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In That Case You also Cannot Mess Around

Song Ting Yu immediately drove his car there.

Today there was a lot of people in the theme park, he looked for long time for Su Ran's figure. Then he found her, she was standing on the front of carousel. She wore a white woolen cloth overcoat, she didn't tie her long hair into a pony tail just let it drape on her shoulder. On her hand was Song Wei Xi's, while her other hand was waving to Song Wei Xi nonstop. Song Wei Xi was sitting on the rocking horse on the carousel, his face was so happy and he waved to Su Ran. It looked like two of them didn't be impacted by the news.

Perhaps this was Su Ran, she didn't deliberately do anything. Yet she knew what the most important to her. Regarding the people that she cares, she could do anything. But toward the people or things that she didn't care, no matter what happen to it, she wouldn't be affected.

Song Ting Yu didn't immediately come to them, he just stood far away and observed both mother and son.

After Song Wei Xi got off the carousel, Su Ran wanted to carry Song We Xi up. The time she knelt down to sort out his clothes, she used her hand to hold his little face: "Are you happy to play this?"

"It's too fun, Mama. I want one more time." Song Wei Xi's face showed an expression that he hadn't fully enjoyed it.

"Okay." She hold his hand: "But let's go to that side and rest for a while. Eat a bit and drink some water."

Song Wei Xi swayed their intertwined hands: "Mama, Papa comes here."

Su Ran was startled, she looked a head. That man, who wore a black suit, was standing in front of them, if it's not Song Ting Yu, then who would it be?"

"Why did he come here?"

"Is Papa especially come here to look for us?"

Su Ran smiled: "Let's go, let's go over there."

She held Song Wei Xi's hand and came over to Song Ting Yu: "Why are you here?"

Then he carried Song Wei Xi up: "I come for you guys, it's not early anymore. Let's go have some dinner, I have something to say to you."

Supposedly because there was Song Wei Xi, so during their dinner, he didn't mention what he want to talk about.

Yet Su Ran knew, it was related to today's headline news.

Those medias were added interest to a story about her relationship with Lin Cheng Huan, even they didn't refrain from pointing out that they have hidden relationship.

Su Ran felt it didn't matter what they wanted to talk, yet if it couldn't implicate Lin Cheng Huan, she couldn't tolerate it.

She was thinking, what could she do in this middle of this event?

On the way home, Song Wei Xi already slept. Su Ran turned back her body and gaze from the backseat, she looked to the man on driver seat: "Did you come to look for me because my matter with Cheng Huan?"

Although Song Ting Yu didn't express it out, but today he basically was silent, and when looked at her, his eyes bring a investigating attitude.

Su Ran didn't like that kind of eyes most.

Finally Song Ting Yu stepped on the brake, and stopped the car on the road side. He turned his head to look at her: "Regarding this matter, do you have anything to say to me?"

Su Ran also didn't avoid his gaze: "Between me and Lin Cheng Huan is pure and innocent."

Song Ting Yu looked at her eyes: "But Lin Cheng Huan loves you."

No need anyone to tell him, that man was very straightforward. From the first time he met Lin Cheng Huan, he directly noticed, that man's heart toward Su Ran.

His eyes were hot, and locked up Su Ran's gaze on him, let her unable to escape.

Su Ran didn't say anything, because she didn't know what to say at this moment.

Yet Song Ting Yu obviously didn't plan to let this matter go, he said: "How about you, Su Ran?"

Without waiting for her to say anything, his hand which placed originally on the top of steering wheel, suddenly pressed down to her left chest, precisely on the position of her heart: "Who is inside here?"

Su Ran completely didn't expect that he would suddenly act that way, her breath was hurried, and in great rush to push away his hand.

At once she felt really hot, she bit her lips: "Song Ting Yu, Song Wei Xi still here."

Song Ting Yu's lips crooked up, smiled: "He is sleeping, sleeping heavily."

"Then you also couldn't mess around…."

Su Ran used her elbow to push away his hand, because of their both struggle. This time she felt the veiled button of her bra to be loose. She wanted to use her hand to button it again, yet all along she felt Song Ting Yu's gaze was on her. She also didn't want to do it in front of him….

So she felt in great difficult situation, and her face started flushed…..

It was entirely this man, why couldn't just have a good chat, why did he mess around?

Look like Song Ting Yu already didn't look as disaffectionate as he was in the morning. He was leaned on his seat lazily, looked like he was watching her: "You button is loose?"

Su Ran glared at him, and bit her lips. She started to put her hand inside the clothes and button it.

But she couldn't do it properly because of the narrow space on the car.

Suddenly a hand gripped her slender arm, because she was completely concentrated, so she was surprised by Song Ting Yu's act: "What are you doing?"

"I help you."

"No need." Su Ran rejected without thinking.

"Don't show off your ability." Song Ting Yu turned her body, her back was in front of her. He helped her to button it. Then he suddenly touched her cheek with one of his hand: "Next time when you buy underwear, remember to buy the fitting one that suit your size."

"This pair…." he used his hand to hook her bra belt: "Too small."

"Song Ting Yu!" Su Ran indeed unable to endure it, her face was hot that it looked like she was about to explode.

Song Ting Yu smiled, used his hand to cover her lips. Then he did a keep silent action, then said: "Wei Xi still asleep."

Now what did he want to do?

Su Ran felt it was dangerous situation, she placed her overcoat on her knees: "Let's go home."

Song Ting Yu fixed his gaze on her, then he slowly started to drive again. For avoiding anything happened in the car, on the way, Su Ran leaned over to the corner of the car, and used the overcoat as a shield for her body.

Song Ting Yu felt it was interesting and funny. When they were waiting for the green traffic light to light up, he deliberately extended his hand to pull her overcoat: "Su Ran, if I really want to do something to you, you think this will stop me?"

Su Ran rolled her eyes, and very regret. Before she really should sat down on the backseat with Song Wei Xi, she shouldn't sit beside this beast.

Finally they arrived at Song house. Song Ting Yu carried Song Wei Xi up gently, he brought him to the bedroom while Su Ran brought their things and followed behind him.

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