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Who Asked to Do This (1)

Because today they went back early, so Song family member still hadn't sleep. They were still chatting in the living room. Except Madame Song, Chen Jing, and Song Ming Xuan, there was a guest today. It Madame Song's daughter's son, Gu Dong Cheng.

Madame Song has a son and a daughter, her eldest daughter married a real-estate top star of Gu family, she gave birth to Gu Dong Cheng. Afterwards, Gu family went bankrupt, Gu Dong Cheng's father and mother also had some accident so Madame Song raised Gu Dong Cheng up in Song family.

When Gu Dong Cheng was more than ten years old, he went to the Germany to study abroad. Then, he also helps the business of Song Family over there, he rarely returned home.

Su Ran had married to Song family for four years, she rarely had a chance to meet Gu Dong Cheng. He would back for Chinese New Year or to handle some problems.

When he went back, he never stayed in Song house, and just lived outside.

Today, they didn't know what the reason of Gu Dong Cheng's return.

Because Song Ting Yu grew up together with since little, so they are both in good relationship: "Bro, why are you back?"

Gu Dong Cheng, is a meter and eighty cm tall and he isn't as tall as Gu Dong Cheng. He used his hand to pat his shoulder: "It's been a long time, I haven't met grandma, so I just back for a while."

Su Ran also greeted: "Bro Dong Cheng."

"Ran Ran." Gu Dong Cheng smiled: "No wonder during dinner I didn't see you guys, three of you went out to have fun?"

He said and lowered his head to look at Song Wei Xi: "Don't wake hip up, just carry him upstairs."

"Let me."Su Ran took Song Wei Xi from Song Ting Yu's embrace, turned her body, and went up.

Because it was a rare moment for Gu Dong Cheng to be back, so everyone was downstairs to have a talk with him.

After Su Ran went out of Song Wei Xi's room, she also went downstairs again. Although she was not really close to Gu Dong Cheng, they even didn't talk much. Yet as it was proper and to be expected as a matter of course, she should be downstairs.

It was already late night, Madame Song also couldn't sleep too late, so Gu Dong Cheng also prepared to go home. Despite old woman's over and over urge, blame over his seldom chance to go home, questioned of why don't stay here, yet Gu Dong Cheng still persisted to not leave here.

Madame Song was also helpless, just able to let him do as he wish.

After Gu Dong Cheng's leave, Song Ting Yu hugged Su Ran's shoulder: "Grandma, Pa, Ma, I still have something to talk with Ran Ran, we will go up first."

Madame Song smiled meaningfully: "Why are you in hurry."

Su Ran was forced by Song Ting Yu to leave the living room, they went back to their bedroom.

Su Ran also didn't know why he looked in hurry. When they were inside the bedroom, he pulled her to sit on the sofa, then he just sat in front of her.

"What do you want to talk to me?"

Song Ting Yu took off his coat, undid his cufflink and folded his sleeve up to her elbow. Then he went to get two wine glasses and poured some wine to it.

He took a glass and passed it Su Ran, and sipped up his own wine.

"Today I've asked Tang Zi Chu to called the magazine editor to ask and chat about your gossip with Lin Cheng Huan. He said that yesterday someone sent them a package, inside it there were your photos, and articles about you, what do you think about it?"

Su Ran placed the glass on the coffee table, and looked at him: "If I said I suspect it is Bai Zhi Rui, do you believe it?"

Looking at his silence, Su Ran crossed her hands and laughed: "I've expected your respond from the start, I know you don't believe me."

It supposedly in his eyes, Bai Zhi Rui was a pure and holy woman, how could she do something like that?

Song Ting Yu also thought of this possibility, yet he only didn't want to willing to believe it. Maybe this matter happened not to target and attack Su Ran, yet to Lin Cheng Yuan, wasn't Lin family in the middle of marriage arrangement with another high class family, Xie Family?

Lin family and Xie family's marriage union, would undoubtedly doubled power for both of them. These years in business world, Lin Family definitely also had a lot of rivals. Maybe some of them used these tricks to break their relationship.

Anyway, he also would not believe her words, so Su Ran felt it was vain to say anything. Then Su Ran raised up from the sofa, she held her painful shoulder and took her pajamas and got into the bathroom to take the bath. When she about to lock the door, Song Ting Yu opened the door and forced to get inside.

She startled and looked at his, she was mad: "I want to take a bath, why are you here?"

"Let's take a bath together." Song Ting Yu said it while he took off his own shirt, undid the buttons, and threw the clothes to the counter. He fixed his gaze on her.

"I don't want. You go out. Let me take a bath first then you can have one too."

Take bath together, that affectionate couple bath?

She didn't want to do that kind of thing with him.

Song Ting Yu looked as if he noticed her thinking, his finger went to clutch her delicate chin and raised her face up: "It just an innocent bath, what are you thinking about?"

Even was beaten to the death, Su Ran would not believe him, how could he wanted to have a pure bath act with her.

How can this man has a pure intention?

She pushed his hands away: "If you are in hurry, then you take the bath first. I will wait outside."

Yet Song Ting Yu hugged her back, when she screamed, he put her on the his shoulder and carried her to the shower room.

Su Ran's whole body was lack of power when she placed on the bed, she realized: "I just know this man would never be that innocent to have a shower with her."

Song Ting Yu placed her on the bed, she immediately clung to the pillow. She closed her eyes, looked like she immediately wanted to sleep.

Because her hair was still wet, Song Ting Yu patted her cheeks softly: "Su Ran, don't sleep. Dry your hairs first before you sleep."

Su Ran just stayed silent, looked like she was asleep and didn't hear Song Ting Yu's word anymore.

Song Ting Yu shook his head helplessly, raised his body up. He looked for the hairdryer. He sat on the bedside, and dried her up. He was so gentle and caring.

Probably because it was so comfortable, so during it the unconscious Su Ran was making a certain sound.

Song Ting Yu really loves this kind of sound from her, it was like the sound she made when their bodies are tangling together.

Because Su Ran's hair was really long, so Song Ting Yu need to spend quite long time to dry it up. He didn't want her to sleep with her wet hairs because it may be bad for her health, so he patiently dried the hair until it was completely dry. Then he tidied the hairdryer, then returned to the bed.

The time he laid down, he pulled Su Ran's body to let her leaned over his chest. Su Ran felt like she was waken by his movement.

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