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Who Ask You To do It (2)

"Song Ting Yu…"

"Em?" He lowered his eyes, and placed his lips on her temple, gave her a complete gentle kiss.

"Why haven't I get pregnant?"

She felt herself to unable to endure it anymore, almost every night she did it with Song Ting Yu, why is she not pregnant yet?

She thought about this, her sleepiness was gone, and her eyebrows were shivering for a while.

"This matter couldn't be rush."

"I cannot not rushing it….." Su Ran's voice was still low as before.

"I know what are your thinking and worries, but the most important, you need to maintain your mood."

Su Ran's buried face on the pillow was silent for a while, she raised her head slowly to face the man in front of her. It was like she was talking to him and also herself: "I've been eating the medicine from doctor for help conceiving, so…."

"Maybe you have problem?"

Asking man about this question, unquestionably would attack their self-esteem. Song Ting Yu's face was dark, his eyes were cold and looked at him: "Whether I have problem or not, don't you know it clearly? If you still don't understand it clearly, let's have another round?"

Hearing this, Su Ran immediately felt panic, and waved her hand busily: "No, no, no…."

Now she already lost power of her whole body, she didn't want to tomorrow she would unable to get off the bed.

Song Ting Yu groaned for a moment, he clutched her waist and pulled her to lean close to her side. Then he extended his hand to turn off the light, with a deep sexy voice, he said: "Don't think too much. Sleep."

Su Ran nodded and closed her eyes.

She also thought about it, perhaps she really pressured herself too hard, and moreover her health recently was not in a good condition, her period cycle was in a mess so maybe would have some difficulty in conceiving a kid.

Qiao Qing's every sentence was right, if she wanted to conceive, then she need to be a hundred percent healthy.

Regarding, Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan's matter after Song Ting Yu let Tang Zi Chu to have chat with the editor, they indeed didn't dare to publish their news again.

Moreover, they still publicly said that regarding this matter, actually they also just guessing, they didn't have any reliable proof.

This news were settled down for several days, formerly they expected that it would just pass by. Yet didn't expect that after a few days, each every newspaper company, magazine, even entertainment news would report this news again, moreover, even in the internet there were people posted it in the forum.

Even though Song Family had power, also unable to stop all the media in the An City. The news were circulating fast and excessively.

At last Song Ting Yu said, that if there was a man tarnished his wife's image by stating that his wife had in romantic relationship with another man. He would use his power and relation to sue them!

After that, the matter started to settle down, also there was no any development of this news. The medias were not dare to publicly discuss about this matter, however, there are some people who discussed and distorted the fact in the internet. Every three to four days, they would publish a post or discussed in Wei Bo.

Everyone said that Madame Song that shrewd person, that year how could she let Su Ran get into their Son family. As a matter fact, she brought a lot of problems to Song family over and over, afraid in the future it would not calm down.

Relating this matter the butler of the family also read regarding this article to Madame Song that time Madame Song just laughed coldly: "Now those people worried about too much trouble, they are having a free time to mind other family's businesses.

"Madame, don't be angry. Mister already handle this matter, now those medias also didn't dare to publish recklessly. But regarding the internet, it was just some little news. It is too hard to stop them…."

"I understand." Madame Song sighed.

Although she was old, but she understood the internet networking's speed was too fast. She knew to stop it would be the impossible matter.

Madame Song massaged her forehead, also didn't want to think about it anymore. Just handed over to Ting Yu, she believed that he would handle this matter well. She looked at the house, she knew Su Ran was accompanying Song Wei Xi, but she didn't see Song Ting Yu.

Today was weekend, to bring it up since this early morning, no one had seen him.

"Where is Mr?"

"Mr Tang had picked him up since early in the morning."

Madame Song worried that Song TIng Yu would look for Bai Zhi Rui, heard that he was going out with Tang Zi Chu, she was quite relieved, it should be a business matter.

Song Ting Yu looked at his watch, and pursed his lips: "Is it still far?"

"It just in the corner of the front road." Tang Zi Chu pointed to the road in front. This is the village within the city, when drove a car here, there was only one feeling: congestion.

This is the area of the other part of the city, it is quite far from Song residence. If they continued on this road, they would arrive at the next city.

In this village there is a lot of laborer from outside the city. Now it was in the afternoon, exactly a lunch break so the street side were full of people.

So their car was hardly moved.

Song Ting Yu looked ahead from the window, obviously he was impatient.

After some time, finally Tang Zi Chu stopped his car on the parking spot near their destination.

The car stopped, Song Ting Yu opened the door, and pointed to the apartment building: "What floor?"

"Third floor."

Song Ting Yu nodded, he got inside.

In the village inside the city there are too many apartment building, it was built by local people and they rented it out to other people, so the security inside was not really good just like what happened now, when they wanted to get in, they could just get in easily.

Tang Zi Chu never came into the place like this, even more Song Ting Yu.

Tang Zi Chu took Song Ting Yu to a rented room and stopped: "Chief Song, it's here."

"Knock the door."

Tang Zi Chu knocked for a quite long, then it was opened. The one opened it was a man with a winter style pajamas. He looked to be half-conscious like he just woke up, he looked to be somewhat annoyed to be disturb: "Who are you?"

Tang Zi Chu went over, and blocked the door to be closed again. He opened the door and let Song Ting Yu get in.

This man started to be mad: "I ask you guys who are you? Why are you dashing in to my house? Do you believe that I will immediately report you guys to the police?"

He hadn't finished his words, he suddenly screamed "Ai yoo…." because his both hands were holding tight by Tang Zi Chu. Tang Zi Chu has a skill of Chinese Boxing, so his power was very impressive. This man was looked like outwardly attractive but worthless, even though he is tall, but with a glance, a person could conclude that he is weak.

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