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Chapter 1021 - Vermillion Bird Awakening

The origin energy filled with flames entered Wang Lin's origin soul, and Wang Lin commanded his ancient thunder dragon origin soul to absorb it. The moment he absorbed it, intense pain came from his origin soul.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and endured all of this. He lost his sense of time.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the pain in his origin soul slowly disappeared. The origin energy inside the flame slowly fused with his origin soul and began flowing normally.

Wang Lin opened his tired eyes. The moment he opened them, the sea of flames within 30 feet of him went back into his pores and returned to his body.

However, Wang Lin only felt his body warm up this time, and the flames quickly fused with his origin energy.

"My origin energy increased a bit… Although this method is dangerous, it could work!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and closed his eyes. After 15 minutes, he stood up. Although he still looked tired, he walked outside the black tower!

The outside was a world of flames, and black gas covered the sky. This time Wang Lin stayed outside for a bit longer than before. His right hand reached out and grabbed a flame the size of a baby's fist before he returned back into the tower.

Ignoring the flames that surrounded the tower once more, Wang Lin sat down. He stared at the flame in his hand and then devoured it!

Time slowly passed like this. In order to restore the origin energy in his body, he endured the pain. He continued to extract the flames from the sea of flames and integrated it with his origin energy.

At first he could only absorb small flames the size of a baby's fist, but now he was taking the flames the size of a head. Wang Lin no longer needed to swallow it; all he had to do now was inhale to absorb all the flames.

Anyone knew Wang Lin would have a hard time recognizing the person inside the tower. He had already become very thin due to the long period of time where he absorbed devilish energy. And now, cracks covered his skin, making his appearance extremely terrifying.

His hair was completely dry without any shine, but his eyes were becoming bright and brighter. If anyone saw Wang Lin's gaze, they would feel intense heat that would burn them to ashes.

What was really strange what happened between Wang Lin's eyebrows. A few days ago, after he absorbed a certain amount of flames, Wang Lin felt something change between his eyebrows. This feeling came from the Vermillion Bird mark!

"I didn't think that absorbing this flame would not only would my origin energy recover, but also create this heat… However, the heat in my body seems to be different from Qing Lin's Burn the Heavens spell…" Wang Lin opened his eyes and touched the area between his eyebrows.

"I originally intended to absorb the flames to recover my origin energy, but now it seems the more I absorb, the more it will benefit me…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he stood up and slowly walked forward.

After he stepped out of the black tower, the flames charged at him like raging waves. Wang Lin remained calm and let the flames sweep by and surround him.

Wang Lin stood within the flames and calmly walked forward.

He wasn't very fast, but it very amazing for him to walk through this sea of flames. If Ling Tianhou was here, he would be shocked to see Wang Lin right now!

Even Ling Tianhou couldn't walk through this sea of flames this casually!

Wang Lin calmly walked for 15 minutes before he stopped. This was his limit. The further he went, the stronger the flames were, and the hotter it became.

After looking at the sea of flames before him, Wang Lin sat down and stretched open his arms. Then two strands of flames began to gather from both sides and formed a ball of fire the size of his body.

Wang Lin opened his mouth and inhaled. The ball of fire rapidly shrank until it completely disappeared into Wang Lin's mouth. A large amount of heat came from Wang Lin's body, causing the surrounding flames to go crazy and completely submerge Wang Lin.

After three days, the flames around Wang Lin suddenly expanded outwards and Wang Lin slowly stood up. His skin was even more chapped and his eyes were even brighter. A terrifying aura came out of his body and merged with the surrounding flames. This produced an unimaginable amount of heat.

"Still missing a little...." Wang Lin muttered to himself as he touched the spot between his eyebrows and walked forward. As he moved forward, the black tower disappeared from view.

Time began to pass once more as Wang Lin moved forward. Whenever he reached his limit, he would sit down to cultivate, and once he had the strength to resist the flames, he continued moving forward.

In the blink of an eye, four months passed!

