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So You Guys Even in a Group

He smoked one, and drank a bit of beer. Then once again he went back to the bedroom, at this moment Su Ran had already slept soundly.

The second day, Su Ran wanted to go to the hospital to do some exams. Although the simple pregnancy paper already showed the result, yet to avoid any mistakes, so she wanted to made it certain by going to the hospital.

Su Ran wanted to tell Song Wei Xi after she finished with all the tests.

So the time she went to the hospital with Song Ting Yu, she asked Auntie Fang to take care of him in the hotel.

On the way, she recalled last night it seemed that she heard that Song Ting Yu was on the bathroom and inside it was a sound of showers. She turned her head to look at the Song Ting Yu, who sat on the driver seat: "Did you take a cold shower last night?"

Mentioning this, Song Ting Yu's handsome face turned sour. Last night he took a cold shower for no less than thirty minutes to calm down the fire in him.

After leaving the bathroom, he even felt his body was frozen, so he didn't dare to immediately lay down on the bed, because he was worried to make her cold.

He used his long finger to clutch her delicate chin: "Next time you are not allow to evoke the fire in me, and let me alone to clam it down. The fire you ignited, even you cry you need to calm it down."

Su Ran patted his hands, frowned: "Your fire because of me?"

"How could it not?" Song Ting Yu raised his brows: "Last night the time we were in the swimming pool, you just seduce me….."

"Song Ting Yu, when did I seduce you?" Su Ran was panting with rage and cut off his words, during the whole event she didn't do anything.

This misfortune, she didn't want to accept the blame.

"You were wearing that little, how could you don't seduce me? The time when I was in the swimming pool, I hated myself to unable to press you…"

Su Ran extended her hand to cover his thin lips, to avoid him to say something else.

"Song Ting Yu, that is swimsuit. It also you who helped me to choose it for me…."

She used her hand to pat her face, and glared at him.

Song Ting Yu turned his head, and his eyes were gloomy: "I know, luckily it was my choice. If it is a bikini, then what will you let me do?"

Su Ran's face was very burning hot, she turned her head to look at the window. She decided to not talk again with the man beside her, because they were unable to connect.

Fortunately very quickly they arrived at the hospital, she also didn't want to continue their conversation of bashful and hot-tempered topics.

His car stopped at the parking spot, she immediately opened the door and went to the entrance. She didn't wait for him, and looked at the instructions to look for department of gynecology and obstetrics.

Song Ting Yu had a long legs, so very quickly he could chase after her. He look dissatisfied to look at her action of going first: "Su Ran, am I extremely dangerous? That you are this fear of me?"

"No." Su Ran waved her hands: "You are beast."

After doing the check up, because they still need to wait, Su Ran and Song TIng Yu were waiting outside.

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran's underbelly: "What do you think? Is it a boy or girl?"

Su Ran subconsciously used her hand to stroke her belly, smiled: "Either is good, how about you? You want a boy or girl?"

"I hope it is a girl. We already have Wei Xi, it's good to have a girl then." Song Ting Yu leaned on the pillar on the corridor. Didn't know what he was thinking about, all along his lips hanged up a distinct smile.

Su Ran smiled, when she about to say something. She heard the nurse was calling her name. The nurse brought her to the doctor office, Su Ran turned to see Song Ting Yu and said: "Let's go."

They both together went to the doctor's office, the doctor was looking at the result of her laboratory test.

After they both sat down, Song Ting Yu started to ask: "Doctor, how is it? Is my wife pregnant?"

The doctor raised his head, smiled: "Yes, congratulations. Mrs Song, it's already 43 days."

They both looked very young, she felt Su Ran should be a newbie mother. So she especially told them the things that she needed to pay attention. After a long of time, then lastly he looked at both of them for a while: "Especially like you guys, young couple, you were both young and vigorous. Didn't know the severity of the case, but you need to pay attention, this trimester you couldn't have any sexual intercourse…"

The doctor hadn't finished her words, Song Ting Yu just cut off and asked: "Then after three months, we can?"

Su Ran's face was blushing, under the table, she pinched his hands. He then grasped her hands and rubbed it. His handsome face didn't look strange.

The doctor smiled, and her gaze fell on Su Ran: "Can, but remember don't be too intense, if not it wouldn't be good for the kid."

Su Ran noticed the doctor's gaze fell on her collar bone. She lowered her head busily, and noticed there were a quite of kiss marks that was left by Song Ting Yu last night. Today she only concerned about the kid, that she actually forgot this things.

She extended her hand and pulled her clothes up awkwardly.

The doctor also explained clearly about other things, and let them leave.

Because already know for sure about the pregnancy result was fixed, so after leaving the hospital and sat on the car, the first thing Su Ran did was called Madame Song, told her about this news.

Madame Song sounded so happy from the phone, asked when would they be back. She also instructed these days don't run around all the place. After finished talking with Su Ran, Madame Song let Su Ran passed the phone to Song Ting Yu.

It supposedly she made it clear to him to take a good care of Su Ran because Su Ran all along looked at how Song Ting Yu nodded his head: "Okay, okay okay, I will. Grandma, I vow to do it, okay? I will treat her as a little ancestor that I worship, are you satisfied?"

Grandma heard his words, and she felt satisfied. She finally let him go, then hung up the phone.

Regarding the pregnancy news, Su Ran of course also told Tian Mi and Lin Cheng Huan. After all, they both are really care about her and Wei Xi. This matter is a joyous thing, so she must shared it to them.

Three of them are in a WeChat group. Su Ran used her phone to send the photo to the group chat. Lin Cheng Huan supposed to be busy, yet Tian Mi immediately replied on the group caht.

She didn't stop by replying the chat, moreover she personally called her to confirm it.

"Ran Ran, you are really pregnant?"

"Right, I just came back from the hospital."

"It's good." Tian Mi smiled: "Our handsome little boy finally would be safe."

She was mentioning Song Wei Xi, she always called her handsome little boy.

After done talking with Tian Mi, Lin Cheng Huan also called her, probably because he had looked at the chat.

He not only determined about this news, he also congratulated her.

After hung up the phone, she accidentally turned her head to Song Ting Yu's side, noticed his face looked very cold.

When she was puzzled, his head was turned to her: "It's okay to say it to Tian Mi, for this matter you even need to tell Lin Cheng Huan?"

"…" Su Ran didn't have heart to mind him: "Cheng Huan is also my friend, we are in a group, so it is natural for him to know it."

"So you guys are in a group?" Song Ting Yu's face was getting gloomier.

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