother of the Alliance's head elder, Master Zhong Xuan, was moving on a green cloud. He was holding a purple and green jade. The jade shined and lit up everything within countless kilometers.

Even if you were very far away, you would still clearly see and purple and green light.

Master Void wasn't by himself. He was a very high level cultivator, and in this year of time, he had already broken the first realm he was in. He had continued to break through dozens of realms in this bottle world!

The beautiful middle-aged woman and her four disciples were behind him!

"If I'm not wrong, this is Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's famous bottle world! It is rumored that Qing Lin killed 39 members of the invading Tattoo Clan and took their holy relics. Then he refined them with a powerful spell to create a world that he merged into the bottle!

"It is unknown what it did exactly, but according to the Alliance's records, this bottle is what Qing Lin used to collect celestial spiritual energy. It was also rumored that this treasure could break the world seal around the four star systems!"

Master Void spoke while looking at the purple and green jade in his hand.

The beautiful middle-aged woman nodded and was about to speak when the sky suddenly trembled. A huge change was occurring in the sky, and even the earth was trembling.

At the same time, a cry echoed from all directions. It was as if the cry had torn the world apart and rushed in without any reservations!

The Vermillion Bird cry echoed across the world!

The moment the beautiful middle-aged woman heard the Vermillion Bird cry, her expression changed greatly. Not only her, but the girl in pink who was suspected of being the Brilliant Void Saintess revealed a chilly expression.

Master Void's pupils suddenly shrank!

"Vermillion Bird cry? Vermillion Bird awakening!!! Could it be the junior with the Vermillion Bird mark that you mentioned?"

The beautiful middle-aged woman's face was filled with shock, and there was a trace of anxiety on her face when she quickly said, "When I saw him before, he only had the Vermillion Bird mark, and it was completely sealed. It's impossible to awaken it in such a short period of time!"

"Vermillion Bird awakening…. This can be a heaven-shaking event in the Four Divine Sect… The Four Divine Sect…" There was a trace of killing intent in Master Void's eyes. He wouldn't allow any person with an awakened mark to appear. He could never forget the unimaginable fierce and bitter battle they had against the Four Divine Sect for control of the Brilliant Void. If it wasn't for the fact that the Alliance had obtained more of the inheritances and relics from the Rain Celestial Realm and they had the help of the Brilliant Void Saintess, the current Alliance Star System would've been renamed to the Four Divine Star System!

Despite having such a powerful force, the Alliance still couldn't destroy the Four Divine Sect completely. When he thought about how terrifying the Four Divine Emperors were, the killing intent in Master Void's eyes became even stronger.

"If this person has successfully awakened and leaves the Celestial Spirit Heaven Realm, the Four Divine Sect will definitely find him as soon as possible. Then they will bring him back for the inheritance and place him under heavy protection!

"We can't allow this to happen. If he didn't die from the awakening, we must destroy him here!"

The Vermillion Bird cry penetrated through this bottle world with a powerful momentum!!

All 99 realms of the bottle world were filled with the Vermillion Bird cry!

In one black sand desert sat a man. He was dressed in black and endless devilish energy came from the desert and entered his body.

He had been sitting here for a very long time. He had decided to sit down and absorb the devilish energy here almost from the moment he entered.

He had dense devilish energy around him, but at this moment, the Vermillion Bird cry echoed. The devilish energy around the man suddenly collapsed and scattered.

The man in black suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the sky with a gloomy gaze.

When the Vermillion Bird cry echoed, the man's eyes shined brightly and a dragon mark appeared between his eyebrows. It was the mark of a black dragon!

"He awakened? If he can survive it, he can battle me!" The man silently pondered and the black gas quickly covered up the mark between his eyebrows. It was very well-hidden, so even if someone had higher cultivation level than him, it would be very difficult to notice it unless the other person had similar bloodline.

Situ Nan was also absorbing devilish energy inside the bottle world!

Situ Nan felt as if he had arrived at a holy land. More than half of the black sand in his realm had turned to dust. His arrogant laugh echoed across the world and there was a vortex of devilish energy around him.

Situ Nan's long hair flowed strangely within the center of this vortex, and he was completely covered in devilish energy. As he absorbed the devilish energy, more sand would collapse, releasing devilish energy that entered his body.

