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Chapter 1022.1 - Break (2)

In the Four Divine Sect, there was an ancient phrase that was passed down from ancient times. This phrase encompassed the inheritances of the Four Divine Sect!

The Four Divine Awaken, the Black Tortoise is the fastest, the White Tiger is the most fierce, the Azure Dragon is the strongest, and the Vermillion Bird is the most difficult!

In the Four Divine Sect, the Black Tortoise was not lacking in people who awakened, as their awakening had the lowest risk! Those that awakened the White Tiger were often extremely fierce. The ones that awakened it were those that had slaughtered countless people!

The Azure Dragon was the most powerful. Those that awakened it were rare, but they rarely failed. Once they awakened, they would eventually become the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor!

In the old past, if it wasn't for the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor mysteriously disappearing and the Vermillion Bird Holy Emperor facing his third Heaven's Blight, meaning he couldn't use his full cultivation, the war with the Alliance might have been very different! 

The Vermillion Bird was the most difficult to awaken among the Four Divine Sect; not even the Azure Dragon could compare. The ones that successfully awakened and survived the trials to become a Divine Emperor were simply too few!

Those who were extremely talented and had the legendary Vermillion Bird physique had to gather enough power of flame through cultivation to activate their Vermillion Bird awakening! Only then would they be able to withstand the unimaginable heat and not die during the awakening!

If one didn't have the Vermillion Bird physique, they couldn't achieve an internal awakening and would have to rely on an external force to awaken. In the long history of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, no one had succeeded in using this method!

Wang Lin's awakening was classified as an external force awakening. As the flames gathered, the heat became even stronger. If not for his ancient god body, he would have already turned to dust!

No one had awakened using external force in all of the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect's history. However, the Vermillion Bird mark had never been given to an ancient god who was able to withstand the awakening with their body!

Wang Lin was currently enduring this incredible heat with his 5-star royal ancient god body. When his skin cracked, new flesh replaced it repeatedly. This continued until his ancient god body gradually adapted to this high temperature!

The flames covered the area, and all the flames from the realm rushed over. As the Vermillion Bird absorbed the flames, it soon formed a giant ball of fire!

The moment the ball of fire formed, it surrounded Wang Lin and the Vermillion Bird.

At this instant, the Vermillion Bird cried once more, and its red body flew out from Wang Lin's eyebrows and wrapped around his body. Soon, it turned into a life-like tattoo that spread across Wang Lin's upper body!

Wang Lin's skin was covered in cracks right now. Combined with the red Vermillion Bird tattoo, he looked unexpectedly gorgeous! Especially his eyes, which were as bright as the stars!

However, it was destined that no one could see this. The ball of fire quickly devoured Wang Lin and grew bigger.

Soon, a destructive aura appeared, and as the flames gathered, the ball of fire became larger and larger!

It was very difficult to describe what was happening. The sea of flames gathered up toward the ball of fire in the sky. If one looked from high enough, they would see that the sea of flames was shrinking!

This endless sea of flames was rapidly shrinking with the ball of fire as the center. As more flames entered the ball of fire, the shrinking speed reached a limit.

After the sea of flames shrank, the mirror-like white earth was exposed!

The ball of fire became larger and larger until it reached the sky! The fire in realm diminished as almost all the flames in the realm had been gathered into the ball of fire!

At this moment, there were no flames left beside the ball of fire. The endless flames summoned by Ming Hai's Burn the Heaven were all inside the ball of fire!

At this moment, the black smoke that covered sky gathered around the ball of fire. If anyone saw this scene, their mind would be shaken!

The moment the smoke surrounded the ball of fire, large amounts of devilish energy appeared in the sky. It turned into black mist and rushed over.

As the devilish energy descended, it gathered to form a giant devilish shadow. It was very large and it had bloodthirsty eyes. It rushed directly at the ball of fire.

However, it immediately felt the heat from the ball of fire. It stopped and retreated for a bit, then it stared at the ball of fire and the killing intent in its eyes became even stronger.

Wang Lin had his eyes closed inside the giant ball of fire. The Vermillion Bird tattoo on his upper body shined brightly as large amount of flames were absorbed and devoured by Wang Lin's body.

This caused Wang Lin's body to strengthen and the temperature to reach a new height. This even caused Wang Lin's origin energy to change and contain a terrifying heat.

At this instant, Wang Lin's closed eyes suddenly opened. The moment his eyes opened, all of the cracks on skin shattered, revealing his slightly red skin!

