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If It is Bikini, What Will You Let Me Do (2)

Song Ting Yu placed his hand to her very flat stomach: "This kid, I will accompany him to grow up. I will not miss it again."

Su Ran smiled, didn't say anything.

Son Ting Yu pulled her from the bed: "Are you hungry?"

He passed her a bowl of seafood porridge that he bought before: "Before when I went to buy pregnancy test for you, I bought this. Eat a little, it is your favorite."

"Seafood porridge?" Su Ran scooped out it for several times, noticed the existence of crab meat. She immediately shook her head: "You eat it, I don't eat it?"

"Why?" Before Song Ting Yu clearly noticed her interest to eat, how could suddenly she doesn't want to eat it?

"The porridge has crab meat?"

"What's up with crab meat?"

Su Ran covered her forehead with her hands: "A pregnant woman couldn't eat crab meat. It's too cold, doesn't really good."

Song Ting Yu just understood, he looked at the porridge: "Then just let it be, later on I will throw it." In the evening, he didn't use to eat anything.

"Too waste, I will go and give it to Auntie Fang to eat. I also want to see Wei Xi." Song Wei Xi positively already came back and slept. She used to see him before she sleeps, if not she wouldn't be at ease.

"Let me go, you just sleep first."

Song Ting Yu pressed down her body, and took the porridge out. Song Wei Xi and Auntie Fan was on the next door room. He knocked on the door, and Auntie Fang opened the door. Looking at him: "Mister, you come to see little Mister? He is asleep."

Song Ting Yu nodded, and got inside. He passed the porridge to her: "Before I went outside for a while and bought late-night snack. You just eat it, I will go and see Wei Xi."

"Thank you,Mister."

The room was a twin-bed, this moment Song Wei Xi slept on the bed that near to the wall. He slept soundly.

Song Ting Yu came over, and used his hand to stroke his head. He also helped him to cover himself with the blanket. He instructed Auntie Fang: "Please take a good care of him."

"Don't worry, Mister. I will."

Song Ting Yu nodded, and immediately turned his body to leave the room.

The time he was back, Su Ran already laid on the bed. Yet she obviously hadn't fell into sleep because she still waited for his return.

"Is Wei Xi asleep?"

"He is."

Song Ting Yu changed into his pajamas and also laid on the bed. He still used to pull her into his embrace. Su Ran was closing her eyes, originally she slept quite deep, but felt it wasn't smooth and steady.

She always felt something pushed her, unconsciously she extended her hand to reach back wanted to move away the things that hinder her from her sleeping time.

This moment she suddenly heard the groaned of a man behind her.

Her mind was blank, she felt something wrong, in a great rush, she got rid off her hands.

She used blanket to cover her face: "Song Ting Yu, you…"

Su Ran's ears were hot and red, she didn't willing to turn her body: "You hurried released your hand, don't hinder me from being asleep, tomorrow I want to go to the hospital."

As before he still hugged her: "You want me to restrain it until it's broken?"

Su Ran couldn't struggle free, she used her legs to kick lightly at his shank: "Go away."

He seemed to be angry, he clutched her shoulder and turned her body over: "Su Ran, you really regard me as that kind of mating …."

"Kind of pig." Su Ran held her smile, and continued his sentence.

His face was getting darker: "So now as the duty is completed, then you don't care anymore about my life and death situation. Also don't want to think who make me like this?"

Su Ran coughed for awhile, she hugged the pillow and raised up from the bed. She went toward the outside. Song Ting Yu who was on her back asked: "Where are you going?"

"To avoid you for doing anything messy, I will sleep with Wei Xi. Tonight, you just sleep with hugging the pillow."

"Try to leave the room if you dare!"

Su Ran turned her head and smiled to him for awhile, the next second she opened the door. She went out!

Song Ting Yu's face was extremely gloomy. He very quickly opened the door to chase after her. Su Ran was knocking the next door, Auntie Fang opened it: "Misses."

"Am I waking you up? I come to sleep with Wei Xi."

"Okay." Auntie Fang was startled, and when she about to let her go inside, but after a second, she looked a bare-foot Song Ting Yu appeared rushly. Without saying anything, he carried Su Ran to the next door room.

Just heard "Peng—", Auntie Fang was still confused?

What was happening?

Were they fighting?

She was worried about them that she went over, she sticked her ear to the closed door to the voice inside, yet the soundproofing of this hotel is good, so she couldn't hear anything, she could only go back to her room.

Su Ran was carried back by Song Ting Yu and placed on the bed. She stood up, and took a pillow to pound his body: "Song Ting Yu, you are really crazy."

Song Ting Yu took the pillow, and with his gloomy face: "Lay down, sleep well."

Su Ran rolled her eyes to him: "If you approach me again, I will go and book another room. Let's have a separate room."

Song Ting Yu raised his brows: "I don't have any money."

This moment not only his body was on fire, his heart also and it couldn't be eliminated. He simply laid down on the bed, didn't know whether it was because Su Ran's warning or not. He really didn't dare to pull her again.

Su Ran knew that he would not do anything reckless, so she just laid down. Yet she made some distances between her and him, because his body still on fire, who knows what he will do.

He wouldn't use a normal way to touch him. This she knew, yet he would think of various kind of other ways.

Su Ran felt a bit resentment, before she should call the housekeeping department to ask for more blanket, that could made them have one each so it would be better.

At first all along Su Ran didn't dare to sleep, she was on alert of the movement of person behind her. Yet when she noticed all along he was knowing his place, she also calmed down, and finally closed her eyes.

She felt the bed moved for awhile, it looked like Song Ting Yu raised from the bed. After a while, she heard a sound of water from the bathroom.

In her daze state, she opened her eyes half and noticed the bathroom door was opened. It was Song Ting Yu who came out of it.

He was taking a shower.

After taking a shower, he didn't immediately go to the bed, but he went to the outside living room to pour a glass of beer then sat on the sofa. Then he took out a cigarette to smoke.

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