Wang Lin was now far away from the black tower. Looking around, he was surrounded by a sea of monstrous flames. The heat produced by this sea of flames could incinerate all life.

The cracks on Wang Lin's skin had broken and new skin had appeared underneath. However, soon, the cracks covered his skin once more.

"The heat here should be enough." On this day, Wang Lin stopped and inhaled deeply. As he inhaled, the sea of flames before him moved. A lot of the flames entered his body as he inhaled.

However, this time Wang Lin didn't fuse the flames with his origin energy or his origin soul. Instead, he moved all of it without reservation toward the mark between his eyebrows!

All of it went into the mark, making it much more visible and life-like! The Vermillion Bird mark!

The shape of this mark was rapidly changing during these months since it first appeared. As Wang Lin absorbed more flames, the mark changed rapidly. What started out as just a mark was slowly turning into a real Vermillion Bird!

It was as if there was a Vermillion Bird that was rapidly growing. It continued to solidify and was ready to break free from the mark!

"Not enough!" Wang Lin suddenly opened his arms and swept the area. All of the flames were pulled toward him and surrounded his body. Soon, all of the flames entered Wang Lin's body through his pores.

As the endless flames entered his body, Wang Lin pushed all of into the mark between his eyebrows. The mark emitted an intense red glow.

Wang Lin jumped into the sky as the red light shined. The flames from the ground followed him and continued to enter his body. If you looked from a distance, it was a very shocking scene!

"Still not enough!" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light as his arms opened and reached out. It was as if he was hugging the sea of flames, and his origin energy spread out. As Wang Lin's origin energy spread out, another sea of flames appeared in the sky.

This sea of flames was created by the origin energy inside Wang Lin's body. This sea of flames created suction force and seemed to resonate with the flames on the ground. All of the flames on the ground rushed up and entered Wang Lin's body.

As the flames on the ground moved, endless flames began to gather from all directions. It was as if there was a black hole here that was absorbing all the flames in the black sand desert.

Large amounts of flames continued to enter his body and made their way to the mark between Wang Lin's eyebrows. When the red light from the mark reached a limit, a fiery red Vermillion Bird formed!

The moment the Vermillion Bird appeared, a heaven-shaking cry that could tear the void apart appeared within this bottle world.

This was the cry of the Vermillion Bird, a cry that shook the heavens. It was the awakening cry as a member of the Vermillion Bird series for Wang Lin!

This fiery red Vermillion Bird was very majestic and filled with intelligence. The moment it appeared and let out a cry, all of the flames within the black sand desert became crazy.

The boundless flames charged at the Vermillion Bird next to Wang Lin at an unimaginable speed!

The mark had awakened and the Vermillion Bird spirit had appeared! In the past, the awakening was a big deal in the Four Divine Sect! Anyone that was part of the Vermillion Bird series that had awakened would likely become one of the four divine emperors if there were no accidents!

At this moment, Wang Lin was the only one of the Vermillion Bird series to awaken! This was assuming that no one else among the Vermillion Bird series had awakened!

That cry of the Vermillion Bird didn't only shake the realm Wang Lin was in! At this moment, all the other realms within the bottle world heard this shocking Vermillion Bird cry!

Ling Tianhou was sitting inside the black tower of his realm and cultivating. However, at this moment, an unimaginable Vermillion Bird cry echoed across the realm. It even caused the world to tremble.

Ling Tianhou suddenly opened his eyes and revealed unimaginable shock!

"The cry of the Vermillion Bird!"

The All-Seer was floating in the air while wearing all white. He looked at the sky and divinated. His eyes became brighter and brighter and a smile appeared on his face while he muttered, "So it's like this…"

However, before he could finish speaking, the cry of a Vermillion Bird instantly arrived and echoed violently.

This sudden cry of Vermillion Bird immediately caused the All-Seer's calculations to shatter. The realm he was in trembled and the sky changed violently. In a rare moment, the All-Seer's expression changed!


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