An unimaginable storm set off when Wang Lin opened his eyes! The Vermillion Bird tattoo flew off of his body and rapidly rotated around him.

The giant ball of fire that surrounded Wang Lin shrank at an unimaginable speed and entered Wang Lin's body. The devilish figure immediately moved, and devilish energy filled the world while it chased after the shrinking ball of fire!

The giant ball of fire rapidly shrank in a short period of time, followed by a loud rumble. Then all of it completely entered Wang Lin's body!

At this moment, there was not a single trace of flame left in the realm Wang Lin was in!

Wang Lin's figure appeared in the world once more after he absorbed the last trace of flame! His red skin, the Vermillion Bird, and his  bright, burning eyes made Wang Lin look like the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor!

The moment the flames dissipated, the devilish shadow closed in. Before it even got close, endless devilish energy turned into black mist that wanted to surround Wang Lin and tear him into pieces!

However, just as the devilish shadow closed in, flames appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. After the flames appeared in his eyes, a terrifying fire that could destroy the world erupted from his body!

Wang Lin had devoured too much flame. The flames that erupted from his body were the leftover flames after his body had absorbed enough. They would harm his body if he kept them inside, so he could only release them!

The heat from this sea of fire was different from Burn the Heavens. Not only did it contain the power of Burn the Heavens, it also contained a sliver of the Vermillion Bird's Divine Flame!

Now it erupted and quickly expanded in a ring. The sea of flames was so large that it covered the sky and earth. As it spread, the devilish shadow sent by the man hidden in the black mist collided head on with the sea of flames!

A miserable scream came from the devilish shadow. Fear filled its eyes and he rapidly retreat!

However, it was too late!

The moment it retreated, the sea of flames was like an angry wave that submerged the devilish shadow. The devilish shadow's roar echoed inside the sea of flames and rapidly dissipated. When only a small fragment remained, it finally broke free of the sea of flames and was going to flee!

However, it underestimated the power of the sea of flames. The heat the sea of flame possessed combined with the Divine Flame from the Vermillion Bird awakening had made it even stronger than Burn the Heavens!

At this moment, it spread in all directions. What it burned wasn't just the realm Wang Lin was in, but all the realms inside this bottle!

As the sea of flames raged, cracks appeared in the sky and suddenly collapsed! This collapse wasn't just this realm, but as the flames expanded, it was as if it was scraping layers of the world. Every place it passed was disintegrated!

After it collapsed, another realm in the bottle world was revealed!

That realm was filled with black sand, but a large amount of flames rushed into it. The flames burned everything, and this realm began to collapse as well!

This realm also disintegrated!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The heaven-shaking rumbles echoed as the realms within the bottle world collapsed one after another. After one realm collapsed, the flames would rush into the next realm, causing its collapse!

The remaining devilish shadow was able to escape from the flame in one realm, but it couldn't escape through all 99 realms. After 13 realms had collapsed, that devilish shadow let out a miserable scream before it was extinguished.

However, this collapse still didn't end, it was just the start! As the flames continued to spread, it was as if a storm was set off, and the realms collapsed one by one!

At this moment, another realm collapsed, and Situ Nan's angry roar came from inside!

"What damn bastard dares to stop this old man from cultivating?!" Just as he shouted, he immediately let out a scream and ran from the sea of flames.

"Damn it, what kind of fire is this!?!"

The moment Situ Nan shouted, the realm he was in collapsed, revealing the next realm!

Ling Tianhou stared at the sky that seemed to have been torn open by a hair of hands, and the endless flames descended from the sky. His scalp felt numb and he quickly dodged the sea of flames without any hesitation!

The sea of flames penetrated across the world like an unstoppable force, crushing all boundaries and barriers. This force kept piercing up from where Wang Lin was, and the sounds of the realms inside the bottle shattering were heaven-shaking!

The All-Seer's figure appeared in the collapsed sky. He stared at everyone before him and silently pondered. The moment the sea of flames swept by, he took a step to the side and the sea of flames passed right by him.

Ling Tianhou, Situ Nan, and the All-Seer weren't the only ones who who felt the power of this sea of flames. Everyone else in the 99 realms felt it.

One by one, the realms collapsed, and more people began to appear within the collapsed space. Big Head, the three Chen brothers, the old man on the gourd, the man in black, and even Master Void!

However, this collapse didn't end; it continued to spread. This collapse was infused with the power of every single realm, and it created a force that no one could stop. It became stronger and stronger as it charged toward the last realm in the bottle world!

After this realm was destroyed, they could leave this white jade bottle!

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