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If you wear it, I will immediately wear it too (1)

Song Ting Yu's hands were on her collar bone and didn't move around. This moment he just gently caress and stroke it. Su Ran felt his large hand was in trend to go lower, looked like he wanted to slip into her swimsuit.

She grasped his hand: "Don't you mess around, there is a lot of people here."

"The light is very dark, they will not notice it."


Indeed he had a bad intention, she got rid of his hands, and decided to leave further from him. How could she feel if she stay any longer near his side, she would be wipe clean by him?

Yet he embraced her waist, and pulled her back slightly. This moment her butt was sticking close to his waist, the posture was too dubious. She almost wanted to fall apart: "Song Ting Yu, let me go."

Song Ting Yu's thin lips sticked close to her ear: "If not let's go back first?"

Su Ran knew what was he thinking by suggesting them to get back first, she rejected it without thought about it: "I don't want to go back, I want to accompany Wei Xi."

"Zi Chu will send him back, Auntie Fang will take care of him." Song Ting Yu's tone looked like become more and more deep and low: "You need to know, you still haven't had any good news. Recently, you are slacking in work, you don't want to get pregnant as soon as possible to help Wei Xi?"

This man was really smart in putting words that made Su Ran incapable to reject, who ask she to be in hurry to save Wei Xi?"

"Then just a bit later, now…." To be discussing this matter in a public was not really a good matter, Su Ran swallowed her saliva: "It's too early…"

"It's already eight o'clock in the evening, how could it be early? Moreover, how could you don't rush in time?"

Su Ran felt his voice was getting more and more dubious. She wanted to shake her head, yet this man had pulled her out of the swimming pool. The time they passed by Tang Zi Chu, he said: "Su Ran and I have some matters, we will be leaving first. Please help us to take care of Song Wei Xi. Don't play too long, in a moment, send him back to Auntie Fang."

"Okay, I get it, Chief Song."

Su Ran felt although Tang Zhi Chu appeared to be indifferent, but his corner of lips looked like it contained a smiling expression. He clearly knew what kind of matter they wanted to do , so he just held his smile.

The time Song Ting Yu pulled her to leave, she heard the dialogues between Tang Zi Chu and Song Wei Xi:

Song Wei Xi: "Uncle Tang, where are Papa Mama going?"

Tang Zi Chu in deadly earnest said: "Go to make you a little brother or sister."

This moment, Su Ran' face was burning hotly. She couldn't really describe it.

With difficulty, they went back to the room. Song Ting Yu let her hand go, and smiled charmingly: "Do you want to know what the award for yesterday's contest?"

Looking at his smile, suddenly she concluded that it was not a good thing so she shook her head: "Don't want."

Originally Song Ting Yu just asked her symbolically, didn't want to really know her opinion. Anyway no matter Su Ran's answer, at last he positively would take it out and show it to her.

"Sit here and wait for me."

Song Ting Yu said it, then turned his body to the cabinet. After a moment, he came back with that box.

He went over Su Ran's front, and passed the box to her. "Open it."

Actually although Su Ran said that she didn't want to look at it, yet she still somewhat in curious state. After all last night when she wanted to look, he didn't let her.

She extended her hands to open the box, on top of it was a layer of condoms.

Moreover although it was the same brand, yet it was brightly colored, it varied color and material. Song Ting Yu as one wishes took a red one: "This is strawberry scent…."

He put it down and took one again: "This is mango…"

"There is also honey peach, grape… This is their adults' products brand name newly launched fruit scent condom. Do you want to try for a while?" Song Ting Yu leaned half of his body, to approach Su Ran. He said: "But we couldn't use it right?

Su Ran already shocked and not yet conscious with this box full of condoms. So she just stared blankly, she didn't expect that beer festival activity's reward would be those condoms.

So it turned out the sponsor of the activity is adult product brand?

This moment she felt, perhaps Song Ting Yu wanted to join the activity because from the start he already looked at the sponsor.

She also didn't answer Song Tign Yu, slowly she took the pillow from the bed and pressed it to her face. She didn't want to see this man.

"You want to die because of the airtight?" Song Ting Yu's tone full of teasing. He extended his hands to pull the pillow, and he said: "You don't have face to see me?"

"…." Now after all who is shameless?

As before Song Ting Yu held the box in front of her: "Inside it also has another thing."

"I don't want to look."

A box of condoms. What things would be inside it, Su Ran didn't need to think about it again.

"Be good, move away the condom. And look what's inside it, maybe there is a surprise inside?" Song Ting Yu's tone was trying to entice her.

Yet Su Ran were not willing to move, and insist to not move.

Song Ting Yu also didn't impose her, he moved away the pile of condoms. Inside of it was a several toys. Su Ran looked at without any surprise.

Song Ting Yu's long finger hooked a thin thing and swayed in front of Su Ran. It was black gauze, and thong. That thin material, what could it withstand? It's just for faintly discernible, to provoke passion between man and woman.

"Tonight we will play the different one, if not how could we treat this night worthy?" Song Ting Yu sat on the bed, and fixed his gaze on her.

"Go and change into this one."

"I will not." Su Ran's face was blushing greatly. She looked at two pair of think material, she would not wear it.

Moreover, it was his evil intention. Why should she follow him?"

If she do it once, then next time he may have some other kind of thoughts.

"Change it, then I will be able to play with you for a while. If not, you want to start immediately. Now it's still early, are you certain that you can hold it for that long?"

Every time they did it, until the last, because of Su Ran's physical power, she was be limp as a pol of water, and several times dizzy.

"Song Ting Yu, don't you be this shameless?" Su Ran felt, how could she not notice this side of this man? Song Ting Yu should be cold and disaffectionate, how could now he be this rogue?

Song Ting Yu smiled, and said: "Be good, and change it quickly."

"No…" Su Ran said it, and subconsciously noticed that beside those two pairs of thin materials, there was still more.

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