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If It is Bikini, What Will You Let Me Do (1)

Near the hotel, there was no drug store so Song Ting Yu could only drive his car to the drug store that was located at the roadside quite far from the hotel. Finally he arrived at the drug store, he bought a pregnancy test, and looked that there was a store that sold late-night snack. It sold Su Ran's favorite seafood porridge, so he bought one back.

Actually now in his mind was full of a sentence: "Su Ran is pregnant, Su Ran is pregnant, Su Ran is pregnant….."

On the way, basically his head was full of this.

With a great difficulty, he had arrived at the hotel room. Su Ran already changed into her pajamas and waited for him. Noticing his return, she immediately went forward: "Do you buy it?"

He passed one to her.

She took it and got into the restroom. Because this thing needs a time to process, so put it on the closet's cover, and sat there to wait.

This moment her heart undoubtedly completely full of worries, a lot of fear and empty joys.

It supposedly Song Ting Yu who was outside and her had also the similar kind of feeling, so after a while, he went to knock the door: "Su Ran, how is it?"

"Not yet, wait for a bit more."

After a few seconds, he knocked again: "It still doesn't appear?"

This time Su Ran was lazy to respond to him again, so just calmly waited. She took the test out and went to the side that has good lighting in the restroom to see.

She closed her eyes then opened it to see.

It was two lines…..

So, she was really pregnant!

Her heart was full of indescribable joy, her hand which was holding the pregnancy test was shivering because she afraid that she was wrong. Once again she closed her eyes, and opened it again to see.

It was still two lines, so, she didn't look wrongly. She is really pregnant.

Because all along she didn't show any sign of movement inside, also there was no sound so Song Ting Yu was a bit nervous, he knocked the door continuously: "Su Ran, what is the real condition? Say it."

He once again worried that Su Ran had something bad, for example she was fainting inside, because before her face indeed was not really good.

When he was about to break the door, the door was opened by Su Ran. On her hand, she still held a pregnancy test and went outside slowly.

Song Ting Yu's voice sounded rush: "What happened?"

Su Ran passed the pregnancy test to him, he took it and examined it carefully, he noticed it had two lines on it. Of course, he didn't know what is it: "What is it?"

Su Ran raised her head and looked at him, her voice was a bit low: "Song Ting Yu, I'm pregnant."

Song Ting Yu heard it, then his whole body was completely went to blank state, perhaps he didn't regain his conscious after a while.

Su Ran used her hand to push him for a while: "What happened to you? Why don't you say anything?"

Song Ting Yu just back from his daze, his black eyes stared at her, and took a step forward,

Su Ran smiled, nodded: "Really."


Su Ran still answered him patiently.

Yet he once again for the third time: "Really, you don't lie to me?"

This man was too practical, Su Ran rolled her eyes to him: "For this kind of thing why should I lie to you? Song Ting Yu, hear it carefully, I'm really pregnant…"

She didn't finished her sentence yet, she was carried by him. She was panic and hugged his neck: "What are you doing?"

Song Ting Yu carried her to the bed, and placed her down on the soft mattress. He opened her hem of shirt, and placed his head on her belly, he used his ear to stick close to the belly skin.

Su Ran didn't know what his action mean?

"What are you doing?"

"I try to hear his movement inside…."

Su Ran was laughing out of control: "This at most only a month, how could you hear his movement? How could you be this stupid?"

Song Ting Yu released her, raised his head, he was somewhat awkward. Then, he laid down beside her. He used his hand to caresses her side face: "Su Ran, is being pregnant difficult?"

Su Ran laid down and looked at the ceiling, she started to recall slowly the four years matter.

"Just a bit." She smiled: "But Wei Xi all along always be a good one. He didn't really make it hard for me, however maybe it just my body. So for certain period I always wanted to throw up, whatever I ate I would throw it out. It really scared grandma, when I couldn't eat anything, grandma thought it was because the chef was not skilled. She especially invited the chef came back, and everyday cooked the things I like…."

All along Su Ran felt very glad, although when entered Song Family, she was nervous and insecure, yet she met Madame Song. Although at first she thought she was kind because the child inside her belly, but after it, she noticed that she really sincere toward her and she could feel it.

"At the late stage of the pregnancy, my feet were swollen greatly. I couldn't go to the university, so grandma let someone to help me to take a leave from school temporarily. Everyday staying at home, no matter laid down, sat down, or sat down, I felt in pain…."

That time she really felt those days very hard to bear, when she was carrying Wei Xi, she also just twenty years old and just finished her second years and prepared to go to third years. The last third years, she basically never attended the class, she couldn't eat anything, couldn't get a good night sleep. Moreover, she was staying in Song house, a complete strange environment.

If there was no grandma, perhaps she already ran away.

"During four months, we could determine the gender of the baby. The doctor pointed to the computer screen and said to me "This is your son." That time I just cried, grandma said that I am stupid…"

Afterwards, every time she felt hard to bear, she would take out the photo to look at it, and immediately all her mood in a flash calmed down.

That period she didn't know how could she pass it all.

But now to recall about it, she could smile.

She noticed all along Song Ting Yu was silent, she thought he was asleep. When she turned her head, she noticed he was fixing his gaze at her.

"What's the matter?"

Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch her cheeks, kissed her corner of lips: "Su Ran, I'm sorry."

It was the first time for him to apologize for her, it also the first time for him to ask about what happened four years ago. He never knew any of it, that during her pregnancy, she suffered a lot.

Su Ran was startled, she didn't expect him to say that words."

"There's no one sorry to who, from the start it was my decision and persistence to enter Song family, gave birth to the child…." Although it was related to Qiao Qing that she did what she did, yet after all Song Ting Yu gave her a choice.

That time they didn't have any relationship, even could be said they were a stranger, yet they have a child. Everyone knows the choice of aborting the child would be a better choice.

Song Ting Yu wished that she did the abortion, in the past she also thought that way. If not Qiao Qing's action of taking a knife and commit suicide in front of her. Perhaps when he looked for her, she already threw the child away.

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