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But You Really Shouldn’t Provoke My Woman (1)

Tang Zi Chu pulled him inside and let Song Ting Yu get in, then he locked the door. He released that man’s hands. This man felt afraid: “Who are you guys?”

“You don’t know us? You should open your eyes big to see clearly.” Tang Zi Chu smiled.

That man used his hands to rub his both eyes, at last he could clearly see who is in front of him. His face suddenly changed, and he instinctively ran forward to turn off his computer.

But Tang Zi Chu was quicker than him, he pulled him back to his place before, and ruthlessly threw him.

“Stay right there don’t move, if not you will get the consequence!”

That man didn’t dare to move again, yet he still didn’t feel completely secured, so his eyes fixed its gaze on the computer.

Tang Zi Chu went forward to the front of the computer, he went over it for a while. Then he turned his head to Song Ting Yu: “Chief Song, it’s here. It is the same IP.”

Song Ting Yu went over to see it for a while, then he looked toward the man who was sitting on the ground: “The posts regarding my wife, it’s your doing?”

That man looked very helpless: “Mr Song, I…. I… it’s unrelated to me…”

Song Ting Yu came over to him, and clutched that man’s collar. He looked as if he was smiling, but his eyes were really cold: “It’s unrelated to you? But why all the post are showing your IP?”

“Mr Song….” That man was extremely terrified that he was in trouble, “It was really unrelated to me, it just someone asked me to do it. Moreover, it was not just me, there were more people… Really, I’m just one of them…”

Because he was too afraid, so he already started to talk without rhyme or reason.

“Who ask you to do that kind of thing?”

That man didn’t have any courage to hide the truth, so he explained it obediently: “I say, I say, I will immediately tell you. That time there was a person calling me, because of she knew about my computer skills, so….”

From the time they went out of the rented-room, Song Ting Yu took the paper with a series of phone number written on it.

He looked at it and gave it to Tang Zi Chu: “Use this number to look for that person>’

He really wanted to know, how could this matter happen. Is it like Su Ran’s prediction, that Bai Zhi Rui did it, or it was an attack for Lin Cheng Huan’s marriage arrangement. However, it was an attack for Lin family, it shouldn’t involved Su Ran.

Because he promised to have dinner with Song Wei Xi, so he handed this remaining matters to Tang Zi Chu, and he went back home.

Tang Zi Chu is an impressive assistant, his speed of work is really fascinating.

At night, Song Ting Yu, Su Ran, and Song Wei Xi had a dinner outside. Then he received a call.

“Chief Song, I found the people. Now he was in a club. Do you want to come here?”

“I will come immediately, send me the address.”

Song Ting Yu hung up the phone, and notice both mother and son was fixing their gaze on him. He startled for a while: “What happened?”

Song Wei Xi’s little face looked somewhat unhappy: “Papa, you haven’t finished your food, and now you want to go?”

Song Ting Yu smiled, used his hand to stroke his head: “I have really important matter to handle, yet I promise, after few days I will take you out to play, okay?”

Song Wei Xi then smiled: “You need to fulfill it, don’t let Mama and me down.”

“Of course.”

Song Ting Yu said it, then looked at Su Ran: “Later on after dinner, be careful when you take Wei Xi home. I will go first.”

Su Ran nodded, actually he should handle that matter of her and Lin Cheng Huan.

Today he was disappearing for a whole day, originally she thought that he was out with Bai Zhi Rui, yet Grandma told her that he was going with Tang Zi Chu.

Song Ting Yu left the car for Su Ran and son, so he flagged down a taxi and went to the club that was mentioned by Tang Zi Chu.

It was a high class entertainment club because the fees were too high, so basically only rich people could join this club. Those what-so-called celebrities were also like to be here, sometimes they came here to followed that some directors, bosses, or investors, sometimes they might came for recreation.

The security there was quite good, it was not easy to get in.

In the entrance, there was no one who stopped Song Ting Yu to get, because Tang Zi Chu already inside and instructed the receptionist.

Song Ting Yu got in and went to a room.

Inside the room, except Tang Zi Chu, there was a skinny little man. He has a crafty-looking eyes, with one look could see he was a completely shrewd and deceitful man.

“Mr Song, hehe….” That man looked at Song Ting Yu, immediately went over toward him, and extended his hand to shake hand with Song Ting Yu.

Yet Song Ting Yu ignored him completely, he just went inside straightly, at last sat down on the sofa.

That man didn’t felt awkward, anyway he is a thick-skin face man. He just redrew his hand, and smiled. He went in front of him again and said: “Don’t know why Mr Song are looking for me?”

Song Ting Yu took out a pack of cigarette from his pocket, and extracted one out. In the tiny smokes, he raised his eyes to look to that man: “Feng Bao entertainment studio, Zhou Xiao.”

That man nodded: “Yes yes, I am Zhou Xiao, who works at Feng Bao.”

He said it while busily took out one of his business card: “Please Mr Song give me a lot of advice.”

Song Ting Yu’s long finger took that name card, this moment he smiled, let people had difficulties to know what was in his mind: “How could I dare? Nevertheless I want Mr Zhou to be generous.”

Looking to Song Ting Yu’s smile, Zhou Xiao felt cold, so his face looked rigid.

There were reporters of An City, so they knew more than commoners regarding to awfully severe heartless businessman, Song Ting Yu.

This moment Zhou Xiao felt like he was the enemy of Song Ting Yu.

“Mr… Mr Song, what do you mean. I don’t really understand.” Zhou Xiao also could be seen as the experienced one, he had experienced great storms, very quickly he could calm down his mood and recovered the smile on his face.

“You don’t understand?” Song Ting Yu narrowed his black eyes, knocked the wine glasses for a while on his forehead: “Alright, let me make you understand.”

He said it then looked at Tang Zi Chu.

Tang Zi Chu immediately understood what Song Ting Yu wanted to do so he nodded his head. He stood up from the sofa and went to the front of large screen in the room. He turned on the recorded media player, and put the CD inside. Then turned it all on. The video was not completely cleared, because it was from CCTV.

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