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If You Wear it, then I Will Immediately Wear It Too (2)

She used her hand to pick it up, and noticed it was unexpectedly a leopard thong, and this size clearly not for woman, it was for a man…..

Because the leopard thong was placed under the pile of things, Song Ting Yu also didn't notice the existence of this thong so he always thought inside it was all just female underwear.

This moment looking at the thong on her hands, his face was darken. He extended his hand to take it and indeed it was man's. His face was getting more and more dark.

Su Ran laughed while holding her stomach, she pointed to that leopard thong: "If you wear it, then immediately I will wear that one, how about it?"

She knew for sure Song Ting Yu wouldn't agree to wear that sexy thong, so she just mentioned it. Now she leaned back on the bed and looked at his good play.

She only looked at his handsome and straight eyebrows was getting more and more tense, how could he didn't anticipate the things inside it?

It was so rare that could see his defeated expression? Su Ran naturally enjoyed that break even. Once again she picked that leopard thong and swayed it in front of him: "How is it? Will you wear it or not? You wear it first, then I will wear it. If not, let's just tidy up and sleep."

Song Ting Yu glared at the swaying thongs in front of him, he really hated that he couldn't rip it out. Su Ran noticed she really like his current facial expression.

"How about it?" She kept on provoking him. Because knowing this man wouldn't dare to wear it, so not to matter, anyway she could tease him as much as she likes.

"You will not wear it?" Su Ran blinked her eyes: "If you wear it, then I will immediately wear it. For real…."

Her words was not yet finished, that little thing already suddenly pulled by him. He dragged it to his hands.

Su Ran was shocked that her little lips was a bit open, he really planned to wear it?

Song Ting Yu took the thong to the bathroom. Su Ran hugged the pillow, and laughed until she almost dropped a tear.

"Su Ran, this thong is too small. It's not my size, you get in and help me…."

It was just a thong, just to be put it on. What help could she do for him?

Su Ran was puzzled, she raised from the bed. Hesitated for a while, she entered the bathroom. When her body just straddled to the bathroom, her whole body was carried high. Subsequently, Song Ting Yu's both legs were straddling his waist, and she placed
on the bathroom smooth wall.

He still wore a clothes as before, he didn't take off anything. The leopard thong was thrown by him on the bathroom counter.

Su Ran understood she was trapped.

She used her hand to hit his chest: "Song Ting Yu, you lie to me."

Song Ting Yu bit her earlobe, and said charmingly: "You really want me to wear this?"

"I want it. If not you wear it for me to see." Su Ran laughed, and her dimpled appeared.
"Don't think of it." Song Ting Yu bit for a while her bridge of nose, and then carried her to the bathtub: "Let's take a bath, a bath like affectionate couple used to in the movie."

Su Ran didn't forget the last time she was in the bathroom, she was wiped clean by him. Doing that in the bathroom was too tiring, she rather do it on the bedroom.

Moreover, didn't know whether is it because she was spun by Song Ting Yu or not, because she felt a bit dizzy.

"You let me go first, you take a bath by yourself."

"Su Ran, now all along you are refusing me. Later on don't you beg for forgiveness. No matter how you cry, I will not let you." Song Ting Yu pinched her delicate chin, and smiled dangerously.

Soon after it he raised his hand to turn on the shower head, in a flash, the water poured down and wet their clothes.

Su Ran wore a black clothes, and white high waist shorts, it was a thin material. So after being wet, it was sticky to the body. It made her exquisite and appealing curve exposed.

Every part is just perfect let people unable to look away.

Song Ting Yu held her shoulder, and pressed her against the wall, and kissed her cherry lips. Yet she seemed to be not concentrate, her breath was rushed: "Song Ting Yu, I feel…."

Song Ting Yu used his hand to press her lips, and with sexy voice he said: "Ssstt, don't say anymore. Leave some strength to scream."


Once again she was blocked up by his lip, it made her have difficulty to speak and this man was deliberated to do this. Anyway he felt he didn't want to her words.

"Song Ting Yu, wait…."

Su Ran extended her hands to block her chest, to stop his approach.

This moment her mind formed a thought, this thought let her to suddenly surprised, so she regained her control and used up her energy to push this man: "I don't want!"

Song Ting Yu's face looked extremely sour and gloomy.

In this crucial moment being rejected, no one would be able to accept it….

Su Ran turned off the shower, she felt her chest was somewhat unwell. She also too occupied to care about the man beside her, she only focused to get a bath towel to wrap herself up. She was about to say something, yet didn't wait until say it, she felt her stomach to be in pain that something wanted to rush out.

Actually during the dinner last night she had that kid of thing yet that time she didn't think about it. She felt it maybe because she was not acclimatized with Huai Hai, after all, it was different kind of place with An City so she wouldn't be adapted to it for a while.

So basically she didn't think about it too much.

Yet just before, when Song Ting Yu carried her, in her mind suddenly flashed a thought. That clear of thinking, that she only able to push him away hurriedly, she didn't have any choice.

Song Ting Yu noticed something wrong with her face, he took a towel to dry himself too, then carried her out of the room and placed her on the bed: "What happened? Are you sick?"

"Now you go change your clothes and go to the drug store to buy me a pregnancy test. First let's check if it's true or not, tomorrow we will go to the hospital."

Song Ting Yu was startled, for a long time he didn't realize: "You are saying…"

Su Ran casted a glance to him: "I am maybe pregnant. Hurry go buy it, I will wait here for you."

Song Ting Yu controlled the happiness in his heart: "Wait for me a while, I will be back soon."

He changed into the dry clothes quickly, at first he already went out, however he went back again because he forgot to bring his wallet.

Su Ran looked at his figure, felt somewhat funny. Song Ting Yu was not a muddle-headed man, how could he forget to bring his wallet.

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