"Delightful! Delightful! I didn't expect this kind of place have this kind of devilish energy. It is the best tonic for this old man! Unfortunately, I can't absorb too much. When I have enough, I'll need to find Wang Lin. I wonder how he is right now!" Situ Nan's eyes lit up and he absorbed like crazy.

The Vermillion Bird cry echoed across the world and caused the devilish energy vortex around Situ Nan to suddenly collapse.

Situ Nan suddenly raised his head, revealing a ferocious and impatient expression. However, his eyes than lit up and he began to laugh.

"This bird cry contains Wang Lin's aura. It seems little Lin didn't die. He made me worried for nothing!"

There was another person in the bottle world! This person had a bald head, and he walked through the black sand desert with a demonic smile. His body would often flicker and break through the realm. Although he would reappear in the black sand desert again, it was already another realm!

"That Lonely Desert Smoke paining should be within these few realms! Ancient Devil Ta Jia… Although I, Bei Lou, am not complete, I have recovered about 80% of my power. This time, you won't have the same chance you did back then!"

Bei Lou's right eye lit up. There were seven shining star filled with demonic energy in his right eye.

Ancient gods had their stars between their eyebrows, ancient demons had them in their right eye, and ancient devils had them in their left eye!

The seven ancient demon stars rotated rapidly. Just as he raised his foot, the Vermillion Bird cry echoed across the world. The devilish energy around Bei Lou fluctuated and he stopped between two realms and then looked up.

"The Vermillion Bird of the four Great Divine Beasts in the sealed realm…" Bei Lou pondered for a moment before the stars in his right eye disappeared. Then, with a step, he disappeared without a trace.

The people inside the bottle world were shocked by the Vermillion Bird cry, and they all had different thoughts on this matter. Aside from them, something was happening to those outside the bottle!

The person inside the devilish energy sitting on the bridge suddenly opened his eyes. Dense devilish energy quickly spread from his body.

Those hideous shadows in the river under the bridge began to tremble as they feared the spread of the devilish energy from the person on the bridge.

The white jade bottle before the person inside mist trembled when the bursts of the Vermillion Bird cry came from within. The trembling reached a peak and the cry was about to pierce through!

"Damn it, how could a sealed realm Vermillion Bird have entered?!" The sound of teeth gnashing could be heard from inside the black mist. He raised his right hand and countless strands of devilish energy appeared around his finger. With a point of his finger, all the devilish energy entered the bottle.

In the bottle world, the sea of flames around Wang Lin all rushed up toward the Vermillion Bird.

This Vermillion Bird was about 100 feet tall and completely red. When its wings opened, it was hundreds of feet wide. Its flaming tail made it look even more majestic!

In particular, the eyes of this Vermillion Bird revealed a cold gaze; it was exactly the same as Wang Lin's gaze.

The sea of flames that covered the world began to gather, and in the blink of an eye, it was absorbed by the Vermillion Bird. It was impossible to tell if the Vermillion Bird was spitting out the sea of flames or if the sea of flames was being absorbed by the Vermillion Bird.

From a distance, the sea of flames surged from all directions. The Vermillion Bird cry echoed once more, and this time it was filled with joy.

As this cry echoed, all of the flames that covered the millions of kilometers within the realm gathered toward him like crazy.

The scope of the flames was simply too large. The heat produced by the gathering of these flames was enough to kill anything!

Wang Lin's cracked skin was hit by this unimaginable temperature. His skin shattered and fell off in this heat, revealing new flesh, but soon cracks appeared again.

It was if all the flames had rushed into his body and caused the temperature inside his body to reach an unimaginable degree. If it was before, Wang Lin would've been burnt to ashes, but after the Vermillion Bird had awakened, it was something he could withstand.

His eyes shined brightly and his origin energy cycled like crazy, absorbing the heat. Soon, the temperature of his origin energy had reached an unimaginable degree!

This kind of heat could destroy any flesh no matter how tough it was. This was the true difficulty of the Vermillion Bird awakening! Over the countless years, there were many Vermillion Bird awakenings in the Four Divine Sect. However, at the moment of awakening, a majority of the ones who did so couldn't withstand the heat and turned to ashes.

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